How To Write An Application Letter For Nursing Job

application letter for nursing job

How To Write An Application Letter For Nursing Job- Are you in search of a nursing job? One of the main factors that can qualify or disqualify you in a getting offer is your resume and application letter. This is because it is the first impression your prospective employer would have of you. A quick inference can be made about based on the application letter and resume you submit for a job role.

I remember many years ago as a secondary school leaver, I went to submit an application letter in a primary school for a teaching job . After submission, the proprietor called me into his office and sat me down. He started correcting all the blunders I made in the letter. Anyway, I still got the job. But such kind of occurrences are not common. Most especially in this digital age that the competition is so high. Once an employer sights your letter and is pissed off by the content, down the trash can the letter will go and you will never get the job.

Your dream job should not be stopped because you cant write an application letter. In this post, we would show you exactly how to write an application letter for nursing job.

Tips To Writing An Application Letter For Nursing Job

The truth is that recruiters receive several applications for just a single job opening and they have a short time to evaluate these applications. You need to write a captivating application for nursing job that would get the attention of your recruiter, one that would earn you an invite for interview and possibly land you the job.

A good application letter for nursing job must capture your professional skill, personal skill and educational achievement all in a brief summary.

Below are some tips to guide you in writing application letter for nursing job:

Tip 1: Clearly and briefly introduce yourself

You should introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the application. Don’t beat about the bush, rather go straight to the point.

With a master’s degree in Nursing and 8 years of experience in Pediatric medicine, handling different cases including some very complicated and traumatic ones in neonates and toddlers. My proven track record of handling children and also working hard as part of a team make me a perfect fit for the job. I really look forward to joining your company where I can use my skills , strength and qualification to advance the vision and mission of the hospital”

Tip 2: Introduce your qualifications

The next thing is to talk about your qualifications briefly. Check through the job description, be sure that your job description matches it. State clearly and in brief terms your qualification and it matches with the requirements.

In my last job, I worked a lot with neonates and while there I was able to learn about different conditions affecting neonates. I now know and understand how to handle babies with Jaundice and other birth disorders.

Tip 3: Let your interest in the organization be obvious

Let it be clear in your letter that you are not looking for just any job but rather you have particular interest in the organization. Make it known that your skills and qualifications match the advertised role. Also point out that your recent findings about the company has pulled your interest in working for the company.

“I had always wanted to work in Gynaecology in a modern health facility like yours that uses state-of -the-art equipment to handle female health”.  

Tip 4: Let your letter also speak to the employer’s need

Every employer has what he/she is looking for in prospects. Some of these would be stated in the job description. Let your prospective employer know how your skill and qualification would be able to meet such needs.

For example

“I have much interest in family medicine and my excellent communication skill will make me perform well in the role. I understand the role will involve me interacting and giving a lot of talks to patients, which I already have 5 years experience doing such in my former job. Report writing, inter-personal skill, team building skill and presentation skill are also part of my strength”.

Other Tips For Writing Application Letter For Nursing Job

Tip 5:  Let your letter as much as possible be error-free

You don’t have to be a grammarian to write application letter for nursing job. After drafting your application letter, you can take advantage of some tools online to fine-tune your letter and purge it of every grammatical blunder. Examples of such tools include Grammarly, thesarus, prowriting aid, autocrat, heming way editor, word rake, etc.

Tip 6: Let your letter contain critical skills

Let your letter contain the 3 main points: your professional skill, personal skill and educational qualification. Ensure you go through the job description and let the skills you are putting down be relevant to what is being stated in the job description.

Tip 7: Keep it brief but sharp

An application letter should contain basic/critical information that would make your prospective employer want to consider you for the job. However , it does not imply that you write a long story. No one has time to read such. So, in preparing your application letter for nursing job, do not make it lengthy but do not miss out the salient points in the process.

Tip 8: State Why you are the best candidate for the job

In your application letter for a nursing job, you must be able to state in brief sentence, why you are the best fit for the job. You should be able to talk about your skills, qualifications and past experience and how you will harmonize these 3 to perform well on the role.

Tip 9: Do some research before applying

Once you have sited the job advert, before you start writing the application letter for a nursing job, you need to do some research. Research about the company, the particular nursing job role, etc. This will help you to be able to customize your letter more. Some of the areas to research include:

  • Major accomplishments of the organization
  • Culture of the company
  • Name and title of the hiring manager
  • Size of the company
  • Specialized certifications, skills and knowledge relevant to the job role, etc.

Tip 10: Your application should follow a professional format

This should include name, contact, date and company’s address. Then start with a professional salutation e.g

Dear A [ A should be the name of the hiring manager] and peradventure, you don’t know the name, just use Dear Hiring Manager

Tip 11: State clearly the position you are applying for

You should clearly state at the opening paragraph the position you are applying for. You may even want to state where you saw the job advert.

Tip 12: Explain why you want the nursing job

You should state what excites you most about the job role and why you are choosing the company.

Tip 13: Use a professional closing

In your closing, you should thank the reader for considering your application. You should also reference your resume and other relevant documents attached. State that you look forward to the next stage in the hiring process. Then end with ; “ sincerely”.

Sample Of An Application Letter For A Nursing Job

John Joyce

134,Festac Town,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Feb 15, 2023

Ben James

Hiring Manager,

Sacred Hands Mother and Child Clinic

Dear Mr. James,

I am writing to show my interest in the position of a nurse for Sacred Hands Mother and Child Clinic. I got to know about the job advert through a newspaper advertisement. I strongly believe that my 6 years of experience working as a nurse will make me the best fit for the role.

I have a good background and experience in Emergency nursing and critical care , strongly committed to providing high-quality care through standard workflows that is aligned with best practices. I am particularly interested in your health facility because of your quality patient care , excellent service delivery and outstanding commitment to the community.

In my current role, I provide leadership and strategic direction to the clinical operation of the emergency unit at Care Hearts Hospital. I establish and also enforce procedures and policies. I am certain that I can support the objectives of the ICU of your clinic and bring about some stability there with respect to staff development , quality results and meeting financial goals.

I look forward to having a discussion with you so I can share with you more on how I can use my experience and qualification to bring about some positive contributions to your health facility.

Yours Sincerely,

John Joyce

Final Note

In writing an application letter for nursing job, you must be able to convince your prospective employer why you are the right person for the job . Also remember, your application letter and resume  is your very 1st impression , so make it good. You may never have another opportunity for a 2nd impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write resume for the very 1st nursing job?

  • Create a structure
  • Write a summary : should talk about yourself, skills and qualificatios
  • Let your licenses and certification be included
  • Include your educational background
  • Include your clinical rotation
  • Add volunteering and work experience

What qualities makes an outstanding nurse?

What qualities makes an outstanding nurse

  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Sense of humor
  • Empathy
  • Caring

What skills do you need on the nursing job?

  • Team work
  • Analytical
  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Problem-solving

What are the key responsibilities in a nursing job?

  • Administer medications
  • Counselling and health education
  • Carry out physical examinations and health history before taking decisions
  • Coordinate care in collaboration with other health care professionals

How do I write an application letter for a nursing job in Nigeria?

Your application letter should include a summary of your skills , professional qualification , educational experience and work experience. You should be able to convince the hiring manager why you are the right person for the job and not another person.


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