Characteristics Of A Good Entrepreneur

Characteristics Of A Good Entrepreneur

Characteristics Of A Good Entrepreneur – Numerous factors determine the success of a business. Aside from capital and other strong concepts, the most vital ingredient which is often overlooked and is what mainly causes rapid growth to a business is the entrepreneurs themselves. 

Sometimes, you will see people transforming their little ideas into a successful large scale businesses while people with the initial funding are going through tough times in the industry; this indicates that you must have what it takes to be an entrepreneur if you want to achieve your goals in this competitive industry. 

In this article, we will first make a quick recap of what entrepreneurship is. We will discuss the characteristics of a good entrepreneur. Lastly, whether you possess any of the traits we mentioned or not, we will teach you successful ways to develop the qualities of a good entrepreneur. 

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is developing, organizing, and implementing a business idea into a successful business venture to profit from it. Economics explains that entrepreneurship is linked to numerous aspects of the economy, such as lands, labor, and natural resources. 

Upon understanding what entrepreneurship is, who is an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to create and monitor a business, regardless of the risk associated with it, to earn profit. Overall, anybody willing to take the risk of establishing a new business and doesn’t care whether they will make a profit at the beginning or not can be called an entrepreneur. 

Characteristics Of A Good Entrepreneur 

Establishing a business is associated with numerous challenges and risks. Things might look right to you, but external influence can cause a negative outcome. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have any known formula, but there are both good and bad entrepreneurs. For instance, giving up easily is a bad characteristic of an entrepreneur, while withstanding hardship and learning from your mistakes are traits of a good entrepreneur. Below are some features of a good entrepreneur learned from successful business owners. 

1. Creativity

Creativity generally means developing something new. There won’t be innovation without creativity. A good entrepreneur loves to write down any idea that comes to mind and works on it. Even though not every idea brings a good result, the experience they usually get is essential. Creativity not only assists in developing new ideas but also helps solve problems. 

2. Professionalism

Professionalism is a character that every great entrepreneur possesses. This allows them to interact with their clients and close simple and complex deals. Having a professional attitude in dealing with people will leave a lasting impression of you on their minds. Professionalism always comes with punctuality, discipline, and reliability. These traits help entrepreneurs reach their goals and be an example that people look upon when they want to establish their own businesses. Reliability also leads to trust, and a good entrepreneur is always reliable; this enables them to retain their potential customers. 

3. Risk-taking

Since the beginning of this article, we have been mentioning risk-taking; this should indicate that this trait is one of the best characteristics of a great entrepreneur. If entrepreneurs don’t explore the unknown, they will never discover anything unique. Uniqueness can be the driving force of the business.

Risk-taking can be explained in different terms; trying unorthodox methods is considered risk-taking, and exploring and using new ideas is also taking risks, especially if nobody is willing to try the ideas.

Each entrepreneur has different methods of approaching risk; promising entrepreneurs, even though they are ready to invest in the risk, they always have a backup plan. Additionally, they don’t just invest in any idea; they first evaluate the risk and know all the consequences. 

4. Passion

Great entrepreneurs regard their work as their passion. Whenever they work, they enjoy whatever they are doing and are constantly motivated. Their passion is the driving force that encourages them to work and earn better. This also enables them to withstand the extra hours in their office, eventually making a difference in their career. At the start of every business, it’s inevitable to experience tough times and hardship, but passion allows a person to withstand and overcome the challenges. 

5. Planning

You can consider planning as the essential characteristic of a good entrepreneur. Without planning, nothing will happen; as the famous saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” when you plan, it is as if you strategize the entire time before the right time. It enables you first to gather all the necessary elements, knows how much you have then decide the structure and approach you will use to achieve your goals. Planning also teaches you how to use the resources; you will plan for unfortunate events, and this approach will reduce risk. 

6. Knowledge

Before venturing into any business, promising entrepreneurs ensure they are versatile with the knowledge of the industry they want to venture into. Because when they know about the niche, they will find it easy to solve problems when they arise; it also allows them to be continuously updated about the market, whether it’s a new trend that just entered or technological advancement. When they are knowledgeable, they will save themselves from the daunting competition of the business industry. Additionally, unique entrepreneurs know their strengths and weaknesses, and they are always trying to learn from their mistakes so they can improve. 

7. Social skills

Another driving force that good entrepreneurs ensure they master is social skills. Social skills include building client relationships, hiring talented workers, formulating team strategies, and many more. 

8. Open-mindedness 

Successful entrepreneurs are accepting. They are always taking the opportunity of the right time to execute their plans. They are open-minded towards learning, interacting with people, and failure. Also, they are determined and constantly face their losses with a positive mind and humbleness; they have the mentality of trying till they succeed.

Also, good entrepreneurs know every person is different, so they are willing to learn from every situation and person they come across. Being open-minded enables you to accept failure and mistakes humbly; when they receive new helpful information, they typically question their resolve, and they get a different view towards a specific aspect. Being open-minded also allows them to know their real competitor and ways to outshine them. 

9. Empathy

One of the values that are mostly least discussed in the business world is empathy and emotional intelligence. Empathy allows you to understand whatever is going on in another person’s mind. Promising entrepreneurs know the weaknesses and strengths of their workers and are always looking after their employees’ well-being. To incorporate empathy into your business, you must make the workplace light and enjoyable. Without empathy, you might not get the best-desired result, and at times you might lose top talents. 

10. Customers are everything

Good entrepreneurs know that the important people in their business, besides their workers, are their customers. They know how to grab their customers’ attention and trust using different strategies. They understand their customer’s needs and whatever they produce is according to their customer’s desires. Aside from that, they also know how to sell themselves in front of a potential customer, and they are always ready to please their buyers and meet their demands. 

How To Develop The Qualities Of An Entrepreneur

Below are ways to develop the qualities of an entrepreneur :

1. Network with fellow entrepreneurs

Using different platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, you can meet great and like-minded entrepreneurs. You can learn a great deal and form lifetime relationships that will help you grow and excel in your entrepreneurial journey. Also, meeting like-minded people can help you discover and join communities that will upskill you. 

2. Improve your interpersonal skills

With excellent interpersonal skills, you can go places and form meaningful connections. Trust in your abilities, be friendly, and be outspoken. Practice these skills daily until they become a habit and propel you to success.

3. Read relevant books

Many books out there can guide you in this journey. Make a list of those books you’ve heard from colleagues, professionals, or at a Ted talk. Read or listen to those books, and take out helpful information.

4. Practice resilience 

If you encounter failure, rather than giving up, learn from your mistakes and improve. Whenever you fail, you should analyze yourself to understand where the problem is so you will avoid it. Find a book where you will write things that went well and those that didn’t. It’s a good and humble attitude to stand up after experiencing setbacks in your business.

5. Don’t stop learning

It’s vital to keep your learning active if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Find courses related to your field and register; you can join conferences, seminars, and other meetings to help you thrive and grow. 


In conclusion, it takes many qualifications to succeed in the business industry. You won’t find any specific right or wrong method of becoming an entrepreneur. You can develop the characteristics of a good entrepreneur over time. All you need is the spirit of withstanding every challenge that will come your way; once you master your game and seize every opportunity, you are sure to become successful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I assess whether I have the Characteristics of a good entrepreneur?

To assess whether or not you have the characteristics of a good entrepreneur, you can take a self-assessment quiz or better still reflect on your own skills and characteristics, then compare them with a list of characteristics associated with good entrepreneurs.

Is It possible to develop the characteristics of a good enterpreneur?

Yes, it is possible to learn and develop the characteristics of a good entrepreneur through training, education, and experience.

Is being an entrepreneur worth It?

Yes, becoming an entrepreneur is worth it. It might be one of the best decisions you could take.



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