How To Start Food Business In Nigeria

food business in Nigeria

How To Start Food Business In Nigeria- There are three basic needs of man; food , clothing and shelter. Food is at the very top of the list. We all need food to survive and do our daily activities. Food business is one that will always thrive. In this post, we would show you how to start food business in Nigeria.

How To Start Food Business In Nigeria

#1 Master the art of cooking

This is a very crucial step in running a successful food business in Nigeria. If you are a good cook , your customers will keep coming back, but if you are a bad one , it’s a pity! So its not enough to have passion for food business in Nigeria or all the brilliant ideas about food business. You must be able to get down to the kitchen and craft something irresistible and palatable. You may need to register in a catering school to master the art of cooking. It is that serious!

#2 Master how to do commercial cooking

After mastering the art of cooking, you need to also master how to do commercial cooking in a profitable manner. If you cook for your customers in the same manner (using same ingredients) you cook for your husband and children, you will run into loss and will soon shut down that business.

I remember some months back, I was interacting with a woman who had just closed down her food business. I was concerned and asked why she did. She told me that food ingredients are now expensive and she doesn’t know how to use cheap ingredients to cook. I felt sorry in my heart for her. She never learnt how to do commercial cooking profitably before she dived into food business in Nigeria.

#3 Get a business name and register it

The next step in starting a food business in Nigeria is to get a business name and register it with CAC.

#4 Develop a good business plan

A business plan contains your business goals, objectives, plans, strategies, cost analysis. In short, every detail of your business. If you cannot write a good business plan for your food business, you can contract it out to a business expert to do for you.

Its important you have a good business plan, you will need it when you want a loan , seek for investors, get into partnerships or any legal matter.

#5 Source for start up funds

Running a food business in Nigeria will require some good funds. Even if you are running the food business from home, you will still require some good funds. You need money to buy foodstuffs, ingredients, cooking utensils and pay rent (if you have a physical outlet).

#6 Be strategic in your location

In choosing a location for your food business in Nigeria, you must be very strategic. You should site your restaurant/ eatery in a place that your prospective customers reside/ work. You could site yourself in a junction around offices, markets and schools. Siting your restaurant around a residential area may not be a wise decision, because most people will prefer to cook when at home than to eat out.

#7 Hire extra hands

You can’t do food business successfully alone, you need to hire extra hands. The number of staffs you will hire depends on the size of your restaurant or eatery. But an average eatery will need the service of a waiter/ waitress, cleaner, cook, assistant cook, manager, security, cashier, etc. Ensure the staffs you hire comply with hygiene and environmental laws concerning food handling.

#8 Advertise / Publicize your food business

You need to publicize your food business, create awareness so people can patronize your food business, create awareness so people can come patronize your food , else you will eat everything you cook yourself. If you have a physical outlet, you can get a printer  to make a beautiful sign post for you. You can also do some small business cards which can be given to your customers. You can also advantage of  social media platforms to promote your food business in Nigeria. Some of the famous social media platforms include Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

#9 Your Environment matters

Where your food outlet is located really matters and is also a key factor in your food business in Nigeria. You don’t have to spend a lot decorating or setting up your restaurant . Your restaurant  should be clean, tidy and neat . Use comfortable chairs . Flies should be seen moving up and down your outlet. Get rid of pests and insects as much as possible.

#10 Get the necessary licenses

Before you start operating food business in Nigeria, you need to get the necessary licenses e.g food handling and other environment / safety related documents.

#11 Select a style of operation

In setting up a food business in Nigeria, you need to choose your style of operation . Do you want to have a physical outlet for your food business or you want to run it online or you want to do both ( online and physical outlet). Determine the style of operation that suits you and go for it.  Don’t choose a style because it is popular , but rather a style you will be able to handle very well.

If you are going for a  physical outlet, then you select a strategic location. If you are going to operate your business online, then you must know how to use the social media to advertise and grow your customer base.

#12 Find good/ reliable suppliers

As a food business owner, you will need foodstuffs and cooking ingredients every now and then. You need to find reliable and trusted suppliers that you can always do your procurement. You should have these suppliers in multiples. For instance, for your meat, you can have 2 or more suppliers, same for rice and other food materials. This is to prevent disappointments.

#13 Buy in bulk

One way to run a profitable food business in Nigeria is to buy foodstuffs and ingredients in bulk . When you do , it saves you money, time and energy. You shouldn’t be going to market everyday as a food business owner , you will not only increase your operational cost and you will also get worn out.


Food business in Nigeria is a profitable one. This is because no matter how hard the economy is and the situation in the world, people still need to eat at  least twice daily. So if you have the interest of running food business in Nigeria, then follow the tips shared in this post and start out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food business can one make quick money from?

The food business that are lucrative includes the following:

  • Ice cream shop
  • Coffee shop
  • Baked foods
  • Personal chef
  • Baby food
  • Organic food
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Pre-packaged snacks
  • Meal kits
  • Food truck
  • Home-made jams and jellies
  • Cookery school
  • Sauces

Which food in Nigeria sells the most?

The food that sells the most in Nigeria include Rice, Bread, Beans, Garri, Fufu, Starch, Eba, Yam, Moimoi, etc.

How do I run a food business from home in Nigeria?

One advantage of running a food business from home is that it reduces your operational cost. You don’t have to think of shop rent.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Get a business and register it
  • Source for capital to start up
  • Get necessary license for food business operation
  • Set your price and method of payment
  • Create a logo
  • Advertise your food business
  • Build your online store

Do I really need a license to sell food from home?

Yes, you need a license. It is illegal to run food business without necessary licenses. If you are caught selling food without a license, you will be fined heavily.

Can I do my food business in Nigeria on social media.

Yes. As long as you follow all the regulations and get your license, you are free to run your food business in Nigeria on social media.


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