How To Become a Better Team Player

How To Become a Better Team Player

How to become a better team player – Teamwork is required in almost every sector. It involves the ability of an entire team to work cooperatively towards achieving their goals. Becoming a better team player is a vital step towards achieving your work objectives. As a good team player, you contribute better to the business and get along well with other team members.

In job interviews, one of the most common questions asked is “are you a team player?.” Companies require employees who can work together as a group to get things done effectively. Besides, everyone has different unique strengths which when effectively utilized can result in amazing outcomes. Therefore, if you are not much of a team player, this article is for you. In this article, we bring you a step-by-step guide on how to become a better team player. Let’s dive in.

Characteristics of A Good Team Player

As I mentioned earlier, you need to work together with others to achieve your work goals. Most good team players have the following characteristics.

1. Adaptable

Successful team players are flexible and can adapt to tough situations. Being able to adapt to changes contributes immensely to the team’s success. Good team members are willing to withstand tough situations to support their colleagues.

2. They are optimistic

Good team players exude positivity and are always optimistic when working on projects. By being positive, you are more likely to find success. It is also easier to face challenges and navigate through obstacles with a positive mindset.

3. Integrity

Integrity is an important virtue to have as a team player. With integrity, you are more likely to make better decisions and treat others better. Becoming a good team player doesn’t mean saying “Yes” to everything, it also involves disputing respectively ideas that don’t align with your team’s values.

4. Commitment

Effective team players are committed to achieving their team’s objectives. They are dependable and trustworthy. They support their team members and believe in their capabilities.

5. Accountability

Successful team players are responsible for their actions. They are accountable for their actions and stay transparent with their teammates. They also understand the implication of each choice they make on the team. Accountability is an important virtue every team member should have.

Having looked at the characteristics of team players, let’s proceed to our tips on how to become a better team player.

How To Become a Better Team Player

Below are tips on how you can become a better team member;

1. Know your strength

Figure out and understand your strength before beginning to work on projects or assignments with the team. Let your team know your skillset and how you can contribute to the success of the team’s goals. Knowing your strength and utilizing them increases productivity and enhances higher performance.

2. Develop problem-solving skills

Another tip on how to be a better team player is to become a problem solver. As a team, it is inevitable to face challenges. As a problem solver, you can easily help your team navigate through those challenges. You should be able to come up with excellent ideas as solutions when faced with challenges.

3. Good communication skills

To be a good team player, you need to learn how to communicate effectively. You should be able to voice out your opinions and ideas. You should also learn how to actively listen to your team members. It is an essential skill that allows you effectively contribute to the team in a way your team members would understand. For instance, as a good communicator, you should avoid using confusing terms when having conversations with your team. Good communication skill is a vital tool used for creating and maintaining strong working relationships among team members.

4. Understand you are a team

Success is best achieved “together” than “individually.” To be a good team player, you need to develop a team mentality. As a team, everyone has the right to voice their opinions and ideas. To succeed, you and your team need to analyze everyone’s ideas before picking the best one.

5. Understand your duties and know your boundaries

To contribute your quota to the success of the team, it is pivotal to familiarize yourself with your role. Know your duties, understand what’s expected of you as a member, and know your boundaries. By understanding what your role entails as a team member, you are more likely to give it your all.

6. Be honest, transparent, and reliable

As I said earlier, team members share ideas for the achievement of their objectives. To be a good team member, you should understand it’s not a competition but a collaboration. Therefore, be open to ideas, facts, information, etc that will improve the team.

7. Acknowledge other people’s ideas

Yes, you don’t have to say “yes” to every idea or opinion, but there are better ways to disapprove of them. Listen to them attentively and politely give reasons why you think it’s a bad idea. Your ideas will be valued more when you respect other people’s ideas too.

8. Give it your best

When working on a project or a particular assignment, you should commit your all to its success. By giving it your best, you tend to maximize positive outcomes. Sometimes, you may not like an idea chosen by the team, but your enthusiasm toward the success of such an idea will make you valued among your team members.

9. Take initiatives

Effective team players are ever ready to swing into action before they are even told to do so. They help address challenges as soon as they appear. They also help in preventing problems before they escalate. For instance, working extra hours for the success of the team.

10. Support your teammates

Have a cordial and good working relationship with your teammates. Compliment them on jobs done effectively, celebrate with them, and help them when they have challenges. Supporting your team members will earn you respect and would also help the team achieve better results.

11. Share useful information with your team members

To become a better team member, you need to adopt the idea of collaboration. Understand you are in it together not “individually.” Therefore, share every important information or resource that might help produce better outcomes with your team. For instance, if you have worked on a similar project before, sharing your experience might help your team arrive at better outcomes.

12. Meet up with your deadlines.

As a team, you have shared goals. For the success of these goals, it is important to stick to your deadlines. That way, the next team member can execute their tasks. You can incorporate time management skills to help you. Meeting up deadlines helps improves your level of work efficiency and makes you a dependable team member.

13. Get involved in the activities of the team

To become a better team player, you must get involved. Don’t be a passive member of the team, rather be an active member who is fully involved in the team’s decisions and activities. Always voice out your opinions and ideas, and partake during the implementation of plans. You should also work towards building healthy relationships with your team members.

That’s it! Above are proven tips on how to become a better team player.

Importance of Becoming a Better Team Player

Some of the key benefits of becoming a good team member include;

1. Increased productivity

When team members collaborate toward the success of a particular objective, they tend to accomplish that in less time. Good team members communicate better and can brainstorm together towards finding feasible solutions. This helps in improving efficiency and work productivity.

2. Better communication

Successful team players can communicate and listen effectively. They are easier to relate with and can relay their message with little or no hassle. It helps create a positive work environment where everyone can confidently voice out their opinions /ideas.

3. Improves your chances of being promoted

Becoming a better team player increases your chances of advancing your career. Employers regularly look out for employers who can effectively work well with others and take initiative towards the success of a team. Therefore, you increase the chance of being promoted or getting more responsibilities if you are a good team player.

4. Job satisfaction

A productive work environment leads to job satisfaction among team members. The establishment of good working relationships, higher productivity, and more positive outcomes can lead to job satisfaction. It also helps in reinforcing confidence at work.

5. It leads to innovations and creativity.

Teamwork helps enhance creativity and innovation. It improves team members’ attitudes to work, enhances their productivity, and enhances their ability to creatively solve problems.


Teamwork has been proven to lead to better outcomes. It leads to higher productivity and makes work more efficient. To contribute to the success of your team, you need to become a better team member. You should implement the tips mentioned above on how to become a better team player to be a good team member and foster a better work environment. Remember that becoming a better team player happens gradually, so don’t stop working on improving your skills and always ask your colleagues for feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a good team player?

Becoming a good team player opens up opportunities for career advancement. It also enhances personal satisfaction and improves job satisfaction

Is being a team player a value?

Yes, it is. Effective team players partake in problem-solving and know how to get work done. They treat their colleagues well and know how to communicate effectively.

Is "team player" a job requirement?

Yes, being a team player is a valued skill for a lot of jobs.



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