How To Check The Nigeria Police Recruitment Status; A Guide

How To Check The Nigeria Police Recruitment Status

How to check the Nigeria police recruitment status – One exciting aspect of being in the law enforcement field is that you will always feel like a hero. After all, it’s all about rescuing citizens and saving them from danger. One of the vital law enforcement departments in Nigeria is the police force. The police force is charged with the responsibility of protecting people’s lives and properties, investigating crimes, and also detecting criminals.

So, did you apply for the Nigeria police service and you are wondering about the status of your application? Then this article is for you. This article will bring you a step-by-step guide on how to check your police recruitment status in Nigeria. We also bring alternative methods on how to check your Nigeria police recruitment status, the common problems you might encounter while checking the status, and ways you can solve the issues. Read on.

Steps On How To Check The Nigeria Police Recruitment Status

If you applied for the police recruitment exercise and you have already attended the physical recruitment exercise, you can move ahead to check your recruitment status following these steps

  • Ensure you have a strong internet connection
  • Check the date they are going to open the portal
  • If you are sure about the date, then visit the police recruitment portal using the link:
  • Click on the “check status” located on the dashboard
  • Insert your reference number, National Identification Number, NIN, or phone number.
  • Once you finish inserting the number, click on proceed, you will be redirected  to a page where you can check your current status
  • If approved, remember to print your examination slip because the examination center will require you to show them the slip before you proceed with the exams.

Note; if your name isn’t among the qualified candidates and you still move ahead to write the test, then you will be disqualified. You must check your application status before you can proceed with screening. It’s a great offense to go for the screening if your name isn’t shortlisted. In fact, the police force might punish you for this crime.

Alternative Methods On How to check Nigerian Police Recruitment Status

Other alternative methods on how to check the Nigerian police recruitment status:

1. Calling the police customer care contact

Even though it is a quite long process, you can contact the police customer care via phone call to ascertain your application status. You can contact state commands of your area through these phone numbers.

  • Abia: 080 35415408
  • Adamawa: 080 89671313
  • Akwa Ibom: 080 39213071
  • Anambra: 070 39194332
  • Bauci: 081 51849417
  • Borno: 080 68075581
  • Delta: 080 36684974
  • Ebonyi: 070 64515001
  • Edo: 080 37646272
  • Enugu: 080 32003702
  • Abuja: 070 57337653
  • Gombe: 081 23822284
  • Kano: 080 75391255
  • Kwara: 070 32069501
  • Lagos: 070 55462708
  • Niger: 080 81777498
  • Ogun: 080 32136765
  • Osun: 080 75872433
  • Oyo: 080 81768614
  • Plateau: 081 26375938
  • Rivers: 080 32003514
  • Sokoto: 070 68848035
  • Yobe: 070 39301585
  • Zamfara: 081 06580123

You can use customer Support

Phone: 112 or 199

2. Send them an email

Another alternative is to send them an email. The official email of the Nigeria police force is [email protected]. You can send them an email to figure out your current status.

3. Visit a physical police office

All over the country, there are different police offices. You can visit their office to confirm your status. You can also visit their head office: Shehu Shagari Way, Force Headquarters, Louis Edet House, Abuja, Nigeria. Phone: 080 38305707

Common Issues Associated With Checking Nigeria Police Recruitment Status And Solutions

1. Visiting the wrong website

There are numerous updates regarding the police force and not every site posts the actual website link. Due to this, some aspirants who aren’t well-versed in technology might visit the wrong website.  To solve this problem, this is the actual police recruitment portal website

2. Technical errors

Technical or network issues usually happen when using an online platform or a service. In this case, don’t panic. It might be a problem from your location, which you can easily move to another place and then try to log in. Or it can be an issue from the website, which can also affect everyone — you can patiently wait for the police force technical officers to rectify the problem.

3. Entering an incorrect application number

The police reference number is a unique digit solely provided by the police force. What makes this number unique is that two candidates can never have the same number, even if they have the same names. This implies that you may likely enter another person’s result if you enter the wrong application number, or it might not even work. While inserting the number, ensure to write it accurately so you won’t encounter any problems.

3. No update on the application status

Another error you might encounter is failure to see your application status. So the best thing to do is to contact the police force via the numbers we gave above. While trying to make the call, make sure you type the correct number based on your state.

The Roles Of The Police Force In Nigeria

The police force is a big organization whose main purpose is to provide security to citizens. Let’s look at the duties of the police in Nigeria.

1. Preventing crimes

Police officers should be able to prevent crime from happening regardless of where they find themselves. Their duties are to decrease the crime rate in the country, enforce the law and maintain justice.

2. Protecting lives

Another important duty of a police officer is to protect lives. They have made an oath that they will protect every citizen’s life, even at the expense of their own life. Police officers must guide their community and ensure no crime that leads to death happens.

3. Protecting property

Another responsibility of police officers is property protection. This includes houses, furniture, jewelry, vehicles, gadgets, etc.

4. Order preservation

It’s the role of the police to ensure that the citizens follow law and order. We all know that it’s only when people are adhering to the law that peace reigns in a community, and they can prevent crimes from happening.

5. Issuing arrest

Police officers have the right to arrest anybody found guilty of an offense. Mostly, when something happens, the first people that citizens usually look for are the police because they know that the police have the authority to issue an arrest warrant to any criminal.

6. Detecting crime

Another duty of every police officer is to detect crime and do all it takes to prevent it from occurring again. After seeing the crime, they must investigate and detect every associated party.

7. Search through belongings

Police officers have the right to search through a person’s belongings if the person is found suspicious or guilty of a crime.

The Benefits of Joining The Police Force

Below are some benefits and reasons you should join the police force.

1. Different job duties

As a police officer, you will find yourself in different environments. You might be part of the investigation team today and join the team responsible for road safety tomorrow.

2. Amazing compensation and benefits

One significant aspect of police work is receiving high financial compensation and benefits. Depending on your level and service, you will receive good pay for the job. The career also offers many benefits, like free medical services and vision and dental insurance. You will also get payment for family leave, sick leave, vacation, and other related situations.

3. Problem-solving skills

Most police officers are impacted with problem-solving skills during their training because they may find themselves in situations where they need to think and act quickly.

4. The opportunity to change people’s lives

You will come in contact with criminals and save people from danger. Depending on how you respond to a case, you may make changes in people’s lives. For instance, while remaining in authority and maintaining your work composure, you can decide to show compassion and empathy towards the citizens. You can also choose to comfort people that are going through life challenges.

5. Varied hours

It’s hard to see a police officer constantly doing the 8-5 working routine. Instead, they might do the morning, afternoon, evening, or night shifts. This allows them to have adequate time to spend with their family. Also, they can even go on a vacation when they are less busy.

6. Job security

Another benefit of joining the police force is that you will never lack a job. Law enforcement careers are one of the sought-after fields in every country. You can find jobs in rural and urban areas.


There you have it! A guide on how to check the Nigeria police recruitment status. Every police officer is responsible for ensuring law and order in the community.  Some of the responsibilities of a police officer include preventing crimes, protecting life and properties, detecting crime, issuing arrest warrants, and other related duties. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official recruitment portal for the Nigeria police force?

The official recruitment portal for the Nigerian police force is

What does "pending" mean when checking my Nigeria police recruitment status?

“Pending” implies that your application is been processed and no official decision has been taken yet.

What document do I need to check my Nigeria police recruitment status?

You only need your application number to check your police recruitment status.

How long does it takes to get a response after checking my Nigeria police recruitment status?

The response time normally varies, but it is usually within a few minutes to days.

Who should I contact If I have issues checking my Nigeria police recruitment status?

If you encounter any issues while checking your Nigeria police recruitment status, you should contact the police recruitment team via email or phone.


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