How To Reply To A Query Letter For Being Absent From Work

How To Reply To A Query Letter For Being Absent From Work

How To Reply To A Query Letter For Being Absent From Work – If you are employed, you should learn how to reply to a query letter to your boss if you violate the organizational rules. Some acts such as negligence, lateness, insubordination, or absenteeism could make you fired, but you can overcome the situation by apologizing for such mistakes.

At times, as an employee, you do not intentionally conduct malpractices at work. Situations that need urgent responses happen at home or work, and you need to attend to them first to save your job. When this occurs, you need to know how to reply to a query letter for being absent from work in such a case.

Gain knowledge on how to reply to a query letter for being absent from work without permission because you will not know when an emergency might knock on your door. Some personal reasons are too important to be overlooked for even a minute.

Know how to explain your situation to your boss through a letter when you return to work. How you state your reason for missing work is pertinent. This article will assist you to learn how to reply to a query letter for being absent from work.

How To Reply To A Query Letter For Being Absent From Work

1. Understand the message passed in the query letter

What is the message about? Is it about something that you know about or you don’t know about? If you know about it, read the query letter, and acknowledge the tone used by your boss. This will assist you to know the best way to reply to the letter.

2. Revise what you will write

Your job is at stake for misconduct, right? Therefore, you do not want to communicate with your boss with a tone, explanation, or words to give your boss more reasons to have a wrong perception of you. A better option is to write your points down before you compose the final draft.

3. Make use of a professional tone

When replying to a staff query letter, take note that it is for official purposes. Therefore, make use of a professional tone rather than a conversational one. On the left margin of the paper, display the contact details of the official you are replying to. If you are just learning how to reply to an official query letter, then it is important to know that you must show the topic of the matter you want to address in the paper.

4. Admit your misconduct

If there is more evidence to state that you were late for work or absent, do not argue. Admit your mistake to eliminate conflicts with your manager. Move on to explain why you failed to follow the regulations of the company.

Remember, you want to persuade your boss to accept the reason for your misconduct. As a result, provide valid reasons why you acted the way you did. In the last paragraph, tell your boss that you will never repeat the mistake.

5. Be specific

Do not put unimportant information. The information you provide should be brief and not go far away from the main topic. Unless you are asked to provide answers to many issues related to misconduct at work, it can be lengthy.

However, responses to query letters are always short and straight to the point. Also, make use of correct sentence structure and be grammatically correct. Your boss might not assimilate your explanation if you submit a poorly written response.

Procedure For Writing A Query Letter For Being Absent From Work

If you have tangible reasons for being absent, write a letter to your boss before they ask you for it. Some bosses are not strict to accept a short text message or call during emergencies, but writing a letter is professionally recommended, irrespective of your boss’s managerial style. Presented below is an illustration of a query letter.

Sample of Response to Query Letter for Being Absent from Work

Writing a response to a warning letter for being absent from work without permission is easy. Use this official query letter sample for being absent at work for guidance:

Alexandra Hotel Financial Management Office
4 Babatunde Jose street, Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria,
The Financial Manager
9th May 2017
Dear Madam Esther Alexandra,

Ma, I refer to the query given to me on the 5th of May 2017 on the above subject matter. My absence was caused by a car accident I was involved in on Wiston Street at about 7:30 am on my way to the office.
I called the office to state that I would be late that day. The police and insurance company came to the scene between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. I was required to fill out insurance claim papers at the insurance company’s office and file a complaint at the police station.
I also went to the hospital for medical attention due to my bleeding arm and minor bruises. I have attached the police, hospital, and photocopy of the insurance report to this letter.
For records, Ma, it`s very unusual for me to be absent from work. I am sure that it was an accident that I could not predict. I will try my best to make sure it does not happen again.
Yours faithfully,
(Your signature)
Paul Nnamdi

Query Letter Sample for Absence from Work
Office Name (………………..)
Office of the HOD Health Service Ministry of Environment,
F.C.T. – Abuja
The Office Location

The State Ministerial Commissioner
F.C.T – Abuja,
No 12 Guzape Road.
31st May 2017

Please, may I refer to the query directed to me on the 28th day of May 2017 on the above subject matter?

Sir, I have not been to work for about one week now which started on the 10th day of June to the 10th of May 2017 due to some reasons which I am about to state below.
Sir, for some period now my wife has been very sick and I have been in the Kuje General hospital taking care of her.
Sir, the illness was so critical that I must be in the hospital to take care of her and make sure that all is well.
I was absent from work because of the above reasons and I know that I should have called in but it is not easy due because everything happened so fast there was no time for me to do so but now that my wife has been discharged from the hospital and has regained her self I assure you to be punctual from now on.

Yours faithfully
Your Signature
Your Name (HOD Ministry Of Environment)


If you are still thinking about how to reply to a query letter at your workplace, you can use the above samples as guidelines. If you found yourself in an unavoidable circumstance, ensure that you communicate to your boss as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How do I respond to a query letter at work?

  • Respond to the inquiry as soon as possible.
  • Start with a note of appreciation.
  • Take time to understand their inquiry.
  • Be concise, don’t add unnecessary details.
  • Give a thorough response that answers all their questions.

How do I respond to a query on late to work?

Begin with the general introduction of the flaunting of the agreement. What you did was coming to work late. You must tell your boss the day and time you came to the office late and what you were supposed to do. Maybe you had a presentation that day but you came late.

How do I respond to a rude query letter?

Be articulate and go straight to the point. Avoid adding unnecessary information. Preferably, you can refer to the date the query was given to you, give the reasons for your misconduct, and promise never to repeat your actions in the future.

How do I write a query letter to an employer?

  • Open the query with a greeting.
  • Write a strong “hook” for the book.
  • Include a story synopsis.
  • Pitch your author credentials.
  • Personalize to stand out from other queries.
  • Close the letter by thanking the agent.
  • Proofread your work.

How do you professionally apologize for late work?

  • Apologize and lay out a specific account of the situation. …
  • Acknowledge the consequences. …
  • Accept responsibility. …
  • Explain what happened. …
  • Promise that it won’t happen again. …
  • Show that you regret the situation. …
  • Offer to help correct the situation.


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