How To Start An Online Thrift Store In Nigeria 

How To Start An Online Thrift Store In Nigeria 

How to start an online thrift store in Nigeria — Online thrift store popularity in Nigeria continues to surge, as more people adopt online shopping. A lot of people in the country now turn to the internet for buying and selling clothes, especially thrift clothes popularly referred to as Okrika in Nigeria.

This has made the online thrift store business a lucrative one, especially because of the convenience it offers. In this blog post, we would bring you a step-by-step guide on how to start an online thrift store in Nigeria. Read on.

How To Start An Online Thrift Store In Nigeria

Below is a guide on how to set up an online thrift store in Nigeria;

1. Conduct extensive market research

Before establishing any online business, including an online thrift store, it is vital to conduct some market research. The main aim of the research is to find out if there is high demand for online thrift stores in Nigeria. It would also help you understand the type of second-hand items that are trending in the market. Moreover, you can research your competitors and brainstorm ways to stand out differently.

Good market research will help you understand your target market better. You will know who your customers are and the type of clothing items they buy. Below are a few questions to consider when conducting market research for your online thrift store.

  1. What is the market like for the thrift store business in the country?
  2. How many online thrift stores are in Nigeria?
  3. What is the age bracket of the people shopping from online thrift stores in Nigeria?
  4. Is the business lucrative?
  5. What is the marketing strategy to follow to reach your target audience? And more.

By conducting good and extensive market research, you will understand the market better. You will also know your target audience and be able to offer the best services to your customers.

2. Decide on a name and branding for your online thrift store

After conducting market research and deciding on the area of online thrift selling you want to focus on, next is to establish your brand. Decide on a brand name, style, logo, etc that aligns with the purpose your business intends to serve. You could hire the services of a professional designer to help you design your business logo.

When choosing a brand name, ensure to keep it short, unique, and concise. This will help your potential customers easily locate your online store. After choosing a brand name or creating a list of potential brand names, you should confirm whether or not the name is available. If it is already registered by another business, you are prohibited from using the name. Therefore, ensure that whatever brand name you end up using is not registered by another business, this is to prevent any legal issues.

3. Business plan

After conducting your research, the next step is to draft a business plan. The business plan should capture your budget, goals, target market, and the marketing strategies you intend to use. Another aspect your business plan should highlight is the financial overview of the business. By drafting a good business plan, you will be able to attract funding from investors, it could also serve as a guide to starting a successful online thrift business.

4. Source and manage inventory

The process of finding items for your online thrift store is quite different from that of other clothing businesses. This is because products sold in thrift stores are unique and can be difficult to find in bulk. You can source the items through garage sales, eBay, thrift stores, donations, moving sales, community events, estate sales, etc.

Meanwhile, after getting all the items required for your online thrift store, you will want to establish an inventory management and storage system. This will help you keep track of the items available in the business.

5. Find a physical space for your items

After sourcing your clothing items, they must be stored in a good condition. This will make them more attractive to the customers and increase the reputation of your brand. You should carefully plan where to store your items. For a small-scale business, you could simply store them in your house.

However, if it is a large-scale business, it is best to provide a permanent housing system to ensure the easy flow of packaging and shipping. For instance, you could rent a place that is suitable for storing clothes. The place should be well-conditioned, dry, and free from germs. Also, you would want to get a budget-friendly place.

6. Set up a website for your online thrift store

To successfully sell any product online, including a thrift items, you will need to set up a store. This can either be on e-commerce platforms or self-hosted platforms. You could also decide to sell through marketplaces.

E-commerce stores include Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, GoDaddy, etc. These are could be convenient for people with smaller capital, especially because setting up a website can be costly. While self-hosted platforms include WordPress, these are platforms that offer you full control over web hosting.

After selecting a platform, the next step is to design a user-friendly website that showcases your stores’ items. They should include photos, videos, item descriptions, and more.

7. Upload high-quality images of the thrift items

Good and eye-catching photos have a great deal of influence on your customers’ decisions. The first thing customers will see when they visit your online store are the images of the products, the quality of the images will determine whether or not they will click on them.

You could also consider hiring models to display your items better to potential buyers. Therefore, ensure your products are taken using a quality camera, you could consider hiring a professional for that. The photos should be taken under natural light and from all angles. This will give the potential buyers a clearer view of the items.

8. Add the right prices to your items

When adding prices to your products, you should consider the cost as a whole. This implies that you should calculate the total cost incurred to purchase the item, such as the price of the item, packaging cost, transportation fee, and other expenses you paid for the product.

You might also want to consider the prices your competitors are selling similar products in the online market. This will help place you on the right track, it will also prevent you from overpricing or underpricing your products. However, you might be free to decide on the price you want to sell your products if you sell something unique or better.

9. Marketing your new online thrift store

After setting up your thrift store successfully, it’s time to begin marketing the store. This is to increase awareness of the website, and its products, and also attract potential buyers. There are numerous ways to market your online thrift store, depending on your budget. Marketing is an important aspect of building a successful online store, as it helps shoppers get to actually see your store and eventually patronize you.

One of the most effective marketing strategies is the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can use both platforms to promote your products, engage potential customers, and attract buyers. Additionally, you could offer promotions and discounts to encourage your first-time customers to keep coming back.

Other ways of marketing or promoting your online thrift store include influencer marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid marketing, radio and Tv adverts, etc. For best results, you should carefully analyze all the available marketing strategies and choose the one best suitable for your online thrift store.

10. Payment and Shipping

To make it secure and convenient for your customers to purchase items from your online thrift store, it is pivotal that you establish a secured payment system that can easily be navigated. Aside from the payment system, you also need to plan on the delivery methods and shipping charges. You should also ensure that the products are well-packaged in protective and lightweight packages. Meanwhile, in case any customer wants to exchange or return items, it is convenient to establish return policies.


Starting an online thrift store business in Nigeria can be a great way to establish a booming business with low competition. By following the laid down steps above, you should be able to establish a successful online thrift store business in Nigeria. Therefore take that leap and begin the process of establishing your online thrift store today. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I use to start an online thrift business in Nigeria?

The cost of starting an online thrift store in Nigeria may vary depending on various factors including the size of the business, marketing efforts, inventory, etc. Therefore, providing an exact amount might be difficult, but it can cost anywhere from a few hundred thousand Naira to a few million Naira.

How profitable is an online thrift store?

An online thrift store can be lucrative using the right marketing strategies. People who have built the online thrift store business for years make an average of $5,000 per month.

Do I need any permits or licenses to start an online thrift store in Nigeria?

Yes, you do. You may need to obtain some permits from your local and state authorities. Meanwhile, you may need to register your brand with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Is starting an online thrift business in Nigeria difficult?

Yes, starting an online thrift business in Nigeria can be both difficult and rewarding. It requires hard work, consistency, and perseverance to succeed.

Is it possible to build a successful online thrift store business in Nigeria?

Yes, it is. With proper planning, good marketing strategies, and excellent customer service, it is possible to build a successful and profitable online thrift store business in Nigeria.


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