How To Start Pre Order Business In Nigeria    

pre order business in Nigeria

How To Start Pre Order Business In Nigeria- Pre-order business is an emerging and interesting way of doing business. I call it interesting because you actually don’t need much capital and you don’t need to physically have the product. Yet, you will still make your cool profits just like every other kind of business. In this article, we would show you what it entails to start a pre order business in Nigeria. So, lets begin.

How To Begin Pre Order Business In Nigeria

Pre order simply involves purchasing a product or service in advance before being produced or released into the market. You are making purchase based on the pictures of the products you came across online. It is one business that can bring you a lot of income if you know your way around it.

Steps To Go About Pre Order Business In Nigeria

Step 1: Locate a trusted supplier

This is a very important step in pre order business in Nigeria . A bad supplier can actually mar your business. A supplier can determine your success or failure in pre order business in Nigeria. You should get a supplier that understands and can speak English very well.

Step 2: Create a platform to display your products

After locating a trusted supplier, you need to search for and create platform(s) where you can advertise your products.

Step 3: Be ready to receive and process orders

You should be ready to receive and process orders as appropriate. Choose your mode of payment for your customers. Some pre order business persons collect full payment in advance while some will collect partial payment and receive balance on delivery. Just know which one works best for you and follow suit.

Step 4: Do your deliveries

As soon as your products start arriving Nigeria, sort them out and deliver appropriately.

Creating A Market For Products From Your Pre Order Business In Nigeria

1. A website

You can create a website where you display the products  you want to sell. All you need is to drive some traffic to the site where people can see the products and place order.

2. Create a Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Telegram Group

You can create a group where you can also display your products . Get as many people as possible to join your social media group . The following are tips to woo people to join and stay in your social media sales group:

  • Offer free tips in your groups regularly
  • Offer advice/ suggestion
  • Invite people who really need what you are selling ( e.g invite a nursing mother to your diaper business group )

Ensure to keep the groups active, prevent spamming as much as possible.

What Do I Need For A Successful Pre Order Business In Nigeria

  • A laptop/ good smartphone
  • Good internet connection
  • Reliable Supplier
  • Customers

Laptop/ Good Smartphone

For you to run  a successful pre order business in Nigeria, you should have a good laptop or a good smartphone. This is because you will need to search online for different products and their suppliers . To get information, create valuable content , search for prospects, etc.

Good and stable internet connection

You need a stable internet connection to do your research for products, suppliers, clients, etc.

Reliable supplier

Next, you need to locate a reliable supplier , that you can take by his word. This is because you will be making purchase way in advance before the products arrive . You don’t want to work with a supplier that would disappear into thin air with both money and goods.


You need people to patronize your products from your pre order business in Nigeria. You must search for them. After you must have chosen a particular niche for your pre order business in Nigeria, you must know where and how to get prospective buyers of that niche. One way to sought for buyers is by joining different groups on social media platforms. For instance, if you pre order business in Nigeria is based on baby products , then you should join women, nursing mother and parents groups.

What Products Can My Pre Order Business In Nigeria Focus On

Some of the common products in pre order business in Nigeria include:

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Clothings
  • Household equipment
  • Bags
  • Jewelries
  • Electronics

Other Tips To Starting And Running A Successful Pre Order Business In Nigeria

Get your products from China

China is one country where you can get products at very cheap price. So if you want to run  a profitable pre order business in Nigeria, you should buy most of your products from China. So if you want to run a profitable pre order business in Nigeria, you should buy your products from China.

Always find out the cost of shipping ahead

This will help in setting price for your clients. You will also be able to determine if buying a product is worth it or not . There are some products that are very cheap but the cost of shipping is outrageous. You shouldn’t go for such products.

You need to find out the duration of shipping of a product

Some shipping take 3-5 days , 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month for shipping. Goods can be either be shipped by air or ship. It is good to know the shipping time so you can keep track.

Pros And Constraints Of Pre Order Business In Nigeria

Pros Of Pre Order Business In Nigeria

  • Products are much more cheaper when you buy on pre order
  • You are able to give your customers exactly what they want not what is available
  • You don’t have to stock up any goods
  • You don’t need much capital , most of the running will be done with customer’s money.

Constraints Of Pre Order Business In Nigeria

  • There could be delay in delivery due to shipping issues. This could make your customers loose trust in you.
  • You don’t have control over the products, since they are not in your custody

Last Word

Pre order business in Nigeria is a cool business to get involved in. You really don’t need much capital to start out and you don’t have issues of searching for who to buy your stocked goods. This is because you don’t need to stock any goods. Rather, before the goods arrived , you have your list of customers waiting to buy them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get customers for my pre order business in Nigeria?

Create awareness for your products

You can take advantage of social media platforms to create such awareness. Your post should give details about the products, what they stand to gain buying such and reasons they should buy now. You can also partner with influencers or social media specialist to help you build content around the post that would engage people and encourage them to choose your product.

Reach out to existing customers

If you have already an existing database of customers, then you should take advantage of such. You can send pictures of the products to their mail, whatsapp or social media group.

Take advantage of paid adverts of social media advert

With social media paid advert, you can reach a large audience of potential buyers. Once your advert campaign is scheduled to target them, you will get outstanding result.

Are pre orders great for my business?

With pre orders, you can get to provide the necessary information to your prospective customers concerning the product that would help make decision about buying. You also get paid upfront in pre order . You can thus have the cash needed to run the business.

How I encourage my customers to make pre orders?

  • Give a promo price price e.g 30% offer
  • Add a free gift
  • Give a short term for the pre order e.g  1 week

Is there any difference between a pre order and pre-purchase?

In pre order sales, you place order for a product that will be released and shipped on a later date. However, you wont be charged until few days to the date of shipping . In a pre purchase, you will be charged immediately after placing your order.

What does a pre order model look like?

In a pre order model, customers notices a product, order for it and then receive it after some weeks.


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