How To Start Pure Water Business

pure water business

How To Start Pure Water Business- One of the fast-moving businesses in Nigeria is pure water production. The rate at which Nigerians consume pure water is so high. You just need to check the refuse bin in homes and public places. They are all filled with empty pure water sachets.  Aside being a fast-moving one, the business of pure water production and sales is also very profitable. In this post, we would be giving you some useful tips that would help you whenever you are set to start your own pure water business.

How To Start Pure water business

#1 Do feasibility studies

Before you embark on pure water production business, you need to make some findings like:

  • Is the business profitable in your location?
  • Where can I site my pure water business for maximal productivity?
  • How do I source for raw materials?
  • What are equipment I would be needing?
  • Who are my target customers?
  • How profitable is the pure water business?

And other questions that may arise in your mind. You may also wish to have a chat with an expert in the business tor further guidance.

#2 Have a good business plan

After carrying out your feasibility studies, you should move on to write a good business plan. Your business plan should contain your goals, objectives and strategies you would employ to achieve such goals. It also contains cost analysis, market research, marketing and management.  A well-written business plan will be highly useful when you need to obtain business loan, secure investors, etc.

#3 Get a business name

You should get a name for your pure water business. Whatever name you want to use is up to you, the owner of the business. However, the name should be simple, something that your customers can quickly pick and remember.

#4 Get your pure water business registered

After getting a name for your business, the next step is to register your business with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission).

#5 Have a business account

Never make the mistake of using your personal account to run your pure water business. You should have a business account. This will help to keep your accounting process simple and straightforward.

#6 Source for funds

Pure water business can really be capital-intensive but also profitable. So, you really need to get some good funds to be able to run the business. These are some of the ways you can source for funds:

  • Personal savings
  • Gifts from family and friends
  • Loans from banks
  • Soft loan
  • Angel Investors
  • Partnerships

#7 Find a good location

You need to site your pure water business in a good location. Here are the qualities of a good location for your business:

  • Proximity to the market
  • Good road network linking the factory to the market
  • Electricity supply:  Don’t site your business in an area where there is epileptic power supply or no power supply. It will increase your operational cost, as you will be spending a lot on diesel and petrol.

#8 Construct your building

After procuring the land you want to use for your pure water business, the next step is to construct your factory building. Construct a bungalow that will be used as factory, dig borehole, interlock the compound, etc.

#9 Install a distillation system

Distillation is one of the primary techniques employed in water purification. The technique is more effective than carbon filters and osmosis. Technique is not dependent on pH, water temperature, water pressure or chlorine. Method is effective and removes any form of contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals, cysts, volatile gases, heavy metals and other kind of contaminants. Distilled water is clean, natural and safe, it is free of any kind of contaminant, whether liquid, solid or gas.

Reverse Osmosis

It is one of the most common distillation systems used by pure water production. The technique produces water of high level of purity. It is a very good technique you can apply in water purification. Ultraviolet bulb and ultra violet filtration are other methods used in water purification.

#10 Get an automatic sealing machine

A sealing machine is a very critical equipment in pure water business. A good automatic sealing machine can automatically do bagmaking, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting.

#11 Procure a truck for supply

You need to procure a truck that you would be using for supply and distribution of your pure water business. After production, you are not going to sit down and wait for people to come and buy from your factory. Rather, you need to take out the pure water to the market and other places prospective buyers can be found.

As much as possible, invest in a good truck for supply. Don’t buy a cheap truck that will be breaking down all the time. Such will only increase your operational cost.

#12 Hire factory workers

It is a very important aspect of your pure water business. It is the workers that would operate the equipment. Some of the personnel you would need include:

  • Manager
  • Operator
  • Packager
  • Cleaner
  • Driver
  • Loader
  • Cleaner
  • Marketer
  • Cashier
  • Security men

#13 Get approval from your country’s food and drug agency

Before you can start taking your water to the market, you need to government’ approval. In Nigeria, it is NAFDAC that serves as the Food and Drug Agency. So, if you are operating your pure water business in Nigeria, you will need to first visit NAFDAC office to get approval.

Approval may take up to 6 months. Note that before you proceed to NAFDAC for approval, get all the necessary guidelines in the operation of pure water business and comply strictly. This would make your approval seamless.

When your pure water brand is approved, you would be given a NAFDAC number which you would be printing on each of your pure water sachet.

#14 Marketing

After your pure water has been approved by government agency, the next step is to start mass production and then take to market. This is where you will need your supply truck. I believe during feasibility studies, you already found the market price.

How To Make People Buy Your Pure Water

Breaking into the market and getting people to choose your brand can really be tasking. And if you are not strategic and persistent enough, you may get discouraged and close down the business. Here are some tips that could help you win customers for your pure water business:

  1. Give the retailers some incentives e.g few extra sachets of pure water
  2. Reducing the price to be slightly lower than the market price. However, caution is needed here. If you are operating in area where there is pure water trade association, you may not be permitted to sell below the standard market price. If you do so, you may get fined heavily.
  3. You can sell on credit i.e. buy now, pay later. Though this is a risky method of winning customers. If you want to try this out, ensure what you giving out are just few quantities. Also ensure you always collect payment for previous supply  before making another supply.

Last Note

Pure water business is one that yields daily income, a massive one if you got the business right. To start out, you need to get your business registered, get a location and furnish with necessary equipment, get NAFDAC’s approval and hit the market to start making profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pure water business a profitable venture in Nigeria?

Yes. Pure water business is a very profitable business in Nigeria. Though it can be capital-intensive, but on the long-run, you will make a lot of profit from the business.

What do I need to commence a pure water business?

To run a pure water business, you need the following:

  • A good business plan
  • Good capital
  • Approval from food and drug agency of your country
  • Get a location
  • Procure necessary equipment
  • Set up a water treatment system
  • Recruit workers
  • Create a market for the business

What is the price of pure water in Nigeria?

At wholesale price, pure water is 200 naira per bag while at retail price, pure water is #250 per bag.

What are some of the challenges encountered in pure water business in Nigeria?

Some of the challenge owners of pure water business especially in Nigeria include:

  • Epileptic power supply
  • Environmental pollution
  • Poor distribution network
  • Inefficiency of regulatory agencies
  • Poor business feasibility
  • Integrity issues

What equipment do I need to set up  a pure water factory?

  • Reverse osmosis module
  • Ozone generator
  • Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer
  • Micro-filter cartridges
  • Micro-filter cartridge housing/ casing
  • Industrial water filtration modules
  • Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer

How I obtain NAFDAC number for my pure water business?

  • You need to first register your business with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission)
  • Register your trademark
  • Set up the factory
  • Then you can proceed for NAFDAC registration


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  • www. wealthresult. com- How to start water business


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