How To Start A School Business In Nigeria

school business in Nigeria

How To Start A School Business In Nigeria- With the ever-increasing population in Nigeria and even more increasing rate of a birth in the country. Some businesses will obviously continue to thrive . One of such is school business. Even though there are government-owned  schools and , some private school, such can still not cater for the teaming population. So if you are planning to go into school business, it is not a bad idea. In this article, we would give you critical information you need if you want to start a school business in Nigeria.

How To Start A School Business In Nigeria

Tip 1: Make your choice on the type of school you want to run

Education in Nigeria is from creche to university stage . So if you want to go into school business in Nigeria, you need to determine at what level of education you want to get involved in. It could be creche, preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary education.


Creche is usually a facility between 6 months and 2 years. These kids are usually taken care of during the day while their parents or carers are busy at work, school or in other activities. It is also known as day care centre.


It is also known as nursery school. It is an educational facility that offers early childhood education. It is usually open to kids between 2 and 5 years. This level of education comes just before primary school. The purpose of preschool is to provide kids with strategies that would enable them develop emotional, social and cognitive skills required to become lifelong learners.

Primary school

This school is for kids between 5 and 11 years. It is also known as elementary school. Here kids are being taught language, literacy , mathematics, numeracy, arts, etc. Children’s speaking, writing and reading skills are also developed.

Secondary school

Children in secondary school are being prepared for useful living in the society. Here, the curriculum is designed to complete the provision of basic education that started at primary level. The foundation for lifelong learners and human development is being built. It is in 2 categories: junior secondary and senior secondary school. Graduates can go ahead to get a job or proceed for higher studies.

Tertiary Education

It is also known as post-secondary school. It includes colleges, vocation/trade school, technical school, public universities and private universities. The advantage of tertiary education include higher income, greater social impact, better civic engagement, etc.

The tertiary education provides students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that will help people develop their full potential and become successful in the society.

Tip 2: You need a location

In running a school business in Nigeria, you need to get a good location. You cant just be sited anywhere , you must be very strategic in your location. You shouldn’t site your school in an isolated place where the population is so scanty. You should locate your school in town where there is large population of people.

Tip 3: Set up a good structure for your school

This is also important for the success of your school business in Nigeria. Don’t just set up any kind of structure for your school. Also , your school should have enough classrooms with enough ventilation. The chairs and tables must be arranged in such a way that there would be enough space for pupils to move around.

Use nice paintings and decorations for the classrooms and even on the outside of the building.  You should have a playground that contains accessories for children to play with. Let your school environment be neat and also lively. You can even put a little garden. Just make the school attractive and a beauty to behold.

The toilet should be neat with enough water running. If possible, dig a borehole.

Tip 5: Source for funds

You need to source for funds to run school business in Nigeria. The business is usually capital-intensive but such will yield good returns on the long-run.

Tip 6: Register your school and obtain necessary licenses

For you to operate school business in Nigeria, your school must be duly registered with the state ministry of education. You can walk into the ministry of education of your state to get the registration process started.

You will also need to register your school name with CAC . As much as possible , get all the necessary licenses before starting out.

Tip 7: Start shopping for supplies

Apart from the regular facilities you have procured for your school, you need to also get supplies. This include textbooks, notebooks, pen, markers, pencil, and other stationeries. Toiletries such as tissues , soap, detergent, disinfectant, etc. are also important.

Tip 8: Build a strong team of teachers

Teachers are your greatest asset in your school business in Nigeria. So as much as possible, recruit sound teachers and motivate them very well so they can stay and build with you. You need to invest in your teachers by organizing trainings for them regularly, paying their salaries promptly and giving them incentives.

Tip 9: Set and maintain good standard for your school

For you to succeed in school business in Nigeria, you must set up good standard for your school. Have policies which guides operation in your school.

Have guidelines in the following areas:

  • How students are to be assessed
  • How students are to be disciplined
  • How a teacher should behave in class
  • What should be the relationship between student and teacher, etc.

Tip 10: Non-academic staffs are also important

In running a successful school business in Nigeria, it is important to note that the non-academic staff are also the teachers. Don’t spend all your energy on teaching staff and abandon the non-teaching staff. You need cleaners to take care of the compound, security guard, secretary, driver, etc. These ones should also be treated well so they join hands with you to run  a successful school business in Nigeria.

Tip 11: Have a dedicated school account

Don’t run school business using personal account. Since your school is registered, you can easily open a business account.  Just walk into any of the banks in Nigeria to do that. Having a dedicated business will help you to be able to financially manage your business.

Tip 12: Have a good parent-teacher forum

You should form a forum where teachers and parents can interact. You can do this virtually , create a whatsapp group for the parents and teachers. Keep the group alive  by posting information regularly, shar free tips, post videos, etc. Do all within your means to bring the parents closer to the school.

Tip 13: Publicize your school

You need to make the presence of your school in that community known. There are so many ways you can create awareness of your school:

  • Print flyers and share in the surrounding neighborhood
  • Do jingles
  • Put a banner at your school junction and strategic locations
  • Take advantage of the social media to further promote your school. You may need to get the services of a social media manager if you are not versed in the use of the social media tools.
  • Create a website and post-engaging content.

Final Word

In order to start a school business in Nigeria, you need to determine the type of school business you want to run. Choose a good location, set up a strong team, get registered and source for funds. The school business can really be capital-intensive but it will surely yield returns after sometime, If you give it what it takes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is running a school business profitable in Nigeria?

Yes. School business in Nigeria is a good venture. This is because of the continual increase in the population of Nigeria.  The schools owned by government cannot suffice this teeming population. Thus, the demand for private schools would always be on the increase.

How do people in private school business in Nigeria make their money?

Most of the income generated by owners of school business in Nigeria is from tuition. Revenue also comes from books and supplies( such as uniform). Income could also come from donation and private funds.

Is school business a good one in Nigeria?

Yes. School business is a profitable venture in Nigeria. Not only is the business lucrative, owning a school gives you an opportunity to impart lives of young ones.

What is the greatest asset a school can have?

The teachers are the most important asset a school can have . This is because they are the ones that would do the work of imparting and building lives.

What business is the easiest to begin?

  • Social media management
  • Errand service
  • Pet sitting
  • Free lance service
  • Soap production
  • Drop shipping
  • Cleaning service
  • Entertainment
  • Tutor


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