How to Start a Tailoring Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Tailoring Business in Nigeria – Tailoring and sewing business is a lucrative venture in the country, that has been driving in decent amount of money for those into the business. This is because the service of tailors are very much needed, just as all needs to put on great and stunning look, then we all definitely needs to find a tailor to craft the clothe to our taste. Want to start your own tailoring business in Nigeria? This article contains all you need to know.

How Lucrative is Tailoring Business?

A tailoring business is a very lucrative venture to go into. The reason is it is vital. It will always be needed. Not considering how the economy is, Nigerians will always get themselves look good while meeting the current trends.
Maximizing the profits from this business will come faster if you can stay true to your business by identifying with your customers and satisfying your customers as much as you can. Also, the profitability of tailoring business in Nigeria hugely depends on the particular seasons, trends, e.t.c

How to Start a Tailoring Business in Nigeria

There are different things that you need to put in place for your tailoring business to be successful in Nigeria. Here are critical steps you must follow to start a profitable tailoring business in Nigeria:

1. Learn the basics in ropes and styles

Tailoring is a business that needs you to have a lot of skill. In fact, it is rated among those businesses that you don’t get to pause learning the ropes. This is due to the fact that there will always be upcoming styles and different innovative methods in the sewing industry.
Before you even begin this business, you are expected to acquire some skills. To do achieve this, you’d have to register under an existing tailor and get training. If you have the available funds, you can register into a fashion school and get the necessary certification. The quality of training that you get will be part of the determining factor in the success rate of how you will turn out.
Some tailors can choose to specialize in a special niche e.g. male clothes niche, female clothing, children’s wears, sport and jerseys, etc. Others may choose to engage in all these niche as jacks of all trades . We advise that you learn as much as you can prior to starting off, learn everything and then you choose your speciality based on your feasibility study.

2. Conduct a Feasibility study and craft your business plan

Do you think a tailoring business do/do not need a feasibility study and business plan? Do you know why it is necessary? Majority of the Nigerian tailors don’t have a business plan and they never cared to carry out a feasibility study before they began their businesses. They just simply came up with the idea and began the business. And this is actually among the reasons why majority of our tailors will remain at the level of mediocre.

A feasibility study will make you to be prepared for the industry in which you plan to start your business. It gives you insight about your top clients and who they are likely to be. A feasibility study will also reveal to you where to get your working materials, the cost of equipments and the costs of instruments, it tells you how to fix your prices. And lastly, a feasibility study reveals to you about your competitors , what they are doing, and it tell the methods to use in order to outshine them in the market.

It is the inference from your feasibility study that will serve as important tools in helping you to draft a detailed business plan. Business plans will be the map of your business. These plans also help the business owner gain investors and funding. If you are searching out for where you can raise funds for your business, you should take the step of writing a business plan first. After crafting this, you can present the plan to wealthy family members , relatives, friends, banks, and to angel investors.

3. Get a location for your business

The site of your business is another very vital determinant of the success rate of your tailoring business in the long run . There are different factors that you should bear in mind when you pick a location. Some of the things to consider include: Possible business expansion, Security, Accessibility to customers, High human traffic, Proximity to market and Power supply.

The site that you pick will be a function of your niche and the degree you want to the business to be run. Get a good location for your shop that goes within your budget range and one that meets the conditions that were mentioned above.

4. Raise the start-up capital

Without business capital, it is not possible to successfully run this business. Bear in mind that capital we mean here is not just the physical cash that you need to make payments and purchases. It also covers the fund to buy equipment and instruments that your business will need. Although sometimes, you may not need to buy everything. You may have friends and relatives
that are already in possession of some of these items. Simply borrow from them to save yourself some startup cost. Asides that you can raise capitals via any of the ways business owners raise capitals for their business which includes : cash from friends and family members, from angel investors, getting bank loans, through government grants.

5. Publicize the tailoring business

Advertising your tailoring business is crucial to its success. There are different ways to publicize your business in the present days. Starting from the traditional print to social media channels (the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). Make use of as many channels as possible to bring your brand to the limelight.

Tailoring Materials that you can Sell in Nigeria

Here are some of the tailoring materials you can sell if you want to do tailoring business in Nigeria.

  1. Buttons (different types)
  2. Tape rule/measuring tape
  3. Threads
  4. Bridal satin
  5. Polish cotton
  6. Shoulder pads
  7. Safety pins
  8. Holding pins & Pincushions
  9. Thimble
  10. Sewing needles
  11. Zips
  12. Beads
  13. Dull face Latin fabrics
  14. Scissors
  15. Machine reader
  16. Linens
  17. Presser’s feet
  18. Bridal nets
  19. Dutches Latin fabrics
  20. Sewing Machine oil
  21. Pins
  22. Hard nets
  23. Veil nets
  24. Raw silk satin
  25. China fabrics
  26. Polish cottons
  27. Rulers
  28. Threader
  29. Gum
  30. Chiffon
  31. Presser’s feet
    And other clothing materials


With this article, your journey of starting a tailoring business in Nigeria will be much more mistake-freee , so long as you take note of the steps highlighted above. A tailoring business is a very lucrative venture to go into. Not considering how the economy is, Nigerians will always get themselves look good while meeting the current trends. Start your tailoring business today and what your income grow with time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start a tailoring business in Nigeria?

Starting as a small-scale tailor in Nigeria, for example, you’ll need up to N100,000 and N150,000 for a start. To begin as a mid-scale tailor, you’ll have between N500,000 and N700,000. A large-scale tailor needs up to N1 million.

How much does it cost to start a clothing business in Nigeria?

You can start a clothing business in Nigeria with as low as #20,000.

Is tailoring business profitable?

A tailoring business is a very profitable venture to go into. The reason is that clothing is vital. It will always be needed

Which Colour is best for tailor shop?

White. White stands for happiness and purity. These feelings make you think of a blank slate for a sewing project!

What does a tailoring shop need?

Overlock machine, sewing machine, ruler, tape measure, needles and thread, mannequins, scissors, seam ripper, among other sewing materials.


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