What Should You Say When Asked, “Why Should We Hire You?”

What Should You Say When Asked, Why Should We Hire You

What Should You Say When Asked, “Why Should We Hire You?” — One of the most important questions that are often asked during most interviews is, “Why should we hire you?” While the question might sound straightforward, it’s among the trickiest questions you may be asked during the interview, and you might be the decision maker concerning whether you will get the job or not. If you can’t answer the question correctly, we don’t even want your mind to think of the consequences. Continue reading this article to find out the best ways and answers you can give to this tricky question once and for all.

Tips To Answer The  Question, “Why Should We Hire You?”

While there is no definitive answer to this question, there are many ways to answer the question. Whenever your interviewer asks why they should hire you, they are likely asking what makes you the best candidate for the position. You might be thinking you have submitted your resume, so it should be the best thing to answer the question.

No, numerous cases exist where people plagiarize their cover letters, so in this case, the only way you can prove your worth is through your mouth. Your employer wants to be sure that you possess all the characteristics they are looking for in the right candidate. Since they invite you to come for the interview physically, it means they are willing to hire you but want to be sure about certain elements.

Also, they want to ensure that you understand their working tactics and you are culturally fit for the role. In addition, you know other candidates whose cover letters might be more outstanding than you, so the interview session is your time to make the interviewer see your potential. So leverage the question to your fullest ability and sell yourself to the company.

So without further ado, let’s look at ways you can answer this analogy perfectly.

1. Show them that you possess the necessary skills to execute the job diligently and give them the best result

You don’t know the skills other candidates offer the company, so in this case, we are talking about only you. You only know yourself, therefore emphasize your essential skills, work experience, talent, professional achievements, and other related skills that are important for the position you applied for.

2. Explain why you are a great fit and an excellent addition to the team

Explain to the employer that you will be a great addition to their team. In big companies, there is a variation between staff and their departments. Show the company you know its culture and features, and tell them why you are an excellent fit for the job.

3. Describe why hiring you is the best decision and how you can make work easier for them so they can achieve more

Before you go for the interview, you should research the company to understand some of the problems they are facing and the goals they are striving to achieve. This information will help you during the interview. Once an interviewer understands you are familiar with their company even before you join them, you are likely to leave a lasting impression of yourself in their minds.

4. Don’t show capability only; include enthusiasm

Your application already explains to them you want to do the job. Calling you for an interview means they are willing to give you a chance, and they understand you are capable. Aside from describing your skills, show them how enthusiastic you are towards the role, how positive your mind is, and how happy you are to join their company. However, don’t go overboard with the attitude; your smile won’t do any trick if you don’t have the qualifications.

5. You Should be honest

No matter how fast and desperate you are to sell yourself and get the role, ensure all your information is accurate. You will never make it far if you lie to them; most recruiters follow up after recruiting candidates to prove whatever they wrote or presented during the interview is confirmed.

Samples of Answers to Give When Asked: “Why Should We Hire You?” During An Interview

Wondering what you should say when asked, “Why Should We Hire You?” Below are good answer samples.  Read on.

1. An excellent answer to a sales report role

“I understand you seek an excellent independent salesperson with an outstanding record. Someone who can efficiently close deals with big enterprises, go through longer sales cycles, create a lasting relationship with many decision-makers and also increase structure to the mixture. That’s my expertise. During my work at (then you mentioned the previous company you worked with if there is any), where I spent (Mention the years you spent working e.g 4 years), I was able to close different 5 and 6 figures deals, build a relationship and nurture it for the years; I exceeded my sales in 40 out of the 47 months I spent in the company. During my stay in the company, the revenue increased from $10-15M, and over 75% of the revenue is derived from outbound activities.

Furthermore, I’m aware your CEO is an advocate of using notions to increase structure and also assist in managing the team. I also share their belief because I’m a powerful notion user. Furthermore, I have built a sales base for the team in my previous workplace, consisting of the most outstanding outreach templates, different channel sequences, LinkedIn post frames, and many more. I will be happy to bring the same result to your company.”

2. What Should You Say When Asked, “Why Should We Hire You?” Sample answer for a project manager role

“I have all the necessary skills you seek, and I’m sure I will be the superstar you are looking for in your company. It’s not only my background that led to success in my stay in the previous company I worked with or my team’s skill only that has helped me build a good relationship with developers, vendors, senior managers, and alike, but I’m also passionate about this field. I’m ready to provide high-quality work.”

3. Why Should We Hire You? Answer Sample: Developer

Based on my research, the information I gathered, and my discussion, I understand you are seeking a developer who has a fantastic record of successful projects and has proven expertise in development to assist your company in entering the next phase of its growth. I feel I’m the perfect fit for this role because I have good communication skills and the expertise to begin working right from the first day I joined your company; I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of this growth and provide my share of knowledge. 

Above are possible answers to “Why Should We Hire You?” You can decide to tweak them to sound more original and less cliche.

Topics You Should Avoid When Asked “Why We Should Hire You”

Since you have understood some ways you can answer this critical question and have seen examples of how to answer it, let’s look at some ‘don’ts’ to avoid while answering the question.

1. Money

Even though the salary is the crucial aspect of every work, often the real motivation and driving force of working early in the morning to go to work, answering the question with money-related answers such as “I want you to hire me because I need the money” or other related phrases are never a practical way to answer the question. Most companies seek employees who will work not only for the money but also for the betterment of their company. So it’s best if you avoid mentioning money at all while giving them your answer.

2. Perks

Exactly how you should avoid telling them money is why they should hire you. It would help if you never talked about the perks that come with the position and why they should hire you.

3. General Interest

When we mentioned general interest, we discussed giving them a generic reply and being vague in your response. For example, don’t tell them it’s because your parents chose the course of study for you, so you are here looking for a job to fulfill their wish. This kind of reply won’t take you anywhere, no genuine company will accept this reply. You must show the interviewer your genuine interest in their company and the role.

4. Desperation

Lastly, avoid giving replies like “because I desperately need the job” even though the interviewer might sympathize depending on the story you told them, they are not likely to hire you for the role since they aren’t doing charity work.


To answer the question “why should we hire you” you must prepare yourself early, and when answering the question, ensure to present them with your most vital skill and describe to them how the skill can benefit their company. Before you go for the interview, ensure to research the company and the current problem they are facing so you can come up with an answer on how you can provide a solution to them, evaluate the job description because the better you under the role, you are applying for the better you will answer questions when they ask you, evaluate your weaknesses and strengths, and lastly remember to practice your answers so you can build confidence.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Why do employers ask "Why Should We Hire You"?

Employers ask the question “Why Should We Hire You”? to give them an insight on how you work and determine if you are the right candidate for the role

Is It appropriate to ask what the pay is during the interview?

No, asking about the pay during the first interview isn’t appropriate. Express your interest in your role and prove you fit the position before asking for the pay range.

Can I highlight my skills when asked, "Why Should I hire You"?

One of the best ways to answer, “Why Should I hire You?” is to highlight the top skills required for the role.




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