Who Is A Content Creator And What Do They Do

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Who Is A Content Creator And What Do They Do- A content creator is an individual who develops and create educational, entertaining or informative content on digital space. Content is usually targeted at a particular set of audience. Content creation is a vital branch of digital marketing and also a very lucrative one too. In the following paragraphs, we would be discussing in details who a content creator is, what they do and what you need to become one.

What Do A Content Creator Do?

Content creators come up with ideas and develop such into a content that will connect a business/brand to its target audience. A typical day of a content creator is filled with developing, writing, designing, editing and publishing of content.

Some of the specific role of content creators include:

  • Development / Creation of Ideas that can be used to market/promote a brand or business.
  • Conversion of those ideas into powerful content that would be engaging, inspiring and dazzling to the target audience.
  • Creating of marketing texts/ copy to promote products/services.
  • Creation of blog post on industry-related subjects.
  • Interacting with and interviewing experts in different field and collating their perspectives into blog posts.
  • Proof reading and editing of content before publishing
  • Carrying out of keyword research and analysis
  • Optimization of content using SEO tools

How Do I Become A Content Creator?

Content creation requires more of skills than educational background/ experience. In fact,  you don’t need any serious educational qualification to work in content creation. Here is how to begin:

1. Get some training

Even though education qualification is not required to work as a content creator, you still need some training . You can take advantage of the digital space to get some training in content creation. There are a lot of short courses you can register for at affordable price, some are even free.

2. Get a niche

To successfully create great contents, you must have a niche. A niche includes area of interest, passion , etc.  Creating content around your area of interest / passion is a great and easy way to start out and make it in content creation.

3. Have a portfolio

A portfolio usually contains sample of your work (preferably the published ones). Whenever you need to apply for a job , employers usually request for it. It is from your portfolio that prospective employers can see your skills and expertise. They can then determine if you are fit for the job. A portfolio serves as a ready-made resume, in fact more than a resume. It is a digital reflection of your expertise.

4. Interact and network with other content creators

Don’t just be a lone-ranger , you need to interact with other creators. Through such interactions, you can even get more content creation jobs and also sharpen your skills.

5. Create a resume for yourself

Prepare a content creator resume. This should contain your academic background, your personal and professional skills, your experience. You can also include awards received and professional qualifications you possess. It should contain your current and previous roles with some vital descriptions.

6. Have a dedicated cover letter

In addition to a resume, you should have a cover letter as a content creator. In the cover letter, you will be able to further buttress on the skills/experiences stated in the resume. The letter will also contain your personal tone and what interest you about working with a particular organization.

Different Types Of Content Creator

Content creation is like a big family with some children. If you want to build a career in content creation, you must specify in one or more of these categories. The different types of content creator includes:

  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Coach
  • Author
  • YouTuber
  • Artist
  • Influencer
  • Podcaster
  • Educator

31 Tools Every Content Creator Must Have

As a content creator, you need some tools to do your content creation, edit, publish, research and also give your content a professional touch. Some of these tools include:

  1. Google trends
  2. Answer the public
  3. Grammarly
  4. Copy. ai
  5. Chatgpt
  6. Canva
  7. Semrush
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Google docs
  10. Powtoon
  11. Thinglink
  12. Soapbox
  13. Audaxity
  14. Animaker
  15. Placeit
  16. Buffer
  17. Video
  18. Unsplash
  19. Animoto
  20. Crello
  21. Biteable
  22. Evernote
  23. Piktochart
  24. Trello
  25. Pic Monkey
  26. Giphy
  27. BuzzSumo
  28. Adobe Express
  29. Pixlr
  30. Coschedule Headline Studio
  31. Loom

1. Google trends

This tool is much useful in content planning. You can use it to determine the popularity of a keyword or topic among google search users. This tool can help you generate trending topics in your niche. Tool is absolutely free to use.

2. Answer the public

This is another keyword search tool . It visualizes search questions and also suggested terms. Once you input a topic and you include location and language, it will list out different questions around the topic. The tool has both free and paid version.

3. Grammarly

This tool is great for editing your content. It checks for spelling and correct other grammatical blunders. It also check for plagiarism . It has both free and paid version.

4. Copy. ai

Another great tool that helps accelerate your work is copy. ai . The tool uses artificial intelligence to write for you. This tool can write blog posts, social ads, product description, email copy , sales copy and social media captions. It has both free and paid version.

5. Chatgpt

This is one of the latest tool for content creators. The tool which was launched late last year uses artificial intelligence to write content for you in any category. Currently, the tool is free.

Final Thoughts

A content creator creates educating , entertaining or informative materials, mostly expressed or shared on digital channels. It is a career that can actually fetch you a lot of money once you can hone your skills. One interesting thing about the job is that you don’t need any qualification. With a creative mind, analytical thinking, excellent communication skills, you are just right for the job!

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to be a content creator?

To succeed as a content creator, you need the following skills

  • Creativity skill
  • Analytical thinking
  • Strong communication skills

What are examples of content creators ?

Content creators include bloggers , YouTubers, Course creators, Social media influencers, online Publishers, Podcasters, Video game streamers, etc.

Can I become a content creator with no experience?

Yes. You don’t really need any special degree or education to be a content creator. All you need is a creative mind and some level of training. There are a lot of short training/ courses online that you can take up in few months and you are good to go. In addition to having a creative mind, you must also have good communication skills and analytical skills too.

What are the daily duties of content creators?

As a content creator, some of the things you would be doing include:

  • Researching and writing blog posts
  • Creation of infographics
  • Sharing of content across different social media platforms
  • Recording and editing of videos

How do I become a content creator?

Choose a niche: An area that interests you, area of passion

Identify your audience: who are the people of your chosen niche?

Choose a platform or platforms where you will be uploading your content regularly

Have a content plan: this is highly important as it helps you to be coordinated. And if you have a team you are working with, having a content plan will help the team work seamlessly.

Establish your brand: You must be able to identify the age, profession, gender and geographical location of your target audience. You can do this through survey forms.

Employ third party tools: You need some tools like Grammarly, canva to help finetune your content.

Have a portfolio: You need a portfolio to show off your talents, abilities and experience. Your portfolio will communicate your unique selling point and expertise.

Sell yourself: You need to sell yourself . You can take advantage of social media platforms to let people know what you do . Instagram, facebook, tiktok are all handy. You can also have a blog/ website.

Start boosting your online presence and growing your following on social media.

With a strong social media presence, you can reach your target audience far and wide and also increase credibility of services. Start this by taking time to create some content to advertise your brand on the popular social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


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