Why Should You Consider A Career In Agriculture

Why Should You Consider A Career In Agriculture

Why Should Consider A Career In Agriculture- Agriculture is a field that has to do with planting of crops and rearing of animals. It is a very vital aspect of the economy that has to do with planting of crops and rearing of animals. It is a very vital aspect of the economy that no nation must joke with. Any nation joking with agriculture is inviting hunger. Agriculture doesn’t just provide us with food but also raw materials for industries and a host of other benefits. In this article, we would be discussing extensively why you should consider a career in Agriculture

Why Consider A Career In Agriculture

1. Opportunities are endless

Taking a career in agriculture does not translate to working in the farm. There are so many opportunities that awaits you with a career in agriculture. Opportunities on the farm, industry and even internationally. The list can be endless.

2. Agriculture is practiced globally

There is no nation that does not get involved in agriculture in one way or the other. Whether at primary stage that involves farming, secondary stage that involves processing of raw materials into finished goods. With a career in agriculture, be rest assured that you will be valuable in any nation of the world you find yourself.

3. It is a field that is highly relevant both now and in the future

Agriculture is one vital sector of the economy that can be outdated. Processes may change, methods may get more improved and digitalized but the products and benefits of agriculture will still always remain vital.

4. Agriculture is not just about farming

Agriculture has so many aspects of which farming is just one. So the fact that you are pursuing a career in agriculture does not automatically mean that you will end up a farmer. There are so many roles you can get involved in without having to enter a farm or handle cutlass and hoe.

5. The field of agriculture is a high-tech sector

Agriculture is one of the field that applies latest development and technology in its processes. So having a career in agriculture is really an exciting one as you will be  to updated with new innovations and technologies. Robots, AIs and GP systems are also relevant in agriculture.

6. Employment is readily available

With a career in agriculture , you can never go out of job. There is always something to do that would fetch you income no matter your qualification

7. Income is great

As disguised as agriculture may appear, you can make some good income from it.  You need to acquire the right education , training and skill in order to make this happen.

8. It is a profession that comes with some adventure

If you are a lover of adventure, you will find career in Agriculture interesting. Even if you don’t end up being a farmer, there will still be times  that you will need to go out to the field for some work, research, etc.

9. It is a very rewarding career

One major issue in agriculture addresses is that of food. When food is available, a great deal of man’s problem is solved. With a career in agriculture, you will be making a critical impact in your world.

10. Less Stressful Work Environment

Although every career has its own challenges but a career in agriculture is not as stressful  as some other profession. Work environment  most times is quiet and peaceful . Some of the challenges you may experience is that of pest and harsh weather

How A Career In Agriculture Will Benefit The Society

1. Source of Food

The food we eat are all products of agriculture. Some of these food items after harvesting can be taken directly to the kitchen to prepare meals e.g yam , potatoes, etc. While some food items will first have to undergo some processing before they can become food. E.g cocoa used for beverage, cassava used for garri , etc.

2. Shelter

The bamboos used in scaffolding, wood used for roofing and making furniture are all products of agriculture. Some buildings are even made of wood.

3. Clothing

Thanks to agriculture, we would have been moving around naked. Some of the clothes we put on are made of wool, silk , which are products of agriculture.

4. Raw materials

A lot of industries depend on agriculture for their raw materials. For instance, the shoe and bag industry depend largely on hides and skins gotten from animals. The beverage industry depend on cocoa to produce beverage. The breweries rely on grain to make wine and alcoholic drinks.

5. Source of income

Different categories of people earn income as a result of agriculture. For instance, the farmer panting crops and rearing animals earn income doing so. The carpenter making chairs and tables make a living because of agriculture.

6. It is essential to a country’s growth and development

Agriculture is a crucial to the development of any nation. When food is available, industries have raw materials to work with, high rate of employment and others, there surely will be growth and development in that country.

7. It brings healing to the environment

Agriculture can bring about healing of the environment. When farmers practice biodiversity, there is a lot of positive impact on the environment. Biodiversity usually results in less erosion, healthy soil, healthier pollinators and improved water conservation.

8. Source of employment

A lot of people are employed today because of agriculture. Farmers, technicians, scientists, retailers, etc. are gainfully employed because the agriculture industry is working fine.

9. Agriculture is important in international trade

Agriculture provide some form of foreign exchange. In fact, most of the raw materials results from agriculture are very vital in international trade.

Job Roles For People With Careers In Agriculture

1. Agricultural and Food Scientist

People in this role work in food production industries, farms and in processing plants. They carry out a lot investigation in the laboratory. They work in laboratories, offices and in the field.

Job Description Of  An Agricultural and Food Scientist

  • Carry out research to improve the productivity and sustainability of field crops and farm animals.
  • They formulate  new food products
  • Invent better ways to process and formulate food products
  • Study soil composition and research on how to improve it to enhance growth

How To Become Agricultural and Food Scientist

  • A bachelor degree in agriculture or related field e.g Biology, Chemistry
  • You will need the following skills: communication, mathematical, observation, etc.
  • Get relevant certifications/license
  • Go for internship

2. Agricultural Engineering

It is another career in Agriculture that involves designing, building and improvement of farm machineries & equipment and manufacture processes.

How To Become Agricultural Engineer

  • Get a Bachelor degree in Agricultural Engineering
  • Get some work experience through internship in related company
  • Get relevant certification/license

Job Roles Of Agriculture Engineer

  • They ensure machineries/equipment are working fine
  • Carry out repairs and maintenance
  • Design new agricultural equipment and machineries.

3. Agricultural Economics

It is another career in industry that uses the concepts of business and economics to address issues in the agriculture  industry. Agricultural economics uses the principles of micro and macro economics to solve problems like food scarcity, poor management, low revenue generation, etc.

How To Become An Agricultural Economist   

  • Have  a Bachelor degree in Agriculture
  • You will need the following skills: Analytical, Organizational ,Team spirit, Research skills, Economic analysis, etc.
  • You can pursue higher degree such as M.Sc, PhD.
  • You can work as Agribusiness consultant, Agricultural development officer, Agricultural commodity trader, Agricultural Appraisal, Agricultural loan officer

4. Horticulture

This is a career in Agriculture that deals with plant cultivation. It involves cultivation of fruits, vegetables , algae, flowers, mushrooms and non-food crops like grass, ornamental trees and plants, etc.

How To Become An Horticulturist

  • Bachelor degree in Botany, Horticulture or other related field.
  • Start and complete an internship program
  • Pursue relevant certification
  • Go for higher degrees
  • Get a job

Some of the skills needed in the job role include

  • Computer skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Data analysis

5. Fisheries

It is the science of producing fish and other aquatic lives for the purpose of food.

How To Pursue A Career In Fisheries

  • Get a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Aquaculture  or other related fields.
  • Get internship
  • Choose a speciality e.g you can choose to work in conservation, academic research, environmentalism or food production
  • Go for Internship
  • Get relevant Certification

Final Note

With a career in Agriculture, opportunities are simply endless. You can work as a Farm manager, Farmer, Food Scientist, Engineer, etc. A career in agriculture is a rewarding and fulfilling one that enables you make impact in your world by solving man’s major needs: food, clothing and shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various branches of agriculture?

Livestock production

Crop production

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Engineering

What are the highest paid jobs in Agriculture?

  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural Food Scientist
  • Veterinarian
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Sales Representative


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