How To Find Job Vacancies in Lagos

How To Find Job Vacancies in Lagos _ For the time past people usually got their dream job right out of college and they go on with the job until they are retired from active duty. Those times are no more!
Today, people have to research about finding job vacancies and new job opportunities preferably and not being forced to do it. Are you looking out for the best ways to find job vacancies in Lagos? This article will give you some of the new strategies to keeping your career moving even with the increasing rate of unemployment in Lagos.

Lagos is rated as one of the most populous city in all of the African cities in terms of population and the city is the center where the Nigerian economy is driven. The central business area of Lagos is sited on the island, and the general cost of living in Lagos are generally high. The city’s district has some of the most costly standard of living in Africa. The port of Lagos is tagged among the largest on the continent, and natural resources ( crude oil ) is drastically on the increase to be exported through Lagos. A huge number of exports from the other states of Nigeria come via this port in Lagos, and is further raising the revenue to the city. Moreover, The strength of the financial sector in Lagos is on an increasing end while the tourism is a growing sector in Lagos, as foreigners are drawn by the alluring beaches, and the wealthier districts of the city. On the other hand, this is just but a slow process due to the fact that the reputation of crime and violence which occurs in Lagos still holds.

How Strict is the Job Hunting Process in Lagos?

The rise in the international economy in Lagos has called for an increase in the number of opportunities especially for the professional-natured works and for expatriates who are looking to start their career in Lagos. An increasing number of expatriate communities are coming up throughout the city, and most of the expectations of the expats are concerned with the living conditions and considerably higher than the majority of people who reside in Lagos, it is still possible for outsiders to live a cool lifestyle on the wages they will earn in this city.

Jobs for persons to teach English as a foreign language are not really so common to see in this city, as English is the major language of communication already, but vacancies for English speakers are on the increase, both in the sectors of professional services as well as in the ever rising tourism industry. These job vacancies can be seen via the online outlets and even inside the city at any famous expatriate hangout. Some of the most in-demand vacancies and the skill sets for the present year include:Machine learning,Automation, Data analytics, Mobile application, Virtual reality, Video production, Search engine optimization (SEO) and Product management

How Can I Find Job Vacancies in Lagos?

Now that you’ve made up your mind to embark on the job seeking journey in Lagos, you may be wandering about the first steps you should take. Please always note that prior to filling out application forms and reaching out to job vacancy recruiters, you are expected to devote some time in updating and getting ready several profiles and your application documents to improve your chances and possibilities of securing your next job. To find Job vacancies in Lagos, here are the steps you should follow;

1. First Update your LinkedIn profile

You should know that the era of paper job vacancy posting is no more as most jobs adverts you see on your street walls in Lagos may just be scam recruiters who are probably looking to kidnap new chips. The world have gone digital and LinkedIn is rated among the largest professional network to find Job opportunities in Lagos and across the world, with more than 830 million active users and over 58 million companies listed . Since the company’s foundation in the year 2002, the network has risen to the status of being the essential social media platform and a personal branding resource for persons / professionals in search of jobs. This large online community also provides job vacancies based on the users preference and qualifications, with more than 95 job applications sent in for each second and more than 6 lucky people being hired to assume work positions each minute on the platform.

2. Make your resume up to date

You know you are not the only one looking out for job vacancies in Lagos right? So an excellent resume can give you upper hands. It’s a good idea to make your resume up to date regularly ensuring that you add all the necessary skills you have acquired as that is what your recruiters wants to see. Vital details should be listed clearly and concisely and it should be free of all kind of typographical / grammatical errors. Accurately specify your previous work experience stating your job roles, dates, as well as your responsibilities and then you can delete the irrelevant box & contents.

3. Prepare a cover letter template, get it ready beforehand!

A well-structured cover letter can make your application stand out from other candidates and make sure to verify yourself as a well-rounded individual.

4. Apply For Jobs

Your emails will be alerted should in case any job vacancy that suits your qualification is available. You need to check your spam mail and to refresh your email regularly and up to date.

5. Build Networks

Let your friends (offline and online friends) know of your qualifications as they may be leading you to your recruiter. Always drop your contact address even if the recruiter says there are no more vacancies. Lagos is a big city and no doubt they are countless industries seeking to employ brilliant minds , so explore the opportunities.

Can One Get Work Permits in Lagos?

Yes! The application if you wish to get work permit for the city of Lagos is just but a 3 step process flow which needs the involvement of the applicant’s employer.

  • You will have to get an Expatriate Quota Approval, which the Lagos (Nigerian) company that you will be working under will have to apply for.
  • You have to apply to get an STR or a “subject to regularization” . You are free to apply for this at the Nigerian Embassy in your native country. For this application, you will be expected to have prepared a copy of your employment letter, have a work acceptance letter and also make sure you have your resume.
  • The last step is to submit application for a CERPAC ( it stands for Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card). You are free to apply for this when you are already in Nigeria, this card will be given along with a multiple of other entry visa cards.


Begin your applications into the Job Vacancies in Lagos right away! Lagos is a commercial city and you will definitely secure a job when you make your application outstanding. The rise in the international economy in Lagos has called for a rise in the number of opportunities especially for the professional-natured works and for expatriates who are looking to begin their career in Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find vacancy?

To find job, you are expected to devote some time in updating and getting ready several profiles and your application documents to improve your chances and possibilities of securing your next job.

What industries in Lagos pay weekly?

In the trades (which includes the construction industry, plumbing and electrical), the job is typical for workers who are paid on weekly basis




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