How To Write A Simple Application Letter For A Cleaning Job?

How To Write A Simple Application Letter For A Cleaning Job

 How To Write A Simple Application Letter For A Cleaning Job? — Writing a good, simple application letter is an important step towards securing one of the top menial jobs across the world — a cleaning job. Cleaners are important in most homes, business organizations, schools, hospitals, hotels, and office settings. They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring and maintaining the hygiene of the surrounding they work in.

Are you looking to secure a cleaning job? You need an application letter. Don’t worry, in this article, we bring you a comprehensive guide on how to write a simple application letter for a cleaning job. This guide will help you secure a cleaner job without any hassle. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Who Is A Cleaner?

A cleaner is someone or an individual who maintains the hygiene and cleanliness of an office, home, or public space. He/she is known for hygiene maintenance in and around where they work. They perform duties such as cleaning, sweeping, dusting, etc. Having said that, let’s briefly look at what cleaners do.

What Do Cleaners Do?

The modern world has placed cleaners as vital people in our society. They ensure the maintenance of hygiene and health standards in our society. Cleaners’ responsibilities differ, depending on the place they work at. However, the main duties of cleaners include;

  1. A cleaner is responsible for making a place suitable and convenient for people. Although, their responsibilities depend on the employer’s instructions or business operation.

For instance, a cleaner on the farmland might just be instructed to work on the farming tools.

  1. Perform various cleaning activities including dusting, sweeping, vacuuming the surrounding, etc.
  2. Cleaning and maintaining bathroom appliances
  3. Cleaning picture frames, shelves, furniture, etc.
  4. Empty the trash, etc.

How To Write A Simple Application Letter For A Cleaning Job?

The section below will thoroughly guide you through the distinctive and functional steps involved in writing a simple application letter for a cleaning job. So, without further ado, below are seven (7) ways you can write a simple letter.

1. Precise contact information

This comes first when writing an application letter. Ensure to include your precise contact details in your application letter. The main elements of your contact information including;

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number(s),
  3. Residential address and
  4. Email address.

Also, you should attach the date you sent the letter. You could also add the recipient’s contact information. However, when sending your application letter by email, it’s okay to omit the recipient’s details.

2. Acknowledge the HR manager respectfully

One of the most important steps that should not be omitted in your cleaner application letter is greeting/ acknowledging HR. Omitting this step might lead to the disapproval of your application. It should be in a formal format such as “Dear manager” or Dear (hiring manager’s name).

Note: It’s advisable to include the manager’s name in the salutation format.

3. Describe your reasons for applying for the job

Be selective and conscious of your first paragraph. This carries the attractive and major part of your letter. It should be attention-grabbing and compelling. It should be able to explain that you are applying for a cleaning job within an office or home. The first paragraph should also clearly highlight your main reasons for wanting the one. These reasons could be any of the below;

  1. You are a professional cleaner
  2. You want to transition into home cleaning and maintenance
  3. You could also apply for the job because you desire its flexibility, etc. These reasons are endless and are mostly personal.

4. Include your skills

You can elaborate on your qualifications for the position in the second paragraph. You may be able to use this chance to add important cleaning knowledge and skills. Having relevant skills and knowledge might improve your chances of being hired. However, we recommend that you focus on abilities because qualifications are mostly not necessary for a cleaning position.

5. Describe the worth of the company

You might describe a few of the ideas you agree with in the third paragraph of your simple application letter for a cleaning job. For instance, if the organization prioritizes morality and a positive work environment, you may describe how you will adhere to these principles as well.

You can mention more positive features of the company, such as its work ethic. This can assist you in giving off the aura of an expert and make you seem like the ideal person for the job.

6. Write a call to action (CTA)

The call to action might be introduced after the third paragraph of your letter. This is an immediate directive that suggests to the hiring manager and compels them to do something. The inclusion of a call to action as opposed to something more obvious is an attractive idea. You can use formal expressions in your message like this: “Reach out to me via the email below..”

6. Formal conclusion of the letter

The conclusion of your message is the official end of your cleaner application letter. To end your letter, you can use a variety of expressions, such as “Kind regards, Best regards, Respectfully, Sincerely, etc. This would help your letter appear simple, yet professional. Thus giving you an edge over other applicants for the role of cleaner.

Is It Possible To Get A Cleaning Job With No Experience?

Yes, it is possible, even though it may look quite difficult. There are numerous ways to make your application seems appealing, even with no prior cleaning experience. You should include soft skills, such as self-discipline, patience, self-confidence skills, teamwork, communication skill, etc. Ensure they are well highlighted, especially the ones you have harnessed over the years.

Also, you can include those skills you learned from extracurricular activities. Elaborating on how these skills can help you execute your cleaning job when hired can make you the perfect candidate for the job. You can also discuss transferable skills. You can include something like “in my role as a cleaner, others would learn good habits from me.”

Another thing to highlight when writing an application letter with no experience is your zeal to learn. This shows that even though you are not experienced, you are willing to learn and commit to the job when hired.

Skills To Include In Your Application Letter For A Cleaning Job

When writing a simple application letter for a cleaning job, it is important to highlight relevant skills and expertise in your letter. Below are five(5) skills you should add to your simple application letter for a cleaning job.

1. Communication skill

As a person in that position, your level of communication must be polite and friendly as you will always interact with people. Therefore, in your cleaning job application letter, ensure to include communication skills as one of your skills.

2. Honesty

You may be in charge of both private and personal spaces, so your honest act is highly needed to be highlighted. Ensure to not display any act that would make them doubt you.

3. Independence

This job may require you to finish your responsibilities without an external hand or help. The ability to be independent is among the skills employers look out for.

4. Attention to detail

You have to be quick in identifying the needed places to be cleaned. You should also be able to thoroughly clean your client’s home, office, organization, etc without leaving any form of dirt.

5. Time management

There may be a time frame you would need to be in a particular place to clean the space. People look for workers that will keep to time and utilize their time properly. Punctuality is highly needed and valued in a cleaning job.

Furthermore, describe/highlight how you will use these skills to contribute to enhancing your potential employer’s organization, school, or home as a cleaner.

Sample of A Simple Application Letter For A Cleaning Job

So, are you applying for a cleaning role? Below is a simple cleaner application letter sample to help you get started!

Your Full Address,
(The date of the Application)

State the position of the Recruiter,
Write the name of the company/school/home,

Write the full address of the company/school/home

Dear (Include the name of the Recruiter),

Application Title: Application For The Cleaning Role


It is in my utmost interest to submit my application letter for the cleaning position at your (home/company /school). With my excellent cleaning services alongside my problem-solving abilities, I believe I am the best candidate for the role. I have (insert the number of years) of experience in the cleaning service industry, and I can utilize my wide range of skills to deliver remarkable results when hired for this role.

I am confident that my expertise and hands-on experience in cleaning and homecare services will make me an excellent addition to your company/home/office. The attached materials will provide more details about my skills and qualifications for this role.

Kindly contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. Thank you for reading through this letter and the attached materials.

(Write your full name)
(Add your signature)


There you have it! Above is a comprehensive guide on how to write a simple application letter for a cleaning job. Writing a simple application letter for a cleaning job should be brief and should not be more than a page. Remember to highlight the necessary information as stated above in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a simple job application letter?

A simple job application letter is a piece of information that contains the necessary details of a potential employee which enables the employer to access his/her abilities and efficiency in a particular role of a job. Application letters for a cleaning job must be kept simple and concise. Also, in writing a simple application letter for a cleaning job, it’s necessary to include all the relevant skills.

Are Cleaners in demand?

The cleaning service industry has grown considerably over the years. Cleaners services are needed regularly in offices, homes, schools, organizations, etc.

Can I get a cleaner's job without prior experience?

Yes, you can get a cleaner job without having any previous experience. However, you should have soft skills such as attention to detail, teamwork, patience, etc.



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