How To Overcome Common Obstacles In Your Career Path

overcoming common obstacles in career path

How To Overcome Common Obstacles In Your Career Path- Challenges are a part of life. Infact, sometimes it is through challenges/ obstacles that we discover traits in us  that has been resident in us all along. At the other side of a challenge/ obstacles is a better and improved personality. In this article, you will discover tips on how to overcome common obstacles in your career path.

How To Overcome Common Obstacles In Your Career Path

Common Obstacles In Your Career Path

Below are some common obstacles in your career path:

1. You are not been fulfilled or satisfied on your current job.

Dissatisfaction on the job can be one of the common obstacles in your career path

  • Poor salary
  • Poor working conditions
  • Salaries not being paid promptly
  • Job description uninteresting
  • Lack of passion
  • Poor/ unfriendly working environment
  • Personal problems
How To Overcome

You need to first ask yourself why you have chosen the career path. Why are you on your current job? Is it because of fame, money or passion. Passion is one key factor that gives one satisfaction on the job despite challenges and obstacles. If you are all out for a career because of money or fame, what will happen if the money or fame do not show up? There will be trouble then.

 In choosing a career path, you must follow one that you have passion for. When passion is involved with some wisdom steps, money and fame would soon follow. So if you are not satisfied on your career , you can start looking out for areas of your passion , get some training along that line and start making a living out of it. Remember its never too late to begin again.

But if you are not satisfied because of low pay or poor working conditions, then its time to look for better offers. At times, to get better offer, you may have to get some certification/ additional trainings.

2. Being unprepared for an interview

Unpreparedness for interview can also be among obstacles in your career path. This can happen most especially to people that have been job-hunting for a long time. And possibly , they are overwhelmed already. Such can make you “mess up” in a job interview that eventually shows up. The anxiety of job hunting for a long time  can make you appear at an interview unprepared , wrongly prepared or partially prepared . Eventually , you miss the job.

How To Overcome

Messing up at a job interview does not totally close the door to that offer. You can still make things right and correct the first wrong impression you made of yourself. You can start by sending a “Thank you Note” to the company or interviewer thanking them for inviting you. Then try explain how unprepared you were for the interview. Then ask for a second chance to be interviewed. Ensure you prepare well this time for the interview.

On a general note, it is important that you take time out to prepare for any interview. Don’t just show up. If you feel the interview is worth it, then prepare well for it, but if you feel its not worth it, don’t show up. You should research about common interview questions before setting out.

3. You were not promoted even though qualified or you even got fired

 This can also come up as one of the obstaclwa in your career path.This happens sometimes when your colleagues are not as hard-working as you are, but they get promoted while you are left in your old position. It can really be disappointing. Some people even get fired despite their positive contributions to the company.

How To Overcome

It shouldn’t weigh you down when you are promoted even though you are qualified. Don’t stop giving your best at your workplace. Soon that effort of yours will pay off or be relevant in your next job.

And if you got fired, square your shoulders and move on , it is not the end . Dust up your CV and go for a better job.

4. Your boss is Awful

It can happen that you have a boss that is awful. This can be one of the obstacles in your career path. He/She uses abusive words, is never satisfied, easily irritable, etc. Should that make you quit your job. No and Yes.

How to Overcome

No, you don’t have to quit a job because your boss is awful. Remember , bills are piling up daily . In relating with your boss, be professional and courteous as much as possible. Don’t try to get back at him. Remember, he is your boss.

However, if it degrades to abuse: verbal, physical or sexual abuse, then its time to take action. Don’t fold your hands and look. You can report to the Human rights commission. Better still, quit the job. Better offers are in the future for you.

5. You fumbled in a big presentation

It so happened that you had a presentation which was supposed to be a big deal . You really wanted to impress your boss and every other person. But unfortunately, you blew up the presentation. You forgot some of your lines, your voice and hands were shaking or you even showed up with the wrong slides!

How To Overcome

This happens to people sometimes and it shouldn’t signify the end of your career. First , you need to find out what happened  and why the presentation  went bad. Could it be that you didn’t have enough materials to prepare or you need more classes on public speaking.

Also , you need to approach your boss and apologize for what happened and be ready to accept any corrections he gives. Just do all you can so that your next preparation goes on we’ll.

6. You disagreed with your boss openly

This can really be a bad one for you in your career If you don’t seek to redress the issue instantly. Lets assume , your boss invited you to a conference where there are timbres and calibres of the industry to make a presentation.

Everyone loved your presentation and gave you a lot of applause. As the conference progressed, your boss made a proposal and you strongly objected it. Even though the objections you raised were a bit  sensible, however it is not a sensible act to stand against your boss in the open.

How To Overcome

You must understand that in the professional world, your way is not the only approach . Don’t always want to be aired. Moreso, in the climbing of the corporate ladder, it pays more to be a supportive team player instead of a self-promoter.

As for your boss, you will need to apologize to him. That you realise how foolish you were and that such wont repeat itself again. If you have such kind of suggestions in the future , you should relate it with your boss in a very private setting and let him decide whats next.

7. You covered up a mistake instead of coming out clean

This can come up as one of the obstacles in your career path. People make mistakes at one time or the other. You are not the Ist neither will you be the last to make mistakes. But its bad to sweep such mistakes under the carpet . You must seek to redress such.

How To Overcome

Come out clean, admit your mistakes and learn from it. When you do so, you gain the trust of your boss and other colleagues.

Tips For A Successful Career Path

It is possible to have a successful career. The Ist key to having a successful career is to identify your area of passion and pursue such.  Another key is to develop habits and skills that will make you more effective.

Here are the tips:

Be wise in the choice of your job

People that enjoy what they do (their work) tend to be more successful than those that do not. Also in choosing your job, you must define your priorities right.  Do you desire such a career that helps you make money or one that gives you satisfaction?

Be committed to continuous learning and self-improvement

This is another key to having a successful career path. The more you learn, the higher your potential for growth in your career path.. Find relevant trainings, skills and qualification in your career path and acquire such. Don’t be static. Keep learning both formally and informally .

Be a good team player

Don’t be a lone ranger  or self-promoter at work.. You must learn to be a good team player, working and solving problems with others. This is how to have a successful career path.

Develop some leadership skills

Developing some good leadership skills will help you to be successful at work. Some characteristics of a good leader include courage, humility, integrity, good communication, etc. You must be take good initiatives that would be beneficial to the company. You must learn to work with others and bring out the best in them.


The fact that there are challenges/obstacles in your career path does not mean you should quit. Remember , winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other common obstacles in your career path?

  • Lack of qualification
  • Fear of unknown
  • Financial obligation
  • Changes in industry
  • Self-doubt
  • Inadequate experience
  • Lack of required qualification
  • Self-doubt
  • Changes in industry

How can I improve my career path?

  • You must be continually disposed to learning and self-improvement
  • Get relevant professional qualification
  • Acquire some soft skills relevant to your career path
  • Yyou can do some volunteering work to enhance your career


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