Why Should You Consider A Career In Football

Career in football

Why Should You Consider A Career In Football- The game of football is one of the few games that brings people of different race, color, belief, background and other differences together. Football is a useful , healthy and entertaining game that most male folks (and even some females) enjoy watching . Now, there are two categories of people in a game of football: the participants and the spectators. In this article, we would be diving into why and how you can actively participate in the game of football. I mean we would be looking at why you should consider a career in football and what it takes to begin.

10 Reasons You Should Pick Up A Career In Football

#1 Football is a lucrative career

Individuals with career in football most especially professional footballers earn very well. These people as a result live comfortable lives and can afford to get anything they want for themselves. So if you desire some luxurious kind of living , you may want to consider a career in football.

#2 A career in football will fetch you some powerful life skills

A career in football will not only put some good money in your pocket. It will also fetch some life skills that would be valuable outside the career. Some of the skills include:

  • Team spirit
  • Resilience
  • Communication
  • Dedication & commitment
  • Competitiveness

#3 If its your area of passion , why not?

If a career in football is your area of passion or interest, then you should get right in . Research has shown that if you build a career around your area of passion, you will surely be successful.

#4 You will travel around the world

A career in football will turn you into a global person. It is a career that will make you visit different countries and continents to work. So if you desire some globetrotting, you should pick up  a career in football.

#5 A career in football will make you stay fit

A career in football , most especially as a player  will require a lot of practice , exercise and other routines to develop and build up. This routine helps you stay fit  automatically without extra effort. So if you want to have a healthy lifestyle by default, then you should choose a career in football.

#6 You get paid for what you are passionate about

There is nothing like getting paid, I mean handsomely paid for what you are passionate about. It implies that you can achieve great success without much effort . So if you are really passionate about football, then its time to pick up a career in football.

#7 Opportunity to meet people

A career in football will give you the opportunity to meet people of different background , culture , race, etc.  

#8 You get to work in a team

Learning to work in a team is a skill you will require both in football game and other aspect of life . As a footballer, you will be actively working in a team to achieve success. Every member of the team actively works towards making the team great.

#9 You get a lot of support

If you want a career in football most especially as a footballer, you will get a lot of support to help you realise that dream. There are academies that you can enroll and get trained to be a professional footballer.

#10 It is a field with many career opportunities

A career in football does not only mean you will have to go to the field to play football. There are other good career paths in footballer apart from being a footballer. Some of these include Sportswriter, Referee, Broadcaster, etc.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain in great detail the various career opportunities in football.

Career Opportunities In Football

Professional Footballer

This is the most common career in football . Professional footballers are well –paid and have the opportunity to travel round the globe.


A sportswriter is a journalist who reports sporting event. He/She will have to first watch the event and thereafter give a report. They also carry out research  and write articles on different athletes, teams, etc.


As a sportscoach, you will be training and helping  athletes develop their skills. You will also be teaching your students game rules.

Sport centre manager

A sport centre manager is usually in charge of a sporting facility e.g Gym, field, stadium, etc. He/she also supervise other staff working at the sport facility.


Referees are usually part of the sport game. A referee is like the game coordinator, he signals the start and end of a game. He takes the final decision and ensures the rules of the game are followed.

Other career in football include Concessions manager, Sports anchor, Athletic trainer, Physical therapist, Talent scout, Team manager , Human resources, Specialist, Dietitian.

How To Start A Career In Football

1. Have a passion for it

There is nothing like getting paid for what you love doing. Moreso, getting a career along your area of passion makes it easier to succeed and rise high in that career . So whether you will be working as a footballer, coach , sportswriter , you must first develop a heart for the game of football.

2. Join a football team

If your area of interest in football career is to become a professional footballer , you should start by joining a football team . There are lots of benefits , some of which include regular practices , access to a football coach , opportunity to play with and against skilled players. In fact, joining a football team will increase your chances of getting spotted by a talent scout.

3. Get a football coach

No man is an island , learning and acquiring knowledge all by himself. If you are going to soar high and be a professional footballer , you need a coach to guide you through. These coaches will turn that skill of yours into what will be valued by professional football teams anywhere in the world. When you join a football team or football academy, you can have access to a coach.

4. Keep fit by eating healthy and regular exercise

As you look forward to having a great career in football , you must start cultivating a healthy lifestyle. To be professional footballer, you must be fit / sound in soul and body . Start eating healthy foods and exercise your body regularly. Some of the exercises you could do include swimming, running, weight lifting , etc.

5. Start preparing to catch the attention of a football scout

After sharpening your skills by joining a football team  and working alongside your coach, you need to start getting to advance yourself. You need to get  discovered by a talent scout. You can start by putting up a portfolio / resume that contains your skills, achievements and other details about yourself. You can also ask your coach to  write a personal recommendation for you.

4 Top Skills You Need To Have  A Great Career In Football

Skill 1: Technique

This is a very vital skill in the game of football.  Examples of such include good ball control, dribbling skills, passing skills and body control.

Skill 2: Game intelligence

This is measured by the ability of a player to take smart decisions on the pitch in a short space of time. Game intelligence comprises spatial awareness, tactical knowledge and risk assessment.

Skill 3: Physical Fitness

This is also vital in having a great career in football. Football usually last for 90-95 minutes  and usually involve a lot of energy, running, etc. Therefore, you must be physically fit to be a professional footballer. Physical fitness comprises endurance, balance and coordination and speed, strength and power.

Skill 4: Right mindset

For you to succeed in the football career, you must have the right mindset. You must be mentally and emotionally balanced. You must be able to work well under pressure. You must believe that if others succeed in the career, you too can.

Other skills include self-motivation, team spirit, passion, etc.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are actively involved in football as a professional player , a coach or referee, football is one career you will find rewarding. Having a career in football would also open international doors to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of playing the game of football?

  • It increases your stamina
  • It improves coordination
  • Football improves your cardiovascular health
  • It reduces body fat

What are some of the lessons you learn from the game of football?

  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Commitment
  • Hardwork


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