10 Ways To Develop Good Leadership Skills

10 Ways To Develop Good Leadership Skills – There are thousands of reasons why good leadership skills are important. They make sure an establishment can achieve its goals, and also assist individuals reach their full potential both in their professional career and in their personal life.
Without a good leadership quality, it can be hard to get everyone working to achieve the same objectives. Having good leadership skills makes you able to keep your team motivated and it goes a long way to help them overcome challenges.

Why Is Developing Leadership Skills Necessary?

Developing leadership skills is rated among the most powerful moves to make if you are seeking to transform your life. Leadership skills are not only applicable just for your career but they can help to improve your personal relationships.

Ways To Develop Good Leadership Skills

Below are some of the proven ways to develop good leadership skills and how you can apply it in your dealings;

1. Start By Improving Your Communication Skills

Good leaders are expected to posses higher than average communication skills so they can be able to better convey directives or to provide inspiration for the team in their work. A good leader is expected to learn how and when to make use of the words he or she is communicating that will grab the audience’s attention. Good communication is enough for your audience to understand and heed what was being conveyed. This skill should be applied in both oral and written communication, so it is very necessary that you as a leader is fluent in both.

2. To Develop Good Leadership Skills You Should Practice Discipline

Making yourself a role model for your workers, it is crucial for you as a leader to show discipline. Being able to demonstrate this attribute gets your team members to abide by your instructions, which can go a long way to bring a greater work efficiency. Discipline makes it less stressful for your team members to comply with your directives or instructions, as they deduce that you does indeed ‘walk the talk.’

3. Try Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is a normal thing in any organization. As such, if you are a good leader it is not expected to stop conflicts from happening in the first place. But with good leadership skills you should be able to resolve such conflicts in a win-win manner and ensure that conflicts do not come up as often as possible. One reliable way to resolve conflicts is to talk to the parties that are conflicting and then you act as a facilitator who will sort out and settle any misunderstandings between the parties.

4. Assume More Responsibilities

Even though it is unusual for a leader to do a lot of work since leaders are required to delegate tasks to the team, it is still very necessary for a leader to be able to assume an extra duty/ responsibilities if necessary as this a good way to display initiative and help out your team if they are lagging behind, thus taking on more responsibility. These kind of acts helps to demonstrate and develop the trait of having the willingness to go above and beyond your job requirement in order to help the team fix problems.

5. To Develop Good Leadership Skills, You Should Also Be a Follower

The popular say that a good leader needs to be a good follower is an ideology that has been around right from the ancient days and is a very usually philosophy among different religions. It is necessary for leaders to always have an open mind towards the new ideas being brought by the followers and he should not feel threatened whenever a follower disagrees with their ideas. There should always be an open exchange of ideas and they should be mutual understanding for every a person’s views. This will go a long way in building respect within the team and towards the leaders and this will also build a positive working environment.

6. You Should Develop Awareness and Foresight

With the different things happening around our external environment, It is not hard for one to be unaware, of the new developments at first. But when you are a good leader , you should keep your audience abreast of everything that is going on with your team or the organization but also dedicate enough time to always to catch up on any developments that your worker may have missed the initial time they occurred.

In keeping themselves up to date with the latest developments, leaders can go ahead searching out for possible patterns and trends that can assist them in their decision-making process and to make sure that the team and the establishment are ahead of the margin. This also creates an avenue for them to anticipate possible issues and to settle them amicably before they start.

7. You Develop Leadership Skills By Inspiring Others

Through your words and actions, you should always strive to inspire the team to do their best no matter the circumstances. A leader dedicated to a job regardless of what it is and the circumstances at hand can emit enough reflection to motivate others to keep pushing. Just a simple encouraging statement given to a team member who needs one can make a huge difference in increasing his morale to work.

8. To Develop Leadership Skills, You Should be Ready to Continue Learning

Knowledge is a very crucial asset for a leader and in order to be a good leader, to achieve this, you need to continuously learn new things considering the roles and responsibilities. There are a couple of leadership training programs or seminars that you can enroll into if you are seriously looking to grow professionally as a leader in any establishment.

9. Empower Your Team

It is necessary for a leader to acknowledge the strengths of the team and make them aware of their worth as a way of acknowledging them. Acknowledgments like these gives them the strength to do better and the strength to be more productive as a perfect way of letting their followers know that they are not letting them down. A leader can also provide inspiration to her team by delegating some of the tasks to certain team members. For the team members that are concerned, the delegation of a certain task means that you have trust in one’s character and expertise in making sure the work is done duly, which in turn assist in their professional development. It is necessary for a leader to assist his team members in their professional development and ensure that they feel like their contributors are important to the team’s and the organization’s growth.

10. To Develop Good Leadership Skills, Listen Attentively

In the same vein as a good follower, a good leader is also expected to be keen to listening to the suggestions, ideas, and feedback gotten from other people that can assist in improving the processes, the team, or the organization at large and not only act but also enhance upon them. Leaders stand to gain benefits from their active listening where he or she is required to pay full attention to the speaker and he can also acknowledge the message that is passed across.

The Difference Between Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership skills are targeted at inspiring and motivating others to meet a common goal. This implies setting a clear vision, communicating it and then recruiting people to work towards it. Management skills are focused on planning, organizing and then coordinating resources. Excellent management skills are important to meet the organization’s goals efficiently and effectively.Both leadership and management skills are important for any organization to move well. You just need to understand the differences between them to maximise your impact as a leader.


Developing leadership skills is one of the most powerful moves to make if you are seeking to transform your life. Leadership skills are not only applicable just for your career but they can help to boost your personal relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should students develop leadership skills?

It’s crucial for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of maintaining cordial relationships within teams, defining identities, and achieving tasks effectively

How can leadership skills be improved?

One of the best ways to improve your leadership skills is to enroll into online courses that can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective leader


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