Who Is An Admin And What Do They Do?

Who Is An Admin And What Do They Do

Who Is An Admin And What Do They Do? — With the numerous advancement in the world today, the demand for admins continues to surge. Most successful and well-organized groups/ businesses are managed by professional Admins. The services of administrators are employed in different organizations, companies, and offices to help create, organize, and maintain productivity in a workplace.

Admins play an essential role in ensuring the success of any business venture. They are often among the key employers that handle tons of vital roles and keep businesses operational. Here’s a detailed article on ” who is an admin and what do they do?”

Who Is An Admin?

An Administration manager also called an admin is anyone responsible for the administrative functions of an organization, business, etc. Admin manager is required to perform several tasks that aligns with their role. Such duties include creating schedules, managing staff members, receiving and directing visitors, etc. They are also required to work alongside several other managers, employees, and colleagues on a project.

An Admin can also be seen as an individual charged with the responsibility of managing an organization, business, or company and ensuring it is operational. They ensure that work operations are carried out effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the term “Admin” is used to describe a person hired to oversee a company’s operations.

Furthermore, admins help organizations by designing business plans that are aimed at specific goals and objectives. These objectives are aimed at accelerating the business to a greater height. Some admin managers engage and work full-time, while others prefer to work part-time.

Admin managers play crucial roles in the companies they work for. They perform numerous essential responsibilities and some of them are highlighted below:

Responsibilities of an Admin Manager

Admin managers have several responsibilities depending on the organization they work for. However, in this section, we have highlighted the major responsibilities of an admin manager. Read on.

  1. The main duties of an admin manager include receiving calls, returning calls, welcoming clients, sending emails, assigning work to colleagues, etc.
  1. Admin managers partake in community-building activities and are usually in charge of organizing team-building exercises and other gatherings, like an office end-of-year Christmas party.
  1. Admin managers are frequently called into meetings to analyze the operations of the business.
  1. They create, evaluate, and also improve the administrative guidelines, systems, activities, etc.
  1. They are also charged with the responsibility of controlling how the administrative department and its team members perform their daily duties.
  1. They ensure that the workplace is well-equipped with the necessary tools and supplies. And ensure that all the equipment is operational and well-maintained.
  1. Admin managers are also responsible for creating budgets, processing payroll, maintaining the company’s expenditures, and other administrative tasks. To execute their tasks, they collaborate with the accounting and managerial teams.
  1. They coordinate and assign other office tasks (event planning, recycling, renovations, etc.)
  1. To support and improve budget development, they keep track of the organization’s expenditures and expenses.
  1. They are also responsible for supervising maintenance work, overseeing tradespeople, and facility services (e.g electricians).
  1. Ensure that all operations performed align with all the applicable laws and rules.
  1. They also oversee unique projects and monitor the progress of the organization’s objectives.
  1. Admin officers are frequently required to enhance and extend their abilities by utilizing all educational possibilities.
  1. Admin officers plan, coordinate, and manage the administrative systems and procedures. They also decide on methods of ensuring the success of the processes.
  2. They regularly assess the performance of the staff members and offer guidance when necessary. The coaching is meant to ensure proper efficiency
  1. They also recruit and train staff members. The admins also offer the new members office space and allocate their duties.
  1. They ensure the adequate and effective flow of information to other departments within the organization
  1. Admins are responsible for managing schedules and deadlines
  1. They also assist in budget drafting by monitoring the expenses incurred in an organization.
  1. Acknowledge all the new changes and development happening in the organization.
  1. Admins also collaborate with other administrators such as administrative assistants. This is to aid with deliveries and administrative demands.

Having looked at who an admin manager is and what they do, it is necessary to also be enlightened about the skills you need to possess to be an admin manager. Read on.

Skills You Need To Become An Admin Manager

To become an admin Manager, one is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, however, there are few individuals available who merely have a high school diploma or GED. But to be an excellent admin manager, you ought to have the skills and qualifications listed below.

1. Human ability

This implies that the admins should have the capacity to partake in groups productively and encourage teamwork among the members of the group they supervise. The main focus of human skill in this context is interpersonal interaction. This includes the way an individual acknowledges his superiors, peers, and subordinates, as well as how he acts in response, which are examples of this skill.

An individual with highly developed human skills is conscious of his presumptions, attitudes, and ideologies about other people and groups; he can easily recognize the value and boundaries of these emotions. He usually acknowledges and values what other people mean when they speak. This is because he accepts the presence of other perceptions, opinions, and beliefs that differs from his own.

2. Technical skill

The skill implies having both theoretical and practical knowledge of a certain type of activity, specifically activities that involve processes, methods, procedures, or techniques. The technical proficiency of a professional can easily be pictured when they are engaged in their activities. Therefore, technical skills in this context imply expertise in the administrative field and the ability to perform in-depth analysis within that field. It also involves expertise in the use of instruments and methods used in administration.

3. Conceptual ability

Conceptual ability here means to view the relationship between a given company, its community, and the social, political, and economic factors affecting the entire country. As a potential administrator, you must understand these relationships, identify the key components in every situation, and be able to act in a way that enhances the general welfare of the organization.

4. A potential administrative manager should be able to evaluate duties according to deadlines, work with a work list, and perform well under pressure.

5. Multitasking — People in this position must stay on top of every crucial activity of the business, therefore multitasking is also important.

  1. Memory retention – Admins ought to possess unmatched memory retention skills and organizational expertise to swiftly manage different streams for various stakeholders.
  1. Administrative managers should also be skilled communicators and leaders
  1. They should have sufficient cognitive skills that are required to perform their job.
  1. They should also have sufficient interpersonal skills required to effectively lead a group of people and encourage cooperation among the team he handles

In summary, Administrative managers should also have the following abilities:

  • Time management skills
  • Organization skills
  • Computer literacy skills
  • They should resourceful
  • Strategic planning skills.
  • Decision-making skills
  • Prove being experienced as an admin manager
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • BS.c or BA in business administration or any other related field
  • Leadership skills
  • They should have in-depth knowledge of office management processes and legal policies.
  • Sufficient multitasking and organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills, etc.

Above are some of the main skills and requirements needed to become an effective administrative manager. Having these skills will help you stay organized and perform your role effectively. It would also enable one to easily manage the company’s operations and easily adapt to the demanding structure that is attached to the role of an administrative manager.


An Admin is a professional that ensures the effective flow of the administration system of an organization. The above article gives you a comprehensive view of who is an admin officer and what they do. Therefore, if you want to be a professional admin manager, you should check out the skills and requirements mentioned in this article — that will place you on the right track toward becoming one of the most valuable members of the business sector. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does an administrative manager work with?

An admin manager is required to work alongside several administrators and team members. However, they usually work with administrative assistants to help them tackle administrative requests and miscellaneous tasks.

What makes a good admin manager?

A good and efficient admin is organized and can manage their tasks effectively. They also adhere to deadlines and have amazing memory retention abilities.

What does an Administrative manager do?

An Administrative manager is charged with the responsibility of organizing tasks, creating schedules, and managing payroll and personnel databases. They are also responsible for setting policies and procedures to ensure that the staff members are well-trained to carry out their respective duties.






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