Why You Should Become A Marketing Executive

Why You Should Become A Marketing Executive

Why You Should Become A Marketing Executive — Marketing executives are professionals who are involved in developing and managing the implementation of several marketing strategies for brands, businesses, organizations, etc. As a marketing executive, you get to work on several initiatives that require you to explore your creativity and harness your analytical talents. Through various marketing efforts, marketing executives are focused on helping clients maximize their profits while promoting their goods and services.

So, are you interested in becoming a marketing executive? Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss who a marketing executive is. We would also discuss the reasons why you should become a marketing executive, the benefits associated with becoming a marketing executive, and many more. Read on.

Who Is A Marketing Executive?

A marketing executive is anyone charged with the responsibility of creating marketing/ promotional campaigns meant for creating awareness for a service, product, event, or campaign. Marketing Executives are also called marketing officers, marketing administrators, and marketing managers.

Meanwhile, the roles of marketing executives vary depending on the organization they work for. However, the main responsibilities of marketing executives include; Promoting and increasing awareness of products/services, planning, organizing, and implementing campaigns, organizing sponsorships and other events, advertising, research, etc.

Good marketing executives are expected to have in-depth knowledge of media costs, product lines, media coverage, past and potential markets, etc for the brand or organization they work for. They are also required to be conversant with different marketing channels, including phone calls, television, radio, newspapers, postal campaigns, promotional events, etc.

Reasons Why You Should Become A Marketing Executive

The marketing field is a lucrative industry. A lot of brands, companies, and organizations require the services of marketing experts to help in the creation of awareness for their products and services. In this section, we will bring some of the main reasons why you should become a marketing executive;

1. The opportunity to harness your creativity

Being a marketing executive allows you to express and develop your creative talents. It is a creative field as you are regularly required to develop unique and sure-proof campaign strategies for your clients. Moreover, successful marketers are those who have harnessed their artistic abilities in different fields.

2. Leadership role

A marketing expert is allowed to work in varying roles. Most of the roles opened to marketing executives are mostly leadership roles. Therefore becoming a marketing expert allows you to take on top leadership roles for successful companies.

3. You get to work in different sectors

Marketing executives can work in different sectors. As a professional marketing personnel, you can work in diverse industries.

4. Choice making

Marketing executives are usually in charge of making decisions and ensuring the success of projects. He/she is given the responsibility of choosing strategies and selecting team members for a specific project. The team members will perform various job roles under their direction.

5. You get to build meaningful connections

Marketing executives are required to engage with numerous people when executing their duties. As a marketing e, you get to build life-long relationships, connect with colleagues at work, and partake with professionals as a team.

6. You can work part-time or even from home

As a marketing professional, you can work part-time or remotely. You can apply for remote jobs, short-term contracts, etc.

7. Travelling privileges

Marketing executives have the opportunity to travel to different places. However, this depends mainly on the region in which the organization is located or operating. For example, the marketing personnel must travel, inspect, and prepare the budget for the company’s building in a new location.

8. High pay and consistency

Marketing executives are one of the top well-paid employees in different companies. Aside from their fixed salary, marketing executives are regularly rewarded for their hard work and efforts using incentives, bonuses, commissions, profits, and more.

9. Opportunity to gain valuable exposure

Another reason why you should become marketing personnel is that you get the opportunity of gaining valuable exposure within/outside the organization. You experience first-hand how to market and promote companies’ products and services.

10. Flexibility

The marketing niche offers you flexibility. You can develop your talents and discover several fields that align with your interests. Also, when getting a marketing education, you get the opportunity of exploring several levels of marketing-related topics, thus making it possible for a marketing executive to easily adapt to other positions. For instance, a marketing executive that hands online advertising and promotion can easily adapt as a hard account executive.

Above are the top reasons why you should become a marketing executive.

How To Become A Marketing Executive

To become a marketing executive, you need the following;

  1. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics, or any discipline/field related to marketing
  1. You need to have prior work experience in advertising or marketing. This is because marketing executive is a high role.
  1. Having a master’s degree is another added advantage
  1. To be a successful marketing executive, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the different strategies used for promoting companies’ products and services.
  1. In some companies, you might be required to start as a digital purchasing agent or sales representative of advertising before getting promoted into marketing e positions.
  1. You should know the current trends and development in the field.

Duties Of A Marketing Executive

Depending on the company or organization, the duties of marketing experts vary. However, below are some of their main duties;

  1. Marketing executives are required to develop and implement sure-proof marketing strategies
  2. Conducting research and data analysis to analyze the target population
  3. Writing and editing copies
  4. Social media management
  5. Creation of multimedia content
  6. Discover patterns and trends used to improve engagement, sales, etc.
  7. SEO research
  8. Article writing
  9. Work alongside the internal design team to design effective marketing strategy graphics that align with the customers/business objectives
  10. Design tasks and objectives for marketing plans. These marketing plans are then distributed to the team.
  11. Create unique marketing strategies for different goods and services
  12. Marketing executives also discover the best ways to relate with customers and create profitable relationships
  13. They conduct market research to discover the target audience and discover the right way to reach them and build lasting relationships.
  14. Marketing executives perform different marketing activities such as internet marketing, social media marketing, radio advertising, print advertising, content marketing, etc.
  15. Participate in the negotiation of advertising contracts for their clients
  16. Analyse and test marketing data to ascertain how a marketing campaign will work.
  17. Ensure that all the marketing materials are reaching the desired demographic area or location.
  18. Have effective interpersonal interactions about the community or services of their clients
  19. Marketing executives are also required to increase the effectiveness/efficiency of their marketing campaigns. This is to increase sales, develop, and promote a brand, company, organization, etc.
  20. Create content and copy for advertising materials
  21. Create beneficial pricing plans
  22. Develop and manage positive customer relationships
  23. Attending several marketing seminars and conferences
  24. Prepare marketing budgets
  25. Run campaigns on different social media platforms
  26. Design and manage ad layouts
  27. Identify potential audience and assess it extensively
  28. Collect and organize market research data. Then analyze them.
  29. Provide their clients with different status reports with statistics regarding the current marketing projects.

Skills And Characteristics Of A Marketing Executive

To become a successful marketing professional, you need to possess a variety of skills. Some of the most important skills essential for an effective career in marketing include the ones listed below:

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Communication skills
  3. Customer skills
  4. Copywriting skills
  5. Creativity skills
  6. Analytical skills
  7. Technology skills.

Requirements To Become a Marketing Executive

To become a marketing expert, you need to meet the following requirements;

  1. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or any other related field
  2. Have verifiable experience in copywriting
  3. Prior experience in Marketing, sales, advertising, brand management, etc.
  4. Content development skills
  5. Basic knowledge of website design is also an added advantage
  6. Advertising and digital marketing skills
  7. You should also have written and oral communication skills
  8. Applicants should also know current trends in the market
  9. Extensive knowledge of how to craft spreadsheets and other data collection
  10. Experience with presentation methods
  11. Certification of being professional Certified Marketers
  12. Membership in the American Marketing Association


Becoming a Marketing Executive is one of the best decisions you could make for your career, especially if you are already into marketing, advertising, brand management, administration, etc. The role offers you a wide range of career growth opportunities, networking, and personal acceleration.

This article has provided you with some basic reasons why you should become a marketing executive. Read through the article and begin your journey to becoming a sought-after marketing executive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a marketing executive career lucrative?

Yes, a marketing executive career is quite lucrative.

Is a marketing executive a good position?

Yes, a marketing executive role is a good position. It will allow you to harness your creativity and reach the peak of your career

Do I need a degree to become a marketing executive?

Yes, you need a degree in Marketing, advertising, public administration, and any other related field to become a marketing executive.







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