Why Parents Should Not Decide Their Child’s Career

Why Parents Should Not Decide Their Child's Career

Why Parents Should Not Decide Their Child’s Career – Some parents are always protective because they don’t want the coming generations to go through what they’ve been through. It is normal for parents wanting the best for their children; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. They want the best clothes, environment, facilities, and nutritional food; the major thing among all is the best education for their children.

It is more difficult when choosing what is best for their children’s careers. It is very complex for parents to decide on their children’s education path, especially when they graduate from school, because, at this age, most children have not achieved their dream careers.

That is why a lot of students find it difficult to provide any satisfactory answer when they are asked about their choice of course in college. Most college students will provide answers because they follow the wish of their parents to study the course.
This article discusses why parents should not choose their own child’s career. Sit back and explore now!!!

Why Parents Should Not Decide Their Child’s Career

1. Pressure on children

Making decisions about a choice of course takes time in order not to make a mistake. That is why parents should allow children to make a choice of their career and focus on self-development. They should not be pressurize to stand by their wish.

2. Hinders the creative skill of children

Children must choose their careers based on their skills, capacity, aptitude, and passion. Many parents do not pay attention to these important attributes and influence their children into choosing careers for their children based on their academic performance.

3. Lack of exposure

Parents are always eager to see their children settle down in well-paid and economically viable careers. This tends to lead to decisions that can be difficult, where parents get advice from fellow parents and pressurize their children to follow the same path.

4. Hampers potential

Lots of parents had the dream of their child being an engineer or a doctor even before he or she is born. The child’s choice or other paths to achieve success are ignored. Thereby, they force the child to live up to their expectations, and this takes a toll on the child’s mental health. Frustrated with the pressure to excel in a field in which the child had no interest hinders the true potential of the child.

5. Many options

Children should be allowed to decide on a career about which they feel happy and passionate. But the reverse is the case, a lot of parents will put pressure on their children to choose a particular career because they see it as a lucrative one.

6. Not their career

Parents should remember that it is not their career but their children’s. A child should be allowed to choose according to his or her dream, skills, and passion. Parents can help them but not decide or force them to pursue a specific career. Before picking a career, the children should be mature enough to decide on the choice of their career.

7. Harsh Truth

Parents assist their kids by guiding them to pick their dream careers. No parents would allow their child to make the wrong decision because parents have seen the harsh truth of life, so they will influence their child to choose the best career.

8. Ignoring individual differences

Comparing children to one another is common among a lot of parents. At times, parents compare their child’s career goals to his another person’s professional aspirations and wish he can follow the same career path as his peer. Parents need to understand that what works out for one child may not work for the other.

9. Experience

Parents are more experienced than their children and they won’t want their children to make the same mistakes they did. So, they will rather influence their children to follow market trends rather than focus on their child’s aptitude or skills.

10. Protective nature

Parents may be overprotective of their children. Thereby, making wrong career decisions. They think that they can make the best career decision for their children whereas they should only assist their children to make the right choice.
Experience counts

Parents are more experienced than their children. They worked hard and dedicated their lives to their children. Lots of teenagers take their advice on almost everything from their parents. So when it comes to deciding on the choice of career, getting advice from them is good. They don’t want their child to repeat mistakes they may have made.

11. Restrict the child from knowing more careers

Many parents decide on career choices for their child and the important academic training necessary even before their child reaches the age of 12. This hinders the child’s exposure to varieties of jobs and careers. Many children do not have time to explore great career options due to a lack of awareness.

12. Informed choice

Children have the right to decide on their careers but the real-world experiences of parents can’t be trash. It is normal for a child to know his choice, passion, and dreams better than anyone, as well as his parents. But children do not have much ability to make the best choice. Parents have more experience than their children and know their children well, so they can assist them in making the correct choices.

13. Desire Of Parents

Parents often do their best to give the best nurturing to their children. They experience a lot of difficulties and train their kids so they can live healthy and happier lives. Every parent wants to see their child living the bat life, but while doing this, they ignore what their child wants.

14. Choosing difficult courses

Parents often ask to pressurize children to enroll in college courses based on the popularity of the school or its location. These factors affect the course of study that may benefit the child.

15. Not tyrants

From parents’ years of experience, they can see what is good for their children. Parents can see through different ruses and the darkness behind luster which young minds may not see. No parent will want the same things to happen to their children, not tyrants whipping their course of action. They try to make their life journey smooth, and hassle-free. So, children should keep faith in their parents’ cognizance, and see them as their friends, and guides.

16. Opportunity to answer their wish

Lots of parents, while choosing a career for their children, see them as a way to make their dream come through. Therefore, they want to achieve their dreams through their children and impact their unfulfilled goals and ambitions on them.


It is good for parents and children to decide together on the career they would pursue. Parents should assist their children and tell the possibilities of their careers. The children can obtain information about their interests while the parents can assist them to make the dream come true.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Why should parents decide their child's future?

Every parent wants to see their children well settled in their life. Thus, they have the right to choose a better career for their kids. Reduces the pressure on children. Thinking of making a suitable career takes on a serious note mostly during the application times.

Why parents should not choose their child's career?

  • Passion- If children choose a career according to their parent’s wishes, they will have a boring academic life as they would face a lack of interest.
  • Feel Pressure- If a child follows a career path chosen by her parents and which is not of interest, they will have to face many challenges and pressure.

Should parents decide the career for the child?

 Parents should never decide their children’s career. But what they can do is influence their children so that they can take such life changing decisions.

What are the disadvantages of parents choosing career for their children?

The child’s choice or other paths to success are ignored. Then, the constant pressure to live up to the parents’ expectations takes a toll on the child’s mental health. Burdened with the pressure to excel in a field in which one may have no interest hampers the true potential of the child.

What are the role of parents in their child's career choices?

Support your child’s decisions. Give your children freedom and time to discover their skills. Provide motivation to develop and achieve. Provide encouragement to pursue interests and ambitions.


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