How to Start Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

How to Start Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria – The reality remains that many Nigerians always find it difficult to successfully create a Clickbank account. If you are in that category, then this content is for you. It could be frustrating to see others make millions of dollars with Clickbank and you don’t know how to join. You’ll feel forgotten , especially if you’ve attempted to open it several times. While some even tried to open a verified Clickbank account, it was got banned in the long run; even with the money they have made in it. Some made lost thousands of dollars in course of this.

Though it is somehow impossible, the main thing is that you can open a ClickBank affiliate marketing account as a Nigerian and you can maintain it in sound state for as long as you can. However, there are few things you have to bear in mind Thus, the aim of this article is to serve as a guide on the nitty-gritty on how to create a verified ClickBank account in Nigeria that will not get banned. This content will guide you the rules, so you can know how to keep to them.

What is Clickbank?

So many a Nigerian citizens often ask, “What ClickBank is all about”? And why they need to open an account? Here is the answer, Clickbank is a California-based establishment that matches product owners with the affiliate marketers. The first group of individuals are those who want to make more sales in their venture. They are known as vendors or clients.

These are more than 6 million brands, entrepreneurs, firms, as well as companies who want their products to get to more buyers. While the the other group of users are those who can gear traffic and make end-consumers purchase the products and services.
They are known as affiliates who are given commissions for their services. There are over one hundred thousand affiliates (100) on ClickBank at the moment. That is to say, Clickbank is mostly an affiliate market network . Established in the year 1998, ClickBank now base in more than 200 countries, and the platform has driven affiliate marketing transactions that are worth more than $4 billion.

How Long Does it take to Open a Clickbank Account in Nigeria?

Opening a Clickbank account is very quick and easy. The step, not including the account approval, will not take up to five (5) minutes. However, the account approval will likely take time, depending on the volume of unapproved accounts.

How to Start Clickbank Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

1. Get a Functional VPN

When you have decided to sign-up , you need to check on the sign-up button , and this will land on the page where Clickbank will ask you to input certain details to go on with further registrations.
Please, bear in mind that your VPN is expected to be switched on throughout the signing-up phase. The first data you will fill in is your country. Mostly the default country on the drop menu is the United States. But you can go for the United States, even though it is better to pick other countries. The reason is clear, the United States system is so much particular when it comes to payment of tax. So if you happen to fill in the United States when signing up, the Clickbank system will need you to give them your tax record and even your security number before they can be able to approve your account. These credentials can be so hard to come by if you are not Living in the United States.

That is why it is advisedly that you to choose other places. On this note, you can go for Germany or any other country that has too much tag on tax compliance. The VPN address must be the same with the location you chose.

2. Choose a Name

After selecting your country, go ahead to input your name; both the first and last. This is what will appear in your Clickbank. At this point, it’s vital to note that you don’t necessarily need to put in foreign names, your Nigerian names are perfect.

3. Pick a Phone Number

The next step in the first application form is to input your phone number. Since you have selected Germany earlier on, you will not be able to register with a Nigerian phone number. Thus, you have to make use of a German phone number or the phone number for any of the country you have Picked. You might reason, “how you can manage to get a German phone number while residing n Nigeria?” It’s simple. Some mobile applications will help you with foreign phone numbers. However, most of these platforms always ask for premium subscriptions you can be able to use them.
On this context, we will recommend an application that is by far the easiest to operate and which does not need a premium subscription. Visit your Play Store and download an app known as “Receive SMS: Free Phone Number.” You will get foreign phone numbers there.
Registration of your phone numbers is very crucial because Clickbank is going to be sending the confirmation code to the phone number. Without getting the confirmation code, you cannot get your account registered.

4. Input functional Email

The last step in the first round, is the email address and password verification. Provide your email address accordingly. Make sure you are not using your work Gmail especially if the email Nigerian-affiliated. A simple Gmail is okay. When it comes to the password, you have to craft a strong one. If not, Clickbank won’t grant you access to proceed with your registration. While doing that, note that you have to intersect upper case, lower case, numbers, together with special characters while setting the password. An example of a good password is “Benson55%*#@”.

5. Completion of Application Profile

After you have signed up, Click Bank will give you a confirmation mail and you will get this in your email. This will need a confirmation from you, after which you may select to finish your profile or do it some other time. Set in your first and last names in right order. Then put your Gmail address.

The next stage is to choose your country of residence or your country origin. At this level, make sure that your country is same with the one on your VPN. Again, don’t select the United States. Choose some other countries that are not too particular with taxes. Clickbank will ask you to provide your phone number again. Input the same numbers you used in signing up and continue. The next prompt Clickbank will ask you include your street address, province, city, as well as your zip code. You can get information about these details by making simple searches concerning your chosen country, on Google.
Having completed the form with the above details, you’re getting closer to getting an approved Clickbank account. But, you still need to put in your payment method and then optimize your performance. Input your name in the “How Would You Like To Be Paid” box. Then, provide some details about why you’re on Clickbank and give the range of your company’s revenue. Then save the process That’s it.


Starting Clickbank affiliate marketing in Nigeria is a very quick and easy. The step, not including the account approval, will not take up to five (5) minutes. However, the account approval will likely take time, depending on the volume of unapproved accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is ClickBank registration fee?

If you plan to register as a ClickBank vendor, you are expected to pay a one-time activation fee of up to $49.95

What platform is best for affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

Jumia Affiliate Program.

Konga Affiliate Program.

Web4Africa Affiliate Program.

Wakanow Affiliate Program.

WhoGoHost Affiliate Program.

Travelstart Affiliate Program.

Grammarly Affiliate Program.

How to make money with ClickBank?

One of the excellent ways to make money with Clickbank is to begin as an affiliate, promoting pages that have already been optimized this is to build your sales funnels

Is ClickBank affiliate marketing free?

It’s completely free to join as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank

Is ClickBank good for beginners?

It is easy for first-time ClickBank affiliate marketers to get started. Because they don’t need to be approved for the wide variety of affiliate products on ClickBank, they can start selling straight away


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