How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

How To Get A Job At Chevron
How To Get A Job At Chevron

How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: Amazon affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. With this type of marketing, you don’t need a large following as you are not using social media to market your product, instead, it all takes place on the Amazon website.

Amazon is a massive website and can be hard to navigate. As an Amazon affiliate marketer, you should be familiar with how the website works, as it will help you promote your products in the best way possible.

If you are looking to make money from Amazon, here are some of the things you should know before starting your new affiliate marketing career on Amazon.

How to Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Here are the steps to getting started with Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria:

1. Register with Amazon Associates:

This is important to get Amazon affiliate marketing in Nigeria started. It is free to sign up, and you will need it to access their platform which allows you to promote Amazon products.

2. Create your Amazon Affiliate ID:

Your unique identifier can be found under the account tab in the welcome email you received after registering with Amazon Associates as a new member, as well as in your settings page in the account tab at any time on any device where you are logged in.

3. Choose a product to promote:

Choosing a product to promote is the first step in your journey. It is important that you research the product you will be promoting, considering its popularity, cost, and competition. Consider whether or not it has a region-specific market as well.

4. Pick a niche:

Your niche can be very specific or very broad, depending on what blog topic interests you. For example, if you are new to Amazon affiliate marketing, then it would make sense for you to target a specific product category like “Amazon Ethnic Jewelry,” “Hipster Sunglasses,” or “Tibetan-Style Bags.” However, if creating and selling clothes doesn’t interest you but your blog still contains fashion content, then choose something like “Women’s Clothing.”

5. Create a product in your store:

You need to have at least one thing on your site that you can link Amazon products to; this is what will make you money.

6. Link to the product:

When you’re logged into Amazon Associates, you click “Associate Products” and then click the “Add a Product” button, enter the ASIN number or type in the name of the product, select your commission structure, and save it. When someone clicks through from Amazon Associates and buys that item, you’ll earn a commission on their purchase (a 30% commission).

7. Analyze Amazon’s earnings for the month and calculate how much money you made from each sale:

This stage of the process is important because it helps you determine your profit margins and maximum monthly earnings.

8. Create a unique product listing with good-quality pictures.

Because there are many other products competing for sales in the same niche as yours, it’s critical to create an eye-catching, unique listing that stands out from the crowd.

The Tools Needed to Start an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria

The following are the tools required to start an Amazon affiliate marketing business in Nigeria:

  •  Website
  • Register with the Amazon affiliate program and sign up for the API account.
  • Start a blog or website.
  • Fix your set-up by adding tags, categories, and descriptions to your product pages. Ensure you have at least five images of each item and include them in the description.
  • Register for PayPal shopping cart services.
  • Setup your shopping cart and link it to the website.
  • Have an advertising scheme ready to bring buyers to the site; this includes having a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a blog, and a forum where you can place links to your products in Nigeria.

Benefits of Starting an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria

The benefits are:

  • You don’t need to spend any money.
  • You can create a blog, a website, or a YouTube channel.
  • It’s not hard to find websites that would be willing to sell products made by Amazon.
  • Most customers that buy from Amazon go straight to the product page and don’t even see your link.
  • Most of us learned in our history classes that the United States was founded on an alliance of small states. And these states banded together because they were too small and powerless individually to have a voice on their own in international affairs at the time.
  • It is a great opportunity to earn passive income.
  • It has no cost of entry and doesn’t require any upfront investment.
  • It can be done with little or no experience or knowledge of affiliate marketing.
  • As an Amazon partner, you also get access to products that are not otherwise available in Nigeria, as well as coupon codes that enable you to purchase from Amazon at a discounted price.
  • If you focus on affiliate marketing full-time, you have the potential for unlimited growth and earnings.
  • Amazon is one of the most visited websites in the world.
  • It gives you a chance to network with other people interested in making money.
  • When you choose to purchase products on Amazon, you can earn fees based on how many units or items are sold.
  • Even if Amazon doesn’t offer an affiliate program where I am, there is another way that can help you make money online: PLR.
  • You can open an account with ClickBank and start selling your own unique products that have already been published by other authors and have already achieved success online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Amazon affiliate links last?

24 hours

You earn commission income on any qualifying items placed in a customer’s Shopping Cart within 24 hours of their arrival at via your Associates’ link. However, this 24-hour window closes once the customer submits his order or reenters through another Associate’s link.

How do I become an affiliate with no money?

The only way to start affiliate marketing with no money is to get an affiliate link and start sending it to people you know. While this is possible, it’s not scalable and won’t make you much money unless you’re constantly networking

How many sales do you need for Amazon affiliate?

There are no traffic metrics you need to achieve first before you can join Amazon Associates. And you only need to make three sales within 180 days of signing up to stay in the program.

Is Amazon affiliate free to join?

It’s completely free to join and easy to use. Provide consumers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase products you advertise. And when they do, you can earn up to 10% in referral fees.

How many followers do I need to be an Amazon affiliate?


Your social network page or group must be established, with a substantive number of organic followers/likes (in most cases, at least 500).


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