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How To Find The Owner Of A Business- Are you in serious search of the owner of a business? Obviously , you won’t find such details on a bill board or the front page of a newspaper. For whatever reasons you are curious about discovering the owner of a business, you will find how to do so below. We have listed 10 ways to find the owner of a business. Read on discover them.

How To Find The Owner Of A Business

#1   Business Entity Search

One way to find the owner of a business is by searching with the business name and entity number. An entity number is simply an identification number assigned to businesses by the secretary of state. Having the business address is also another way of locating the owner of a business.

#2   Check through the company website

You can search engines like google to search out the business. You could find the website, social media account or blog of such company. You can go through the “about section” for the details of the business owner.

#3   Put a call through

You can get the contact number by looking up in a local phone directory or checking online through the website or social media account. Remember to be polite and be as clear as possible. Don’t display anonymity.

#4   Search social media

Most businesses now have social media accounts. One way to find the owner of a business is by checking through the social media. Just type in the business from the search bar of the social media page. The search result will bring the contact information such as email , phone, etc of the owner of the business.

Examples of common social media include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

#5 Carry out a WHOIS Domain check

If you don’t get enough information from the website of the business in question, you can go for a domain check. When you perform a Who is” search, you can find the owner of a business.

#6 Better Business Bureau(BBB)

This is another platform to locate the owner of a business. Most organizations have their details on this platform. With the search tool of BBB, you can get the contact of the owner of a business.

#7 Use Registered business databases to search

Any registered business will have all its details in the state’s database. You can simply locate the contact details by searching the database of the businesses via the website of the secretary of state.

#8 Check through the record of licensed businesses

Every state has a record of licensed businesses.  This record is managed by the department of commerce or department of corporations. Through this department, you can check the details of a company

#9 Check via the Chamber of commerce

You can check through the website of the Chamber of commerce to find the owner of a business. Members of Chambers of commerce have their businesses listed on the site.

#10 Private search

You can use some private search engines to search for the owner of a business. However, you will be required to make some payments.

Examples of private search include Manta. Com. Dunn & Bradstreet. Etc.

Responsibilities Of The Owner Of A Business

A business owner is an individual who is in charge of a business. He/She controls the operations of the business. Business can be owned by a person or a group of people.  A business can also be called a founder or principal.

List Of The Responsibilities Of The Owner Of  A Business

1. Planning

A business owner is responsible for strategic planning of the business. He/She creates a business plan and strategizes how the plan will work out.  He determines what marketing campaigns would be suitable, how the business will generate maximum profit and a host of other things.

2. Financial Management

A business owner does the managing of finances of a business. He/She seeks for funds, process payments, etc. If it is a small business, the business owner may fill this role himself. But if the business is a large one, the services of an accountant may be employed to carry out the role.

3. Sales & Marketing

This is the heart of any business. Any business that would thrive must take this role very seriously . Usually, owners of small business handles this role themselves while big businesses employs personnels to do the sales & marketing for them.

4. Staff Management

Staff management also known as human resources is also a vital aspect of any business . A business owner can decide to take this responsibility on himself , outsource or employ a personnel that will do such. Some of the responsibility  include hiring, monitoring of staff’s activities, etc.

5. Customer Relationship Management

This is also a very important role. Your customers are the ones that keep your business going. Without them, you will be out of business. At the start of a business, the business owner may assume this role. But as the business enlarges, an individual  may be employed to fill this role. Some of the duties include answering calls, responding to mails, answering enquiries, taking orders, etc.

6. Legal compliance

This is also important. A business owner must ensure that his/her business is compliant with the law of the land (federal & state). Business must be registered and incorporated appropriately. Have a lawyer guide you through the procedures of a business in the state or federation.

How Do I Become A Successful Owner Of A Business

To become a business owner, is not as difficult as it may appear. But you need to critically follow the below:

1. Let your product/service solve a problem or meet a need

Being a business owner implies that you are selling a product or service. Don’t start out because you like the product / service. Instead, let it be something that is addressing a major need in the society. For example, selling rain coat in the rainy season.

2. Develop a passion for what you are doing

You must be passionate about what you are doing, this is what will keep you going in the face of challenges. In times when profits are not really coming in or everything looks dry, passion will keep you going.

3. Have a vision/goal

You must have vision/goals. What do you intend achieving selling that product or offering that service? Have both short term and long term goals.

4. Have a business plan

You must have a business plan. This is like a summary of what your businesses should be like. Business plan should contain vision, mission, strategies, etc. You will need this plan when you need some external funding e.g from bank, investors, etc.

5. Have a business strategy

You should as a business owner have unique ways by which you intend to achieve your goals . You don’t have to copy exactly what your competitors are doing. Develop a formular that works for you and stick to it.

6. Be on the look-out for opportunity gap

Opportunity gap can be as little as deficiency in a product or the need for an extra feature on a product, which is yet to be seen by the competitor . You can take advantage of such gaps to come up with an improved product or service that will boom!

Types Of Business Ownership

In setting up a business, you must know and understand the different types / structures of  business. This will be required when you need to register that business and some other formalities.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)

1. Sole proprietorship

This kind of business is owned and managed by one individual. This kind usually involve some level of legal involvement/agreement to determine profit sharing, responsibilities, etc.

2. Corporation

It is an organization owned by a group of people. This kind operates as a separate legal entity separate from its owners. Its owners are known as shareholders.

3. Limited liability company (LLC)

This kind also operates separately from its owners. Infact, in the event of loss, it is the company that will bear it not the owners.

Final Word

I believe this article has been able to expose you to how to locate the owner of a business. So next time you need to find the owner of a business, you know what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do business owners need?

  • Leadership
  • General management
  • Communication
  • Sales and marketing
  • Team building
  • Negotiation
  • Financial management
  • Time management
  • Strategic planning

What are the other titles for the owner of a business?

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO )
  • Managing Director
  • Principal
  • Managing partner
  • President
  • Founder
  • Proprietor


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