How To Report Your Team Member To Your Boss

How To Report Your Team Member To Your Boss

How To Report Your Team Member To Your Boss – Getting along with colleagues is essential to being a good employee. However, it’s not easy if you have difficult companions with annoying habits or overbearing behavior. In many cases, the best way to deal with the problem is to calmly talk to the person about the situation. If your coworker has an erratic personality, you’ll bring it up to your boss. If you have evidence to support your complaint, please put it in writing.
Arguments at work are normal. Even if you get along well with your colleagues, differences of opinion and perspective may arise from time to time. However, if you find that you cannot resolve a problem with a coworker, you can write a grievance letter to your manager or supervisor to help resolve the issue and find a solution.
In this article, we explain the strategies you can use to report your team member to your boss. So, read on!

How to Report your Team Member to your Boss

1. Frame the Issue

Before filing a complaint, check compatibility. If you are bothered by tantrums, whistling, chewing gum, or crying, your manager may dismiss your complaint as frivolous. If repeated slowness causes you to take slow action, the unwanted behavior creates an unpleasant environment based on racial or ethnic slurs, or the unwanted behavior violates the company’s anti-harassment policy, report it to your supervisor. Give it to the manager. Think about how the behavior of your co-workers affects your ability to work. Be honest about your reasons for appearing at this location.

2. State Reasons for Writing

Begin the letter by briefly explaining why you are writing it. Explain that as a result of a series of events between you and a colleague, you feel it is time to file an official complaint. If you have already tried to manage it yourself, share this information as well.


I am writing this letter to inform you of a dispute I am having with my employee Susan James. Despite repeated attempts to resolve the issue, Susan refused to listen or consider my feelings.

3. Provide a Chronology of Events

Then, write down what happened between you and the employee. List each event separately and related dates. Stick to the facts and keep a neutral tone when describing what happened.


On Monday of this week, I repeatedly encountered Susan with her loud chatter, giggles, and off-color jokes that interrupted my phone conversations with three large clients. This is what happened when I took my phone order this morning. Again, I talked to Susan about it. Instead of apologizing, he said I should lose weight.

4. State Desired Remedy

Write down how a coworker’s behavior affects your ability to do the job. Describe your job duties and your goals for accomplishing them. Show how your partner’s behavior is preventing you from achieving your goals. Say you appreciate the company’s help in curbing behavior that isn’t in the workplace. Make a copy of your signed and dated letter.


Because of Susan’s actions, I had to put my client down several times to calm her down. I even had to ask my client to repeat it because it was hard for me to hear. I am concerned that his actions are damaging the company’s reputation. I would appreciate it if you could explain to him why this behavior needs to stop.

5. Personally Deliver the Letter to the Boss

Approach your manager professionally and explain the situation. Explain that you have written a letter that details the case. Then present the letter to your master. Contact your HR department if your boss is unable or unwilling to deal with it. Give a copy of the letter to HR.

Complaint Letter Example

Use this example as a guide for writing your complaint letter to your boss or human resources manager:

Christine Stanley
Inside Sales Representative

August 23, 2020

William Washington
Senior Sales Manager
Fitness Gurus, Inc.

Re: Formal complaint against Eva Daniels

Dear William:
I am writing to file a formal complaint against my colleague at Global Sales Project Eva Daniels. I have tried to resolve my dispute immediately, but I feel the situation has escalated and I have contacted management.
On August 1, Eva was two hours late for work, which delayed the start of our project and we missed a joint meeting with a potential client. I discussed my concerns with him at that time. Since then she was at least an hour late every day and it became difficult for us to deliver joint projects on time. As a loyal employee who works hard, I don’t want another employee to affect my productivity or the success of this project.
I would like your help in resolving this matter so that we can restore a profitable company and meet our future deadlines.

Christine Stanley
Inside Sales Representative


We believe this article provides all the information you need on how to report your team member to your boss. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How do I present a report to my boss?

  • Title.
  • Executive summary.
  • Introduction – why you are writing the report, the background to it and your method for gathering information.
  • Main body – the areas you have bulleted. Use sub-headings here if you have a lot of information.
  • Conclusion or recommendation, based on your findings.

How do I write a letter of complaint about a coworker?

  • keep your letter to the point. You need to give enough detail for your employer to be able to investigate your complaint properly.
  • keep to the facts.
  • never use abusive or offensive language.
  • explain how you felt about the behaviour you are complaining about but don’t use emotive language.

How do I talk to my boss about a toxic coworker?

  • Identify the problem.
  • Schedule a time of the meeting.
  • Prepare well on what to say.
  • Request them to find a solution.
  • Conclude your meeting with a suggestion (if any)

How do I report a coworker to my boss?

  • Try to resolve the conflict on your own. …
  • Make sure you have an issue to report. …
  • State the purpose of the letter. …
  • Include a lot of details. …
  • Explain your involvement in the situation. …
  • Propose a resolution. …
  • Make a copy of your letter.

Can I report a toxic coworker?

Absolutely! They might ask you if you’ve talked to your supervisor first, to address the issue. And you usually go to HR if your coworker’s supervisor is protecting/defending the bully, which happens most of the time. And you should have documented the problem for months, with dates and things said, etc.

How can I deal with a rude disrespectful coworker?

  • Discuss with the team member in private and make your feelings known.
  • Consider the cause of the behavior.
  • Check with trusted colleagues and see if they notice the same thing.
  • Detach from the situation and objectively observe.
  • Limit your interactions as much as possible.


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