How To Start A Landscaping Business

How To Start A Landscaping Business

How To Start A Landscaping Business – The landscape business is expanding; and if you live in a temperate climate, you can work almost every day. The landscape services industry generates $93 billion in annual revenue and hires more than one million people.
If this is the right choice for you, read on to learn how to start your own landscaping business.

How to start a landscaping business

1. Develop a Plan

When starting a landscaping business, the initial step is to develop a plan. It is not necessary to be a traditional business plan, but it is worth drafting the areas in which you plan to work, the services you plan to provide, any specializations you might have, the tools and equipment that will assist you, your budget, and a general idea of how you plan to sell your business and get customers.

2. Register Your Business

Developing a business entity entails picking a name and registering your business with the state. Even if you decided to be a sole proprietor, you don’t give yourself liability protection. Creating an LLC or corporation gives you more protection.

To successfully create an LLC or corporation, you’ll file the right paperwork with the secretary of state after you research the business name. The name search prevents you from choosing a name that competes with an existing business. The paperwork develops the LLC documents or articles of incorporation.

3. Choose the service you want to provide and decide whether you want to rent or purchase equipment

When you choose the service you wish to provide for your landscaping business, you will choose the right equipment. To commence the business, you may rent your equipment or purchase low-end equipment. But as your landscaping business expands, your equipment needs costs, and you may spend money on buying high-end machinery to maintain inexpensive equipment.

4. Get necessary business insurance, licenses, and EINs

There are lots of necessary business insurance that you must register for to run a business. The most important one is general liability insurance, which keeps every cost from repair to legal fees as well as damages payable if you or a worker accidentally causes damage.

Before commencing your business, ensure you have the business license you will use in the state in which you operate and are registered to pay taxes, and have your business tax identification number.

5. Open a separate account for your landscaping business

You can open a business banking account with your TIN and business registration documents It’s essential to open a distinguish bank account for your landscaping business because it separate business income and expenses from your income and expenses. This prevents the inappropriate calculation of funds.

6. Get employment liability insurance before starting the business

You need employers’ liability insurance to protect your business in case you commit a mistake in calculating wage, overtime, and hour violations.

Lots of small business owners tend to create employment liability insurance without the assistance of a lawyer or accountant in the first place, this insurance can be a business saver.

7. Set Your Rates

Set the rates you will charge for your services. If you are not sure about the rate in your area, you can call other landscaping companies in your area to ask about the average range of costs of the services.

Ensure that your charges cover your overhead. Overhead consists of the cost of fuel, and supplies e.g fertilizer and labor for any workers you hire. If you have workers, you will need to get workers’ compensation to pay them. Your rates should include your costs and leave a profit for you.

8. Develop a marketing plan

When commencing your own landscaping business, you need to set a price for your services so you can use them in your marketing efforts. Potential audiences need to know how much they will be charged for landscaping services given by your company.

When choosing your rate, it’s good to check the competition and see what rates similar companies give. You can always adjust the price anytime.

9. Organize your business finances

When developing a landscaping business, it’s pertinent to note your finances are on track. Lots of business apps can assist your landscaping business to run more smoothly. There are apps you can use for everything from inventory and payroll to employee timesheets, so you can work on the things that matter, like the actual landscaping.

10. Market Your Landscaping Business

Once you have the business well planned and established, you can start marketing your new company. One of the easy ways to market your business is to give people your business card. This is a good method because you can start to get weekly customers in the same neighborhood to save commuting costs and time on the road.

Factors To Consider Before Starting a Landscaping Business

1. Balancing work with normal life routine

When you develop a landscaping business, you will have to take some hours out of your life to attend to the business. A landscaping business will not grow if you don’t put in your efforts. However, you still need to attend to your normal life routine when doing business. Planning out a schedule will assist you in properly balancing life and work so that you do not destroy any of the relationships in your life.

Have an insight into how you want your business to be in the next ten years
You don’t need a formal business plan, but you must document your business activities, so you have the plan to guide your steps.

2. The Laws

Before you commence a landscaping business, you need to know the local laws in your area guiding businesses. You may be required to obtain some general licenses for having a business, or a particular license for the type of business that you are developing. If you are recruiting workers, you are going to have more knowledge about the laws regarding having workers.

3. Your ideal clients

You need to know who your clients will be before you commence your business. This is necessary because your clients are the ones who are going to help your business. So, before you even think about starting a business, think about your ideal clients.

4. Benefits attached to the business

Consider if there are any special benefits attached to the business before starting the landscaping business. Getting these things may depend on various circumstances, e.g the types of work you are doing, reasons why you are working, and different circumstances related to employees.

5. Don’t forget you

Don’t forget to pay attention to your personal life. Try to draw an equal balance between work and your personal life. Create boundaries between the business and your personal life and develop a company that works within those boundaries. This will assist you to thrive in both your business and personal endeavors.

6. Costs of Materials

Before starting your landscaping business, calculate the amount of money you will spend on all your supplies and materials. Create a list of all things that you will need, and plan how you will get these materials.


These are the things you need to do to start your landscaping business. Check the recommendations below to read more related content. Thank you!!!

Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is the most profitable landscaping service?

“The general rule of thumb with this strategy is to strive to break even on maintenance and then make the most profit from enhancements, irrigation, and lawn care. Traditionally, mowing and mulching are the two least profitable landscaping services—and at the bottom line may actually be unprofitable.”

What is the best structure for landscaping?

The most common type of business entity. An LLC is fast, simple and inexpensive to setup and maintain. It protects your personal finances and assets and is a great way to start your landscaping business.

Is landscaping a good business to start?

The landscaping business is booming; and if you live somewhere with a warm climate, you may be able to work nearly year-round. The landscape services industry makes $93 billion in revenue each year and employs more than 1 million people, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

is it hard to run a landscaping business?

Starting a landscaping business isn’t complicated, but it requires the proper tools and equipment to get the job done. Be sure to see what you already own and budget for purchasing tools to start your company. Start small and scale as you get more clients and generate more revenue.

What are the three types of landscaping?

  • Mountain landscapes.
  • Flat landscapes. 
  • Coastal landscapes


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