Opportunities for Career Dramatists in Nigeria

Opportunities for Career Dramatists in Nigeria – There are a wide range of career opportunities for dramatists in Nigeria. These careers are either studied in high-schools while others are naturally embedded into the drama field. The career prospects that are available for dramatists in Nigeria will be discussed extensively in this content, read on to find out which you are meeting the requirement and how to go into these career opportunities in Dramatics.

Career Opportunities Available for Dramatists in Nigeria

Here is a list of some of the Career Opportunities Available for Dramatists in Nigeria;

  • Drama Teacher
  • Playwright
  • Actor & Actress
  • Stage Technician

Drama Teacher

A drama teacher is saddled with the responsibility of creating education for the students who wants to go in drama, stage plays, or theatre arts in a Nigerian educational setting.

The Responsibilities of a Drama Teacher in Nigeria include;

  • Creating a safe and supportive teaching environment that will make way for good teaching standards for the students to acquire knowledge. They also ensure that the teaching methods and resources being employed are authentic and they are capable of engaging your students.
  • They work with the assigned curriculum and instruction material to make sure that the student is given the best service when it comes to knowledge acquisition in drama. They are also saddled with the responsibilities of creating and directing stage plays and dramas for students to assist them acquire a learning experience.
  • They monitor individual student performances on the theoretical area of drama and in the practical aspects of drama. They also gather and analyze data on every student’s assessment to make them understand how to deliver well in their teaching and learning experiences.
  • They communicate with students, parents and guardians to let them know of the performance of their wards, they also promote and ensure correct behavior of the students when it comes to associating with the school and fellow students.
  • They organize instructional activities with other professional staff, which includes both the school- and the non school based activities, to maximize their learning opportunities, they also participate actively in the school’s professional learning community to make students have deeper understanding of curriculum, content, and competencies and to offer assessments that can access lesson or unit mastery.
  • They get the students ready for competitions, exams, including other activities that will serve as a tool to deepen their knowledge of theatre arts.

Requirements For a Drama Teacher Career in Nigeria

  • Bachelor’s degree gotten from a Nigerian/international recognized institution or college in theatre or a related area of study
  • The ability to show curriculum knowledge, subject matter knowledge, including the knowledge of effective teaching techniques
  • Having the ability to incorporate current research as well as theory with educational programs. You should also have knowledge about how to use computers and multimedia to advance your learning experience
  • Having prior knowledge of acting, theatrical production, acting basics, as well as theatre history, excellent communication abilities both in writing and speaking is also required.
  • High level knowledge about theatre-related effective and cutting-edge teaching methods and good knowledge of the different student assessment approaches

The average salary that a Nigerian drama teacher may earn in a year is $57,383.


The job requirement of a playwright is to pen down plays for those who will do the performance aspect. They utilize their innovative and research skills to dish-out an enticing, informative, and entertaining piece of play for their viewers and audience.

Responsibilities of a Nigerian Playwright

  • Formulation of connections with theatre professionals like producers, directors, performers, as well as other professionals engaged in the project. They also craft the writings on stories for a drama performance, play session, and shows, getting most of their inspiration from legends, historical occurrences, and/or contemporary situations.
  • Creation of series of engaging piece to introduce the audience to the play. They are also saddled with the responsibilities of researching occurrences or subjects to form dramatic characters or locations
  • Organization of the musicals that is set to befit the project early enough, they also develop the characters that will be needed in the play
  • Collaboration with those that will keep the stage set, sharing of ideas and concepts on the scene with directors as well as actors, they also create or assist clients with script writing for each character.
  • Ensuring that the play in question is befitting for the entertainment of the audience.


  • Creativity and good writing skills with an excellent command of the language you write with.
  • Researching and creating educational plays as well as intriguing plays always require that you have excellent research skills.
  • Working in direct collaboration with personnel and indirectly collaborating with a wide variety of personnel.

Going by ZipRecruiter reports, the average salary of a playwright stands at up to $55,187 per year.

Actor and Actress

Actors/Actresses are the ones who bring the character to life creatively, and it is the actors that will portray the acts for the education and entertainment of the audience.

Responsibilities of the Actors and Actresses

  • Engage in the audition process of actors and actresses, they work alongside other actors/actresses to engage in rehearsals and table readings.
  • Read scripts to grasp what is needed for the character entirely. Engage in choreography, musicals, &:other activities aside from acting for the play.
  • Attendance for the final performance’s dress rehearsal also abide by the director’s commands about your actions and mobility.
  • Partake in each of the previous versions.
  • Attendance in press-related events on behalf of your company. You have to submit fresh suggestions that seems suitable for the presentation.

Going by Salary.com statistics, the average salary of an actor or actress is up to $59,469 per annum.

Stage Technician

Stage technicians are saddled with the responsibilities of establishing and maintaining the stage that are used for plays. They help examine the type of stage for the storyline following deliberation with the director, playwright, as well as actors.

Responsibilities of a Nigerian Stage Technician

  • Work following the schedule of the rehearsals. They also assist with the acquisition of the properties and resources that are used for the stage performance. They assist with procurement of costumes in accordance with the stage play.
  • Collaboration with the workers and director on forming the befitting stage for the play. They also assist with the budget and cost estimates for the properties, costumes, and materials that are needed for the stage set-up.
  • They communicate with the production manager concerning expenditures. They also oversee the rental of equipment like lightning in such a way that they are in safe condition and in perfect order.
  • making sure that the performance goes as planned and handle any issues by communicating with the director, communicating with the stagehands, and any other member of the technical team.


The following are the vital things that are needed for a stage technician.

  • High level of experience in how the management technical aspects of stage set-up and stage is done.
  • Sometimes, a degree in theatre arts or performing arts would be a better boost. Although it is mostly required.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and basic knowledge of basic carpentry and electrical skills.

The average salary of that a Nigerian stage technician will earn is up to $40,047 per annum, from Zippia.com post on the salary survey.


For a Nigerian dramatist, there are a wide range of professional careers that are accessible. In addition to the paths that deals mostly with art performance, some of these jobs can be behind-the-scenes, they can also be set-related, as well as business-related.

Frequently Asked Questions

How dramatists affect the society?

Dramatists have employed their dramatic ingenuity to comment on political, social, economic and security challenges that occur in their societies for the time past and presently

What is the average salary of a career dramatic working as a stage technician?

The average salary of that a Nigerian stage technician will earn is up to $40,047 per annum

What is the average salary of a career dramatic working as an actor or actress

the average salary of an actor or actress is up to $59,469 per annum.

Salary of a playwright?

the average salary of a playwright stands at up to $55,187 per year.

The average salary of a career dramatic working as a drama teacher?

The average salary that a Nigerian drama teacher may earn in a year is $57,383.


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