Top 20 Best Restaurants in Lagos

Best Restaurants in lagos
Best Restaurants in lagos

Best Restaurants in Lagos: The restaurants in Lagos are the reason why Lagos has become one of the biggest cities with a booming economy. This brimming city offers you plenty of entertainment, shopping, and fun all in one place. You can start your day by practicing your dancing at one of the many cool nightclubs then end up having a romantic dinner along Victoria Island or on Abayomi Street with some cool views for your date night.

If you want to be sated for life without having to worry about starving, go try out a few places that have great famous Nigerian dishes like eba and jollof rice or if you are looking for authentic Indian food in Nigeria, try out restaurants like Bollywood. The Indian restaurants in lagos have got great dishes like chicken tikka masala and paneer butter masala.

There are hundreds of restaurants in Lagos if compared to any other city in the whole of Nigeria. There are Indian owned, French owned, Mexican owned, Thai owned and even Chinese restaurants in lagos. These places have been known to draw huge crowds at different times of the day because they maintain a level of good service as well as quality that is not offered by most Nigerian restaurants.

The biggest advantage of Lagos is the throngs of people who live there for different reasons such as business or pleasure. Due to the size of the population, you can find everything from cheap to expensive restaurants. Most restaurants offer a good variety of food as well as top-notch services and services that you can only expect from a professional team.

Although Lagos has many different types of restaurants, there are some popular ones;

There are numerous high-class restaurants that have people queueing up for their comfort food.

Best Restaurants in Lagos

The list of best restaurants in Lagos are:

1. Ajisen Restaurant (Victoria Island)

Ajisen Restaurant; This restaurant used to be just a small ramen shop located near Ichibangai station but has since expanded over the years. It is now well known to be one of the best cheap and quality Japanese restaurants in Lagos. It has delicious Japanese food and an amazing staff that will make you feel right at home.

2. Bella Vita ( Lekki)

This restaurant is owned by two Italian brothers, Daniele and Francesco, who have made it their mission to show Lagosians that Italian cuisine can also be affordable. They use high quality ingredients in their dishes like their homemade pastas which are perfect for sharing with friends over a glass of red wine on the side or a cold Parma beer with friends after your meal.

3. Blue & Beyond ( Lekki phase 1)

Blue & Beyond: This Lagos restaurant is on the list of best restaurants in Lagos. The restaurant is known for its bouillabaisse and steak with fries, which they offer in a generous 16oz size. This is also listed as one of the top restaurants in Lagos. The restaurant has an eclectic menu featuring items like escargot that you can enjoy with some live jazz music nightly.

4. Badmaash Indian Kitchen (Ikoyi)

This restaurant in Lagos is an institution of the rich and famous. Celebrity chef and owner, Tariq Halal, draws from his hometown of Lucknow to create authentic Mughlai dishes that are as much about heart-warming spices as they are about delicious flavor.

The menu is extensive with a well balanced mix between Mughlai preparations, tandoori dishes, Hyderabadi curries and modern interpretations of Indian favorites. They offer a total “Indian Experience” with their own roving live entertainment (bollywood dancers), high tea at the restaurant lounge on weekends or high tea at your house (call them up for more details).

5. Miyabi Japanese Bistro (Victoria Island)

The Lagos restaurant Miyabi offers an authentic Japanese experience, focusing on the country’s cuisine, culture and history. Miyabi’s goal is to provide not only a delicious culinary experience, but also a valuable educational one for its customers.

To date, Miyabi has been reviewed positively by TripAdvisor and Yelp users alike. Commenters on Yelp praise Miyabi for “excellent service” and “fresh food”. But this isn’t all. Miyabi has also been praised for having a “wonderful and welcoming environment”.

Miyabi has received four out of five stars based on reviews and feedback on TripAdvisor.

6. Cantina Grill Mexican Grill & Bar (Ikoyi)

This lagos restaurant is one of the best places to get authentic Mexican food in all of Nigeria.

Cantina Grill Mexican Grill & Bar serves a variety of traditional dishes from Mexico and Latin America. The menu includes: Tacos, Mini-Burritos, Enchiladas, Fajitas, Chilaquiles; and many other authentic dishes. Our drinks include: Margaritas, Bull Dogs (Beer + Tequila), Sangrias among others.

7. Chinese Lao Wai Garden ( Surulere)

This restaurant in Lagos is the best Chinese restaurant I have ever come across. The food is always fresh and the service is excellent. I really like their pot stickers, which are fried to perfection, and their fried rice. They also have a wide selection of sushi, which my girlfriend loves! It’s great for lunch or dinner because it’s not too expensive and it has a really nice atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a tasty and inexpensive meal.

8. La Panaderia La Pastelería Del Caribe Puerto Rico Inc (Lekki)

The lagos restaurant is the most lovable restaurant in las palmas. It is one of the most beautiful restaurants that has ever been established first in Puerto Rico. When you come to la panaderia, you will be served with delicious pasteles, such as bajo la mata de limones, sobre el almendras con dulce de leche and anywhere else that has a sweet and salty taste.

They also serve delicious sandwiches such as the pork sandwich and cheese sandwich. In total, there are 17 types of sandwiches that they have on their menu for the people who come in for lunch or dinner time. The sandwiches are served to you in a box so that you can eat them on the go. The restaurant has also made a big step and installed a playground area for the children so that they can have fun while their parents eat their lunch or dinner. They also have special condiments such as the Cuban Sauce, which is very popular in all of the Puerto Rican culture, and the cheese sauce that is known as salsa de queso.

9. Pizza House (Surulere, Ogudu)

This popular restaurant in lagos, restaurant is the perfect place to get a taste of the local food, culture and atmosphere. It is about a five-minute walk from the popular Ikoyi area. The restaurant offers more than just your typical pizza options, with several dishes from Nigerian fare like egusi soup and beef jerky served alongside all types of pizzas and desserts including koko butter cake, ice cream cakes and juices. With service staff wearing colorful traditional dress, this is not your typical lunch or dinner spot in Lagos.

10. Simple the Steaks-Lagos, Nigeria (Ikeja GRA)

This restaurant chain has been in business for more than fifty years and is still going strong. With footfall of over 2 million, this restaurant chain has had to expand all the time in order to keep up with demand for their steaks and a side dish of fries. Although this food chain has two branches in Lagos – one on Eko Atlantic and the other at Yaba, Kano Road- it’s still easy to find a long queue waiting outside.

11. Tio Leo Mexican Dining and Tequila Bar-Lagos (Ikoyi)

This restaurant in lagos , Nigeria is a true gem that has not been seen in the area before which makes it truly unique. This restaurant is similar to the Mexican classics such as tacos, burritos and nachos, but with a new twist. The restaurant offers drinks from around the world including Asian cocktails, South American tequila drinks, and natural juices made fresh so you can try something new every visit. Thia also has a vast selection of snacks to choose from for your next meal including cheese quesadillas, chicken empanadas, falafels and more.

12. Shiro restaurant (Lekki)

Shiro Shiro is a new restaurant in Lagos. It is typically decorated with bright colors, which makes it a fun place to dine with friends. The restaurant offers traditional African dishes such as mafe and curry rice that are mixed with Asian-inspired flavors. It also has an assortment of exotic beverages that are inspired by African culture, like Kenyan white tea. With this approach, Shiro Shiro gets the best of both worlds.

13. Hard Rock Cafe (Lekki)

The Lagoon Lounge is a newly opened entertainment venue that caters to African tastes and an international audience. It’s located in the bustling Ebonyi State of Nigeria, with a prime view of the Lagoon Bridge, with its long, curving wings that stretch across the waters. The café describes itself  as “a playground for adult enthusiasts who love good food and drink while enjoying live music or watching movies.”

14. Cactus Restaurant( Ikoyi)

This restaurant has been in Lagos for over 25 years and has a reputation as being one of the best places to grill in Nigeria. The restaurant served a wide range of meat and fish cuts.They are also well known for their chicken wings and dessert options, which include some pretty tasty shish kabob skewers, chocolate cake, potato pudding, vanilla ice  cream, and so much more to choose from.

The restaurant is not only known for its great food, which is always served with a smile, but their service has never seen a match.

15. Ocean Basket (Victoria Island)

If you’re looking for a new place to eat in Lagos, you should try Ocean Basket Restaurant. They offer all types of food, from Nigerian dishes like jollof rice and beans to fried shrimp. If you happen to be craving pizza or spaghetti, there’s also plenty of that on the menu. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, with wooden furniture, soothing music, and ocean-themed decor. This is the perfect place to go when you want comfortable surroundings that are still lively enough for a night out.

16. Yellow Chilli Restaurant and Bar (Ikoyi/ Ikeja)

The Yellow Chilli Restaurant and Bar is one of the hottest spots in Lagos, Nigeria. It has something for everyone with a menu that ranges from traditional Nigerian dishes to international favorites. So whether you have a hankering for some Jollof rice or just want to sample some of the best cocktails in town, come on into The Chilli and enjoy!

17. The Sky Restaurant ( Eko Hotel)

There are many different places that people might want to go for a good meal. The Sky Restaurant is one of them. For example, when you’re on a trip to Lagos, Nigeria, and you decide that you want to eat this really fancy meal, but they don’t take reservations, they can seat people as they walk in.

18. The Bungalow Restaurant (Ikeja GRA)

This restaurant opened in 2014, and its menu is a mixture of local delicacies and culinary creations that are inspired by the African diaspora. They offer Nigerian dishes like Jamaican bean soup, Indonesian sweet potato curry, and Thai green curry. One would recommend their best dishes to have with friends or family members. Bungalow Restaurant in Lagos offers a myriad of cuisine types for all tastes.

19. Johnny Rockets (Victoria Island)

This restaurant is a burger lover’s delight. Serving up crispy and fried deliciousness, Johnny Rockets is definitely the place to go if you’re on the hunt for something tasty. They offer a wide variety of options, from a classic burger to their popular “Rita’s Burger” (where the patty is comprised of bacon, eggs, cheese, and jalapeos).

Johnny Rockets also has an extensive list of drinks. They have shaken ice cream for their milkshakes, buttermilk-based flatbreads right out of ovens, and buns that came out of famous bakeries in Europe.

20. Z Restaurant (Victoria island)

Z Restaurant is a seafood restaurant on Victoria Island.Here at Z restaurant, we take pride in serving our customers with fresh seafood flown in daily from different parts of the coast.
Here are some of the things you must try:
Lobster salad
Fried shrimp and crabs (in tomato sauce)
Hake fish grill (with shrimp pate) – a platter of lobster and crab.


This list of best restaurants in Lagos is a short list of some restaurant’s physical locations as well as their online menu, as many restaurants will have both online and offline menu options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lagos good for food?

With the abundance of fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean seen on many local menus and influence from the many cultures represented in town, Lagos has really become an amazing place for foodies!

Where do foreigners live in Lagos?

Meanwhile, the most affluent areas of Lagos are Ikoyi, popular among expats in the oil and gas industries, and Victoria Island, where some of the most expensive real estate can be found. The seaport of Apapa, with its old colonial houses, and apartment complexes, is a more economical choice for expats in Nigeria.




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