Who Is An Administrative Officer And What Do They Do

Who is an administrative officer

Who Is An Administrative Officer And What Do They Do- An administrative officer fondly known as Admin officer is a very interesting role in an organization. An administrative officer provide support for the operations going on in an organization. He/ She is responsible for organizing company records, keeping track of office supplies, overseeing maintenance of office equipment and other supportive roles.

What Does An Administrative Officer Do ?

Below are some of the roles of an administrative officer:

Data Management

An Administrative officer manages all important information/ data of the organization including data of staffs and clients and vendors. They keep proper record of files and documents, ensuring they are kept at optimum confidentiality.

Administrative Support

He/ She provides support for all office operations, ensuring that everything goes on smoothly.  Some of these support include overseeing maintenance of equipment, composing letters, delivery of mails, etc.

Manage Office supplies

They take charge and inventory office supplies. They ensure that office supplies are in adequate supply per time. They also work with vendors to procure supplies.

Arrange for and coordinate meetings

Meetings held in the establishment is being organized and coordinated by the Administrative officer. He/ She must ensure that the minutes of the last meeting is being made ready and other relevant documents that would be needed at the meeting.

Assist in Recruitment process

An administrative officer sometimes collaborates with the human resources department in recruitment process. He/ She draft job roles, description and requirement. Sometimes the admin officer will be present when interview is being conducted.

Welcoming of Visitors

Although, it is the job of the receptionist/ front desk officer to welcome visitors. However, in the absence of such role, the administrative officer does such. He /She greets visitors, directs them appropriately, attend to phone calls, handle complaints. All these are done in a very courteous and professional manner.

What Skills Are Required Of An Administrative Officer

For you to function effectively as an effective administrative officer, you must have the following skills:

  • Basic book-keeping skills
  • Typing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Good organization skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

1. Basic Book-keeping skills

You must have some experience in book keeping most especially in accounts payable/receivable.

2. Typing Skills

As an admin officer, you will be preparing a lot of documents. Therefore you must be highly skilled at typing. You must be able to type minimum of 60 words per minute with very minimal errors.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

You must be sound in the use in both written and oral communication skills as an administrative officer. You shouldn’t be presenting documents with grammatical errors.

4. Multi-tasking ability

As an admin officer, you will be having lots of tasks to do. Your ability to multi-task will help you achieve much more in a short time.

5. Good Organizational Skills

Because you have a lot to do as an admin officer, you must be highly organized. Poor organization will lead to poor productivity.

6. Time Management Skills

You must master time management if you are going to succeed as an administrative officer

7. Ability to work under pressure and meet some deadlines

You will have a lot of projects with different deadlines on this job role. You must be ready to work under pressure and at a fast pace to meet such deadlines. On some occasions, you will have to do some extra hours after closing to meet such deadlines which you will be well-compensated for

Educational Qualification For An Administrative Officer

This varies from one establishment to another.  But averagely a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Business Management or related courses is required. However, some establishment take high school diploma or GED equivalent.

What Is Work Like For An Administrative Officer?

Averagely, an administrative officer works 40 hours per week. Work is usually in a fast-paced environment with some pressures (internal and external). Work is mostly indoor, usually an office, conference room, libraries, etc. The office is usually well lit with adequate ventilation and some degree of quietness.

What Is The Average Salary of An Administrative Officer?

The average gross salary of an administrative officer is usually between $27, 240 and $67, 544 annually. Although there are other allowances such as compensation for overtime. There are times you will have to work overtime to meet some very tight project deadlines.

Tools Required By An Administrative Officer

The role of an administrative officer can really be a tedious and engaging one. However, there are digital tools available to simplify their tasks and make them more efficient. If you really want to function well as an administrative officer, then you must master a number of these tools.

Below are the tools:

Tools for Daily Tasks

These include Microsoft office, Google workspace, Microsoft outlook, Gmail, Dropbox

Microsoft Office

This is a very vital tool for an administrative officer to carry out daily tasks. Microsoft office include word for word processing, power point for presentations, excel for spreadsheets,

Microsoft Outlook

This tool helps to organize your emails and make them accessible. This tool is installed by default on Windows PC. The tool is useful for calendaring, contact management, task management and making of note.

Tools for Communication & Video Conferencing

These tools include Zoom, Google meet, Whatsapp call, etc.

Google Meet

The tool is great for video calls, live streaming, video conferencing. It is a tool that is used for conference meetings, business meetings, presenations, etc.

Travel Tools

These tools include travel perk, expensify, smart receipts, etc.

Travel perk

Travel perk is great for travel management. Planning, booking, managing and reporting trips is made easy with this tool.

Project Management Tools

These tools include Slack, Asana, Evernote, Monday. com, Trello, Toggl Track.


Tool is great for communication and task management.  With Slack, you can send direct message, share files, create chat rooms, etc. The tool is great when team members work remotely. Tool brings them together in accomplishing of set projects. Slack has both paid and free version

Planning and Scheduling Tools

Tools include Calendly, Google calendar, Time Zone Ninja, Doodle, etc.


This tool helps you to schedule meetings easily. With Calendly, you can share your schedule with others. Recipients will be able to see your available hours. Based on it, recipient can easily book appointments with you or your organization. Calendly has both free and paid version.

Google Calendar

This is another great tool for scheduling meeting and events. You can easily share your schedules with others, informing them of meetings. The tool also sends reminders.

Final Note

The job of an administrative officer is an interesting one. You have the opportunity to meet and relate with different kinds of personalities. For you to be effective on this role, you must possess certain skills such as ability to work under pressure, communication skills, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name for administrative officer?

An administrative officer is also known as Office manager or Administrator. They carry out different tasks to support different operations in an establishment.

Is the job role of an administrative officer a good one?

Yes. The job of an administrative officer is a good one. The role usually requires you interacting with different categories of people; clients, co-workers, superiors and customers daily. The job role is in high demand.


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