How To Start A Music Career In Nigeria

music career in Nigeria

How To Start A Music Career In Nigeria- Do you have a flair for music? Do you want to start earning from the passion  but you don’t know how to get started? This post will guide you on how to start a career in music industry.

How To Start A Music Career In Nigeria                     

1. Be specific

When you want to pick up a career in music industry, you must be specific in your choice. What exactly is your area of interest? Do you want to sing, compose, produce or write music. Do you want to simply play musical instruments. If you also need to choose what type of music: pop, rock, R& B, hip-hop, classical and contemporary.

Career path in Music

  • Music producer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Session Musician
  • Artist Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Music teacher
  • Music publicist
  • Composer
  • Music arranger

2. Get training

After determining your kind of music and the career path you want to follow in the music industry , you need to get trained. You may already have some skills/ talents along that line but you still need to fine-tune yourself.

You can enroll in a music academy. Aside from the advantage of fine-tuning your skills when you enroll in a music academy, you will be opened to greater opportunities in the music industry. Below is the list of some outstanding music schools in Nigeria that can help you kick-start your music career in Nigeria

  • Lee music school
  • Abba music school
  • Eagles music academy
  • Harryfield music Institute
  • Muson school of music
  • Tenstrings music school
  • Tonality music school

3. Start practicing

You don’t have to wait to get a microphone or stand before a crowd before you start practicing music. Practice in front of your mirror, sing to your child spouse, etc. Just keep doing what you love to do. The more  you practice , the better you get at it. If your interest is in playing of musical instrument, then start playing and get better.

4. Put in for musical contest

One way to start out a music career in Nigeria on a big note is to apply for and win a musical contest . The winners of this contest usually get good deals that can kick-start their music career in Nigeria on a grand note .  However, you must have mastered your music craft very well before going for a contest.

Examples of such contest include:

  • Nigeria’s Got talent
  • American idol
  • Nigerian Idol
  • MTN project fame
  • The Voice

Some of the beneficiaries of these talent hunt in the past years include Kcee, Dare Art Alade, Timi Dakolo, Chidinma, Dakolo, Omawunmi, Mercy Chinwo. Prizes usually include recording label, deal, cash prize and other interesting things.

5. Get a good recording studio

Once you have mastered your music craft well, you should look for a music recording studio and begin recording your music. However, this will require some funds, so you must be sure such funds  are available . As much as possible, do a video recording too in addition to your audio. Ensure the output is of good quality and will appeal to your prospective audience.

6. Start promoting yourself

Once you have a good recording, you don’t have to wait any longer. Start promoting yourself. Here are ways you can do such :

  • Attend gatherings (no matter how small) and volunteer to perform
  • Send your recording to families and friends and tell them to help you repost
  • Use your social media handles to promote yourself. Post your video recordings. Encourage people to like and repost it.
  • Have a YouTube account where you can regularly update songs.

7. Connect with established musicians

Look for musicians that already established in your area of music, connect with them.  Seek a mentor among them to mentor you. That is another way to shoot out your music career in Nigeria.

8. Get a producer

You need to hire a producer or manager as a song writer/ composer. You need this professional to handle the business aspect of your career while you focus more on mastering your musical skills.

9. Release song

It does not take more than one song to hit the limelight in the music career in Nigeria. Try to release a song, give your best to that song.

10. Have a goal

You should have a list of what you want to achieve in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. Set goals and also set plans to achieve such goals.

11. Brand yourself

As someone aspiring to make it big in a music career in Nigeria, you must brand yourself  very well. Have a signature. Let your fans know you and be able to recognize you easily. Have a hair style, style of dressing, etc. Take nice shots of yourself at regular intervals and post on social media handles.

12. Perform at shows and events in Nigeria

Start looking for shows and events you can make your performances. Even if you have to do it for free. Look for weddings , carnivals, festivals, bars that can engage your services. You have to start from somewhere  even if it is a small crowd. However, ensure you give your best at such performances, no matter the size of the gathering. You can never tell, the person that will promote you and bring you into limelight might just be in that show.

13. Sign up for a recording deal

This is one good way to climb up fast in music career in Nigeria. However, much care is needed when signing up for such deals. Ensure you contact a lawyer who will help you review the contract very well before signing. If you get this right,  it can lead to a successful music career in Nigeria. However, if you miss it, your music career in Nigeria can be flushed down the drain.

Last Word

In starting up a music career in Nigeria, it is important for you to first master your craft. Be good at what you do , sharpen your skills further and then get a good producer. A bad producer can mar your music career while a good one can fan it to flame.

Lastly, it is important to note that whatever career you are choosing, start from somewhere. Don’t despise the days of little beginnings. Most of those musicians you see and envy today actually had low beginnings. But persistency, consistency and determination kept them going until they rose to limelight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin a career in music?

How do I begin a career in music?

  • Determine the kind of music you want to do
  • Start practicing and recording before the mirror
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Sharpen your skill e.g attend a music academy
  • Connect with established musicians especially in your chosen area of music
  • Take advantage of the social media to publicize yourself

How do musicians make their money?

  • Through live performances and shows
  • Teaching of music classes
  • Collaboration with bands and other musicians

How much do musicians make in Nigeria?

Musicians make a lot from shows and performances. Averagely, a musician can earn between 5 and 20 million naira per show. Imagine if such artist has about 30 shows in a year with an average earning of 5 million per show, that is 150 million naira in a year

What schools in Nigeria are best to study music in Nigeria?

  • Tonality Music International
  • Lee music school
  • Abba Music school
  • Eagles music academy
  • Tenstring music school
  • Muson school of music
  • Harryfield Music Institute

What are the highest-paying jobs in music industry?

  • Game audio designers
  • Music producers
  • Business Managers
  • Music producers
  • Sound Engineers
  • Film and video editors
  • Musician
  • Musicians
  • Music directors
  • Music composers


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