What Should You Say When Asked “Why Do You Want To Work With Us?”

Why do you want to work with us

What Should You Say When Asked “Why Do You Want To Work With Us?”- One of the questions you would be answering at any interview is: Why do you want to work with us? This question is so critical and the answer will determine if you would proceed onto the next stage of the recruitment or be dropped. In this article, we would discuss how you can tackle this critical question and scale through the interview to land your dream job.

Why Do You Want To Work With Us?- Great Answers

Having known your company for so long and admire it, I will really love to be aboard

This answer shows that you have the interest of the company at heart. It shows that you are going to be a great asset to the company if hired. The answer does not reveal your needs /wants, even though you definitely have them. It also shows that you already know about the company. Employers don’t just want to hire someone that is not knowledgeable about the company.

I do believe I can make a positive impact on this organization  

Answer suggests that you want to work for the organization because you know you can make impact there. It implies that you have gone beyond just knowing the company by name. You have also gone ahead to find out about some challenges of the company and how you are willing to use your skills/competence to offer significant solution that would make the company better and stronger.

The values of the company matches with my own values

A company’s values connotes what the company believes in and is striving for. Having your values aligning with the values of the company is a good answer to the question: “why do you want to work here? Examples of such values include: commitment to environmental sustainability, support for local community, diversity in hiring, etc.

I love what I have read/ heard about the organization’s culture

Culture of an organization talks about how the organization operate both as a workplace and as a global citizen. The culture is a sum total of the values and priorities of a company. Giving this as an answer to the question: “ why do you want to work with us” shows your genuine interest in the company.

I admire the company’s work ethics and collaborative spirit

This answer shows that when employed, you will make a good team player. You will partner with other staffs to make the company great. Answer also indicates the following:

  • That you are not selfish and focused on personal needs, but rather you have the interest of the company at heart.
  • Company’s values align with your own values
  • You love a company culture that cares about people
  • You are willing to make a positive impact on the employer
  • You are ready to be part of a winning team

Why Do You Want To Work With Us?- Bad Answers

I really need the money

When you make your employers realise/ detect that you are in for the job because of the money, you may not be hired. This is because employer will feel that if a better opportunity with better pay shows up, off you will go. And they will have to start recruitment all over again. The recruitment process come with some financial implication and also its stress. No employer want to go through such all the time. So they watch out for such factors that may cause an employee to leave a job in a short time whenever they are recruiting.

I just need a job badly

This answer shows some mark of indifference on your part. Employers feel that such kind of attitude can be transferred to your job duties. Such answer also focuses on your needs and not the contribution/ impact you want to make on the company. The answer sounds like a selfish one. Note that employers hire people based on qualification and competence and not based on charity, pity or altruism. They want people that would solve their problems and not vice versa.

I feel this job would be a significant stepping stone in my career

Employees are afraid of this kind of answer. They feel that people with this kind of answer are just looking for short term job to improve their resume and will zoom off when better offer shows up. Note that organizations are looking for long-term and stable employees that will bring greater input to the company. Moreso, the process of hiring and training new staffs is time –consuming and expensive too. So any trace of instability in a prospective employee will make the employer to be totally put off. Instead of saying, “I see the job as a stepping stone, say : I like the opportunity for growth that the company offers”.

Other Bad Answers To The Question: Why Do You Want To Work With Us

  • I love the huge salary
  • You just need any remote job anywhere
  • You badly need to get hired anyhow
  • You couldn’t land your dream job, you decide to settle for this.

Why Interviewers Ask The Questions: Why Do You Want To Work With Us

Interviewers asks this question and other questions to help them decide the best applicant to hire. These are some of the reasons they ask the question:

  • To test your knowledge about the position you are applying for, the company you are applying to and the industry in general.
  • They want to test if you are really keen about the particular job or you just want to get any kind of job.
  • To check if your career objectives aligns with the job position you are applying for

General Tips On How To Answer The Question; Why Do You Want To Work With Us

  • Do proper research before the interview. Find out about the company ; what they do , their objectives, core values, mission statement, etc. Also find out about the job role and responsibilities.
  • Tell your prospective employer how you would use your skills and experience gathered over the years to succeed in the role.
  • Describe what you enjoy most about working in the role
  • Always provide honest answers
  • Talk about your knowledge/ passion for the product/service of the company you intend to work.

Sample Answers To The Question: Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

Your company is listed among the best places to work. I have also read about the testimonials of your employee; how their growth has been enhanced through education & training and others. I would really love to be a part of your innovative team, where I can make positive impact and grow in the company through continual improvement.

I have actually been dreaming of working at your company ever since I was in college . This made to apply for internship there. Now that I am a graduate, I would love to apply all that I have learnt as an Intern to an actual job and also enhance the growth of the company through my skills and education.

After reading about your company’s vision and mission statement and some other details, I made up my mind I want to work here. This is because I can see clearly that my goals align much with that of your company.

Final Note

This article has been able to deal thoroughly with the question; Why do you want to work with us? So next time, you need to attend that interview, you are better prepared to perform well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other questions can you be asked in an interview?

  • Can you tell us more about yourself?
  • What is your career objective?
  • What is your area of greatest strength?
  • What is your area of greatest weakness?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • What is your greatest achievement in life?
  • Why did you live your last job?
  • Tell me about a mistake you made in the past?
  • How would your colleagues describe you?


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