How To Apologize To Your Boss Via Email

How To Apologize To Your Boss Via Email

How to apologize to your boss via email — There are many scenarios where you are required to apologize to your boss to resolve a conflict, so learning how to apologize can be a valuable skill that can take you higher than your expectations. Typically, you write an apology when you did something wrong; in the apology letter, you will need to express your sincere feelings and ways you plan to improve and avoid the occurrence of such issues in the future. In this article, we would look at why you might be required to apologize to your boss via email, steps on how to apologize to your boss via email, and samples of an apology letter. Let’s dive in.

Why You Should Write An Apology Letter To Your Boss Via Email 

Whenever an apology is mentioned, it means something has gone wrong. Therefore you are writing the letter to your boss to be accountable for your actions and also to show you understand the consequences of the situation. It is a valuable step that will show your boss you have taken the situation very seriously and you are ready to put in a lot of effort to see the case never happen again and to move forward positively. Always remember, whenever you are writing an apology letter, to express your sincerity and interest in rectifying the problem. 

Steps On How To Apologize To Your Boss Via Email

Below are steps you can follow when writing an apology letter to your boss. 

1. Begin with an apology 

Open your letter with an apology. Take full responsibility for your actions and the consequences that happened due to the event. Always take ownership of the case if possible, and highlight the lessons you learned from the mistake. One of the benefits of this point is that it will show your work ethic and professionalism, and good conduct in the workplace. So when writing, focus on writing with original words describing how serious you are about resolving the problem.

2. Write in a respectful language

The language and tone you will use in writing your apology letter depend on your relationship with your boss. But regardless of your relationship with them, ensure to use respectful language. If you want to regain the trust of your employer, try to use respectful language and be sincere. This will create a sense of understanding between you and give them the impression that you are serious about the situation.

Additionally, being respectful would help your boss understand that you are indeed remorseful. It will also describe your understanding of the situation’s impact. All these will allow your superior to forgive you quickly and forget your actions so you can continue your work and have a good relationship. 

3. Demonstrate how you are going to address the case 

After your apology, you should start describing how you are working towards addressing the problem or how you have solved the situation if you have already solved it. For example, if the problem has affected other people, try to explain how you are planning to resolve it so it won’t affect your relationship with your coworkers. Demonstrate to your boss that you are willing to accept every responsibility to resolve the problem. Use this opportunity to tell them your plans for addressing the problem or how you have already solved the issue. 

4. Maintain your professionalism

As we mentioned earlier, regardless of your relationship with your boss, when it comes to solving problems, try as much as possible to remain professional. Give them the respect they deserve, offer insights into the situation, and highlight that you have understood the severity of the case and the impact it will have on you and your colleagues. This will tell your superior that you care about your coworkers and the well-being of your working environment. 

5. Express your willingness to change and improve

If you want to show that you understand the impact of your actions, then express your willingness to change and improve. Generally, an apology is an opportunity to grow and learn, so describe that alongside your apology, you are planning to use this as an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. Showing your willingness to change shows your boss that you are interested in their company’s growth and you want a long-term relationship with them. It also proves you are interested in their success. 

6. Acknowledge your boss’s feelings

When writing your apology letter, try and acknowledge your boss’s feelings, describe that you understand how it affected them emotionally, and recognize their feelings in your writing.  This will show that you have considered them as important people in the company, so their emotions are also important, acknowledging their feelings will make them feel that you value them. You are sorry about the case, and they might support you again. 

7. Proofread your letter before sending

You are likely to make mistakes while writing your apology letter to your boss. Sending the letter without rechecking it means sending it with an error, so proofread it and, if possible, use a grammar corrections app to correct it properly. Ensure the letter is concise, without spelling or grammatical errors.

Also, read it aloud twice or thrice, give a friend to read it for you so they can provide you with feedback, and ask them to put themselves in your boss’s shoes to understand better whether the letter is perfect. Once you are confident about the letter, press “send” to deliver it to your boss via email.

8. Honor your words

Lastly, after sending the letter and your boss acknowledges your apology. Try and honor what you said in the letter. Keep the promises you made, and change and improve your actions. This will regain your trust with your boss since they understand that you have changed and are willing to improve in other areas. 

Samples Of Apology Letters To Send To Your Boss Via Email

Are you searching for how to apologize to your boss via email? Below are some samples of apology letters you can send to your boss;

1. Apology letter sample for sending a wrong report 

Mr./Mrs./Ms. Then write your boss’s name depending on the gender. 

“I write this letter to apologize for sending a wrong report to you. I’m sorry because I understand the damages and inconvenience my actions might have caused you and the company. Even though I cannot depend on my actions because it’s due to incompetence and negligence on my side, I want to tell you that at this moment, I am handling five projects at once to compensate for the time I wasted. I was confused, so I sent the wrong report, but I sincerely apologize for this terrible mistake.

I also want to notify you that I have also apologized to the client and have already sent the correct report to them. Furthermore, I also arrange a meeting with the client to remove any misconceptions regarding the report. Kindly suggest if you want me to take any other actions that will further rectify the problem. I understand you are truly disappointed, and I’m sorry; I assure you that this mistake will never happen again.”

Yours faithfully 

(Write your name here.) 

2. Apology letter sample for disrespecting your boss 

Mr./Mrs./Ms. Then write your boss’s name depending on the gender. 

“I never thought I would demonstrate such disrespect to you (the company, your colleagues, department, etc.) When you show me nothing but support and encouragement. Unfortunately, today I am in a bad situation that I created myself, and I must take full responsibility for my actions. I’m writing this email to express how remorseful I am for my actions and to apologize for my poor attitude sincerely.

I have been coming to work late, and I have not been performing to the best of my abilities; for this, I am sincerely sorry, and I promise to improve, and these actions will never happen again. I will never make excuses for my actions, and I assure you I have taken all the necessary measures to solve the problem. From now henceforth, I will be a good employee and would continually seek the company’s success and growth, and do my work diligently.”

Yours faithfully 

(Write your name here.) 

3. Apology letter sample for coming to work late 

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Then write your boss’s name depending on the gender.

“I’m deeply sorry for coming to work late and not telling you beforehand; I know my actions are disrespectful and unprofessional, and it has caused a lot of damage, so I’m genuinely sorry. I promise you that it will never happen again, and if there is a situation that requires me to come late, I will announce it to you beforehand. “

Yours faithfully 

(Write your name here.) 


Writing an apology isn’t something hard, ensure to follow the laid-out steps above on how to apologize to your boss via email. Ensure to show that you are genuinely sorry about your actions. State the way you plan on addressing the problem or how you intend to solve the problem, proofread it, and get someone to evaluate the letter for you before you hit the send button. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should an apology letter be?

An apology email should be kept short and precise.

How soon should I send an apology email after the incident?

You should send an apology email as soon as possible.

How do I make my apology email sincere?

To make your apology email sincere, You should be honest and take full responsibility for your actions.



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