What You Should Do When Your Leave Application Gets Denied

What You Should Do When Your Leave Application Gets Denied

What You Should Do When Your Leave Application Gets Denied – When you start your journey in the world of work and dedicate yourself to your work, you deserve a paid annual vacation. You are entitled to a minimum of 12 paid vacation days per year. If you are entitled to use your annual leave, what happens when you apply for a license and are told it won’t be approved?

The employer has the right to reject your request for annual leave if it has a business reason. You may even face a situation where you are not allowed to take a vacation for a certain period.

Some restrictions limit the length of annual vacations to prevent employees from taking extended absences. In addition, restrictions were introduced to prevent employees from using annual leave during public holidays or school vacations. In this article, we discussed what you should do when your leave application gets denied.

What You Should Do When Your Leave Application Gets Denied

1. Ask at the right time.

Apparently after completing a project is the perfect time to ask for permission. In the next few days, it may suggest that you need some downtime to recharge [and] therefore want to go on vacation. Just research the institution’s permit policy and follow the procedures carefully.

So if you’ve asked for time off in the middle of a project, or if your boss doesn’t remember, take a break and ask again if you’ve been successful.

2. Ask why it was rejected, well.

If you do it calmly, in private and, if possible, face to face, you can ask your employer why they said no to your leave application. Bring documentation that you requested the correct time and provided the correct time.

Provide evidence that your work is done or covered.
When you talk to your boss, make sure you get the job done or have the plan to demonstrate your day-to-day responsibilities and have team members take care of emergencies while you’re gone.

3. Go to Human Resources.

If you’ve followed the steps above and still haven’t received permission, make an appointment with Human Resources to find out why you were denied, explain the policy again, and ask how you can best move forward in this situation. So “follow this advice”.

Why Your Leave Applications are Rejected

1. You did not plan your permit application carefully in advance.

No, we are not talking about planning your trip. This is the personal aspect of the trip. Let’s talk about the professional side of travel preparation.
Many times, when company employees receive denial emails about their leave, the main culprit is often a lack of advance notice. It is not advisable to plan your vacation first, buy airline tickets and hotels, and apply immediately after your vacation. This is a sure way to boost your vacation without hesitation.

2. You did not check the number of vacation days remaining.

When it comes to detailed planning, we often forget about the annual vacation days we used to have. If your company is still using legacy HR software or even just email management, you and your HR team won’t know how many vacation days you have left.
The human brain sometimes falls victim to false memories, and without proper monitoring methods, this is another surefire way to get your permission request denied.

3. You did not discuss the exit request with your team.

We all understand this. Confidentiality is important. Sometimes we don’t want people meddling in our business, especially on our special holidays. We respect this and all that, but if you’re a team player and an important member, your team must know something important about your vacation.

4. Your request for permission was ignored.

By now you are probably enlightened in all three areas mentioned above. Now, even if you apply the three areas mentioned above, you can forget about the most important element: the HR department itself.

Let’s face it, some HR departments are more comfortable with legacy monitoring methods, and sometimes it’s hard to encourage change without resistance from employees. But with that in mind, it means that previous requests are more likely to be forgotten or lost in a sea of ​​company emails. This has happened before and things can get confusing and awkward fast.

5. You have not completed the project schedule.

Sorry to be the boy of the party, but sometimes you get denied vacations because of your performance on a particular show or project. It sucks, it sucks. However, that does not mean that you are entirely to blame here. Sometimes things are ignored or mistakes are made. In any case, this type of rejection can be dealt with, but not immediately.

When can Human Resources refuse to give an employee time off?

There are several reasons why Human Resources may deny an employee leave. Some of the main reasons are detailed below.

1. Labor shortage

The most common reason is when the company has few employees. If you have periods when you can’t afford to keep someone away, chances are Human Resources won’t approve the leave. This can happen in seasonal businesses where large numbers of employees are often required during peak periods.

2. The employee goes on leave at a critical time

Another common reason is that vacations negatively affect business. Consider a project at home. If the project manager wants to take a vacation here, he will put the project in a great place. HR must step in and take appropriate action.

3. The employee exceeds the specified limit.

HR has the right to deny the employee leave if the employee has already taken too much leave and this additional leave will exceed the limit.
Companies have certain days when employees can take time off for the cause, so violating this rule will deny you leave.

4. There are too many holidays

If the employee requests too long leave, HR may deny the request. This is because the company needs employees and cannot afford to leave them for long.


It is normal for your company to reject your leave application letter. If you master the content of this article well, you will know the next step to take for your employer to accept your leave application letter.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

What are valid reasons to leave work?

  • Company downturn.
  • Acquisition or merger.
  • Company restructuring.
  • Career advancement.
  • Career change to a new industry. .
  • Professional development.
  • Different work environment.
  • Better compensation.

What are the reasons for not approving my leave letter?

The most common reason is if the company is short-staffed. If you’re in a period where you cannot afford to have someone away, then it’s likely that HR will not approve of the leave. This can occur most commonly in seasonal businesses, where peak periods require many employees.

Can an employer deny employee's leave of absence?

Yes. As an employer, you have the right to deny a leave of absence request, as long as the type of leave isn’t governed by state or federal law.

How do I politely reject a leave request?

It’s best to decline requests in person if you can. Identify the reasons why the business cannot accommodate the request based on the business grounds you identified.

What are personal reasons for leave?

Personal leave of absence reasons include: Experiencing a medical condition that makes you chronically ill or in pain. Having a baby and taking maternity leave. Address mental health issues or mental illness.


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