Top 10 In Demand Jobs in Canada

Top 10 In Demand Jobs in Canada – The effect of labour shortage in Canada stands as a pressing issue for the Canadian government. Research have shown that the Canadian labour market is heavily reliant on the high levels of immigration to take care of the shortage. And in the year 2023, immigration will be vital to filling important roles and addressing the labour gap.

To apply to work in Canada, you must have work or study permits and the spouse/ common-law partner or parents are expected to have a valid study or work permits. As for the post-graduation work permit (PGWP), the study permit of applicant should still be valid.

  • Candidates are expected to have a temporary work permit, the validity of which is expected to be a minimum of six months. And candidates must wait patiently for the applications to get the Canada PR visas to be successfully processed.
  • Candidates are to be fully recognized as conventional refugees or protected persons by the body known as IRCC. They can also work in Canada even without a requirement for work permit. But if they at any time wish to switch jobs, they will have to apply for work visas.

Top 10 In Demand Jobs in Canada

1. IT & software Jobs

The job description of a computer programmer requires him or her to develop, adjust, and run tests for codes that are written for: software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software & communications software. Some of the key job duties for a computer programmer includes that a Programmers is expected to write, alter, and run tests for the software codes. They must also be able to modify the existing codes and maintain them.

Programmers are expected to prepare manuals, reports, and extra documentation that are related to the status, procedure, and maintenance of all the available software.

2. Engineering Jobs

Engineering managers are saddled with the responsibilities of planning, managing, organizing, regulating, and leading the activities of an industry’s engineering department. Their other duties include: organizing and implementing standards, policies, as well as procedures for an engineering department or company discussing with clients about the preparation of specifications, recruiting personnel and maintaining staff competence in different areas
The average estimated annual income of an engineering manager is CAD 10, 140 when working in Canada

3. Accounting and Finance

Canada has plenty job offers in the discipline of accounting and finance. Candidates who wish to gain placement have to bag degrees in the accounting or in finance unit to be in a better chances of getting many job opportunities. Different specializations are needed for jobs in banks, government organizations, & financial firms. The primary area in accounting and finance are the following: Management Accounting, Ethics, Microeconomics, Financial management and Corporate finance.
The average annual income of someone working as a financial accountant is up to CAD 78,364 in Canada.

4. Human Resources Management

Human resource departments are vital for all organizations, not considering their magnitudes. The work of a human resource manager are; planning, controlling, and the organization of the operations of the human resource unit. A human resource manager’s other responsibilities includes the following: Development and implementation of labor relations policies, leading the quality management platform of an establishment, the organization of internal and external training and staffing activities.
In Canada, an annum income of a human resource manager averagely is CAD 95,385.

5. Hospitality

Jobs available in the hospitality sector in Canada have grown and candidates have opportunities of getting good opportunities in it. The annual package for management roles in this industry is up to CAD 117,000 for persons who are newcomers in the industry. Educational qualifications relies upon the tasks and your levels of seniority. Intending persons are expected to have a hotel management degree to submit application for managerial roles into the hotels or restaurants. Usually a degree in finance, degree in accounting, marketing, human resources, etc. will be needed for back-office employees.

6. Sales & Marketing

Newcomers can apply to get a job in Canada in the area of sales and marketing very much easily. They must have obtained bachelor’s degree in the area of business administration. For this job, they do not need a license to practice Candidates can get jobs easily in the below Canadian cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. These cities are sites to most of the renowned marketing agencies and firms, and eligible candidates can get a wide range of marketing jobs like Marketing Manager, Search Engine Optimization Specialist and Social media expert.

7. Healthcare

Healthcare workers are highly in-demand in Canada, as it has many job opportunities for doctors, nurses, and for persons in the paramedical fields. Canada’s call is always willing to invite immigrants to occupy vacancies in this industry. The top rated job opportunities available in this sector in Canada are the following: Registered Nurse (NOC 3012), Licensed Practical Nurses (NOC 3233), Medical Administrative Assistant (NOC 1243), Medical Laboratory Technician (NOC 3212), Medical Secretary (NOC 1243), Hospital Administrator (NOC 0014) and Home Support Worker (NOC 4412).


Canada is a global leader in the area of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). There are a wide range of career opportunities in these areas. Businesses are on the increasing end for STEM-related gigs. Some job vacancies in this area where there are space for candidates include; Automation engineer, Biologist, Chemical engineer, Computer scientist, Economist and IT manager.

9. Teaching

The rate of demand for teachers in Canada is high but job vacancies differ as per the cities where you desire to work. The governments of provinces and territories have their specific educational systems. And applicants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in education and to have a provincial certificate. For this job, the process of getting a provincial certificate is slightly slow. And so, candidates are expected to apply well as early as possible before the time/date of their scheduled coming to Canada.

10. Nursing

Candidates who wish to apply for nursing jobs in Canada are expected to have obtained a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. In Canada, there are up to 17,000 openings that are available presently.

Jobs Expected to be in Demand in Canada in the Future (2025-2030)

Here are some of the jobs/occupations that are expected to witness significant growth in the nearest future by the year 2025:

  • Psychologist
  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Registered Nurse
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Health Care Aide
  • Truck Driver
  • Statistician
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Pharmacist
  • Dentist
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Speech-language pathologist
  • Cyber security Engineer
  • Physician
  • Physician Assistant
  • Software Engineer or Designer
  • App Developer
  • Construction Manager
  • Welder
  • College or Vocational Instructors
  • Financial Analyst

Top 10 Jobs that are in Demand in Ontario, Canada

Below are the top high-demand jobs that are in Ontario, Canada:

  • Database analysts (NOC 2172).
  • Software engineers & designers (NOC 2173).
  • Computer programmers & interactive media developers -NOC 2174
  • Transport Truck Drivers (NOC 7511).
  • Industrial butchers, meat cutters, & poultry workers (NOC 9462).
  • Home Support Workers & Related Occupations, not including Housekeepers (NOC 4412).
  • Heavy Equipment Operators (with an exception for Crane) (NOC 7521).
  • General farm workers (NOC 8431).
  • Banking, credit & other investment managers (NOC 0122)
  • Registered nurses and psychiatric nurses (NOC 3012)


Do you wish to work under these in demand jobs in Canada? Luckily you could secure placement with the right qualification. To apply to work in Canada, you must have work or study permits and the spouse/ common-law partner or parents are expected to have a valid study or work permits. Everything have been explained in this content, get into any of these career path and earn for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IT worth moving to Canada in 2023?

Canada is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, which is why you should migrate to Canada in 2023.

Which skill is most demanding in Canada?

business development and sales, coding and programming, digital marketing, budgeting, agile project management and human resource management.

Where in Canada is it easiest to get a job?

Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta have good job opportunities. Most of these provinces have the highest rate of employment for immigrants

Is it better to move to Canada or USA?

Even though USA offers higher salary packages, Canada has better healthcare, more maternity leaves including other social benefits

Which field is highly paid in Canada?

Medical field is the highest paid in Canada followed by IT jobs and business jobs.




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