Why Should You Consider A Career In Marketing

Why Should You Consider A Career In Marketing

Why Should You Consider A Career In Marketing – Marketing simply involves all activities done to promote the sales of goods and services. It is a wide field of study and even wider with advancement in technology. Marketing goes beyond making radio announcements, billboard adverts or moving from place to place to persuade  people to choose your product/service. There is really more you can do  (in marketing ) without having to even step out of your office. In this article, we will be sharing with you some reasons you should consider a career in marketing. We will also highlight different careers in marketing.

10 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In Marketing

#1. It is a career that enhances your creativity and challenges you

If you are a type of person that loves a career that allows you to be creative and challenges you, then you should pick a career in marketing. It is a career that permits you to solve problems via creative and innovative means. Marketing is one career that makes you think outside the box to get results, beat target and outdo your competition.

#2. It is an in-demand career

The demand for marketers will always be on the rise in the world. Any serious and profit-making organization must have a strong marketing team if such wants to remain in business. It is not enough to produce goods, such goods must get to the final consumers. It is the marketers that will ensure that this happens. With a career in marketing, you can never be out of job.

#3. Marketing career offers a flexible work schedule

With a career in marketing, you are sure to have a flexible work schedule. Unlike most other work careers, you can choose your work hours. Infact, sometimes you will have to work outdoors in the field.

#4. Marketing pays very well

Marketing jobs is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. Marketers are well paid with a lot of juicy allowances. Marketing job is one of the few jobs that offers you an official car at the start of your career.

#5. There is high opportunity for growth

With a career in marketing, it is easier to grow and the climb the professional ladder. Once you are hardworking and can meet your targets, you will easily get promoted.

#6. Opportunities are endless

With a career in marketing, opportunities are just endless. You can work in virtually in any industry. You can decide to even work remotely if you wish. The most important thing is to use the right approach to get set result . Once results are there , no one cares what you do with your time.

#7 Marketing is global

You can get to work for any organization in any nation as a marketer.  A career in marketing is one that knows no boundaries, no restrictions, no limitations. Once you have the right skills, you will always be sought after.

#8. Having a degree is not really necessary

Although a number of times, companies recruiting for marketers would insist on a marketing degree. But there are exceptions , once you have passion and skills for it , your degree doesn’t matter. Moreso, you can take up some online courses in marketing to brush up those skills of yours. Even if you don’t have a degree in marketing, as long as you have proofs of results , you will be employable at any time , anywhere.

#9. You can work remotely

Marketers spend most of their time working on the field, working to get results. Now with digital marketing, it is even more interesting. You can now work remotely,  even from the corners of your bedroom in your pyjamas! You don’t have to step out of your home to work or get results. Everything can be done on the laptop and you still earn very well.

#10. Lots of benefits/ compensations attached

As a marketer, you will get to enjoy a lot of benefits apart from your salary. You can be given an official car, communication allowance, commission  and other tips. If you are hardworking enough with a reasonable company, your allowances could even outweigh your salary.

#11. Marketing helps you build great relationships

In marketing, you will be meeting different categories of people. Eventually, you will build great relationships as you work. Some of these relationships pay off in the future even beyond  what money can get you.

How Do I Begin A Career In Marketing

1. Have passion for it

To build a career in marketing, you must be passionate about it . Don’t choose marketing because of the money or other benefits. The truth is this; at the start of the marketing career, you will face challenges, disappointments and other negative stuffs that would push you to quitting. It is your passion that will keep you going. And if you persist longer, the challenges will soon fizzle out.

2. Get a Bachelor degree

If you don’t have a degree yet, you can go for one in marketing or related courses. But if you have a degree already, you don’t have to back to college. You can pick up a short course on marketing online to brush yourself up.

3. Choose a specialty

Marketing is of different types/ category. We have the traditional marketing  and digital marketing. Digital marketing is of different categories: content writing, copywriting, SEO specialist, Email marketing, etc. You also need to have a niche; an area of interest that you want to focus. The more focused you are, the greater the result you will achieve.

4. Take up an internship

You need to get some working experience as most organizations prefers to hire experienced marketers. One easiest way to get such experience is to take up a job internship. There are some tricks and tactics you wont learn on the pages of a book, but rather , you will learn such on the job.

5. Apply for Job

Once you have your skill set and some work experience, you can start applying for job. You can create a LinkedIn profile, join community of marketers on social media groups and check newspaper publications for job openings.

6. Prepare for Interview

After applying for job, don’t just go to sleep. Start preparing for interview. Read on interview tips, practice in front of the mirror.

7. Regularly upgrade yourself

Even after getting the job, don’t be static, keep upgrading yourself. Acquire more knowledge. Read books on how to get better in your marketing career.

What Marketers Do

Marketers have a main goal in mind , to generate more revenue for the company, business or organization. This they do by formulating and implementing plans to promote brands, goods and services. They develop price plans, marketing campaigns and monitor trends.

Top Skills You Need To Have For A Successful Career In Marketing

Communication skills

As a marketer, you need to have excellent communication skills( oral and written) because you will be interacting with a lot of people.. You must be effective in your communication if you want people to listen to you.

Problem solving skills

You must be skilled at problem solving if you are going to have a great career in marketing. As you interact with people, promote goods and services, you will meet regularly with challenges. You are not going to breakdown or back-out because of such challenges . You will have to solve such problems and move on.


You need to be creative in your approach to work if you are going to have a great career in marketing . You cant be using the same approach all the time, you must be dynamic.

Attention to details

You must have strong attention to details as a marketer. You must be thorough , if not you will be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Listening skill

It is not enough for you to talk as a marketer, you must be able to listen to your customer/ clients. You must be able to hear even the unspoken words. You must be able to pick the important point out of several words spoken by a person.

Interpersonal skills

You must know how to relate well with people. This is because marketing itself has to do with people. Have a positive attitude . Even if you are being resented by a customer, you must know to handle it so you don’t loose that customer.

Other skills you need as a marketer include writing, leadership , adaptability, decision making, etc.


In this age of digitalization, marketing has gone beyond the traditional method of: word of mouth , handbills, billboards, etc. If you are going to have a great career in marketing, you must go and master digital marketing. That the latest trend of marketing. Digital marketing is in different parts, you should choose the one that interest you and master it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a career in marketing a good option?

Yes. A career in marketing is a good choice. Marketers are well paid with a lot of benefits apart from salary . They also enjoy flexible work schedule

What are the various careers in marketing?

  • Marketing assistant
  • Social media marketer
  • Marketing executive
  • SEO Specialist
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing coordinator
  • Content marketer
  • Digital strategist
  • Director of marketing
  • Production marketing manager


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