How to Find Hotel Job Vacancies in Abuja

How To Find Hotel Job Vancancies In Abuja
How To Find Hotel Job Vancancies In Abuja

Hotel jobs in Abuja seem to be scarce, and if you’re looking to work in the hospitality industry, Abuja is probably not the best city for you. If you still want a hotel job in Abuja, your best bet is to apply as a housekeeping manager. Other hotel jobs are available in Lagos, but if you’ve ever been there, then you understand why Nigeria’s capital city might not be the most desirable place.

For those of us without access to better cities or jobs, however, there is hope! There are plenty of hotels and opportunities for employment in Abuja. If you have the right skills and qualifications, chances are you will find a hotel job in Abuja to match your ambitions.

Hotel job vacancies in Abuja are not particularly difficult to find, but they do require you to be persistent and willing to go the extra mile. You need to demonstrate a commitment to your company, especially if it is not one of the more well-known chains. You’ll probably also need a driver’s license and general knowledge of the English language, as well as the ability to work when required.

The pay scale for hotel jobs in Abuja is generally on par with other up-and-coming cities like Lagos. The possible perks of working as a housekeeper in Abuja could increase your overall earnings by a significant amount.

Hotel job vacancies in Abuja are generally available in the suburbs rather than the city center itself. If this is your desired location, it is important to note that you will have to make an early start to your day. As with many Nigerian cities, Abuja’s traffic can be a nightmare when rush hour starts. This applies even if you are driving around the suburbs, so you must be sure that you arrive at work before the rest of the city wakes up! You will also probably want to check out Abuja’s accommodation options because there are plenty of places for someone looking for roommates.

Types of Hotel Job Openings in Abuja

The various kinds of hotel job vacancies in Abuja are:

Front Desk

A front desk is an individual who works in a certain location or establishment that is primarily occupied by the public. They may refer to these places as hotels, offices, banks, government buildings, and private clubs. All the personnel working at this location are typically considered “front desk” staff members.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities of a front desk agent are most likely well defined by their employer or the business in general. However, some common responsibilities might include checking guests in and out (including verifying identification), cashiering checks, answering telephone calls, and responding to letters or emails from guests and other people requesting services or information.

Sales Associate

Sales Associate: To be a sales associate at a hotel in Abuja, Nigeria, you will need to have the following responsibilities:

Interact with guests and their needs

Presenting options and amenities for purchase or rental

The benefits include:

  • Regular Hours
  • flexible work schedule
  • A meal voucher is provided for breakfast and lunch (lunch is optional). The company provides other benefits such as discounts, paid hotel accommodations, and company-sponsored events.

If you enjoy an environment where you can interact with people while still working towards your goals, this may be a great opportunity for you!

Housekeeping Supervisor

In the hospitality industry, there are many jobs that can be carried out by housekeepers. Housekeeping supervisors have a lot of responsibilities and duties that must be carried out. They are responsible for ensuring that employees maintain a clean and sanitary environment. They also ensure that all rooms are kept well stocked with amenities such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Housekeeping supervisors take responsibility for troublesome guests, ensuring they have an unpleasant experience to deter them from coming back to the establishment again.


Housekeeper: one who cleans the rooms in a hotel, or any other establishment, in a very organized manner. Housekeepers must be very accommodating and responsive to the guests of the establishment. There are specific duties that need to be carried out to manage work.

Head Room Steward/Manager

– Should be a person who is good with people and can keep a hotel’s level of quality service without compromising its standards.

– Has the ability to lead and motivate employees to provide excellent customer service.

must be responsible for all aspects of headroom operations, including recruitment and training of staff, budgeting and financial management, customer relations, and personal supervision.

responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of their department; they should have in place excellent systems that are supported by competent staff members.

Guest Service Agent/Concierge

The responsibilities of a guest service agent or concierge are as follows:

Perform registration and check-in procedures.

Prepare a guest room for occupancy.

Provide information about the hotel or resort.

– Help passengers with luggage and valet services.

– Keep current on hotel activities, restaurants, amenities, and destinations and attractions.

They will also be responsible for assisting guests with their questions and providing a quality customer service experience throughout their stay. Guest service agents are generally hired by hotels.

Sales Manager

The responsibilities of a sales manager are:

maintains accurate and complete records of the activities and responsibilities of sales personnel.

analyzes monthly sales data to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and promotional efforts.

– Ensures that all market commitments for services, products, pricing, and so on are met.

– Conducts staff reviews to provide constructive performance feedback and identify additional training needs.

develops a plan of action with employees to meet company goals.

Executive Chef

The responsibilities of an Executive Chef are:

Providing leadership in the kitchen

maintaining a high standard of quality and freshness by overseeing all aspects of food preparation, presentation, and service.

-Creating menus that meet dietary requirements in accordance with customer needs, trends, and expectations

-Planning budgets to ensure that earnings are maximized while assets are protected

Aligning staff development with the restaurant’s strategy—ensuring they have access to training programs and learning opportunities

How to Find Hotel Job Vacancies in Abuja

Here are steps to finding hotel job vacancies in Abuja:

  • Look for and register with an Abuja job portal, such as Jambite.
  • Fill out a vacancy application form if one is available.
  • Search for vacancies on the jobs portal’s site or social media channels.
  • Apply for vacancies by submitting your CV and covering letter.
  • Attend job interviews, following any interview guidelines given to you by the employer.
  • Communicate with the employer about your progress and ask about the next steps in the recruitment process.
  • If you are successful, provide evidence of your eligibility to work in Nigeria.
  • This is a fairly typical recruitment process for most jobs in Abuja. However, some employers may operate according to a different procedure, or they may use third-party recruitment or staffing agencies to find employees on their behalf. But if you follow these steps, you are likely to find hotel job vacancies in Abuja at some point!

The best time to start looking for hotel job openings in Abuja is as soon as you have moved to the city.


Hotels are looking for individuals who have the drive to be a part of something bigger than themselves and take responsibility for ensuring that we continue to operate with the highest standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I work in a hotel with no experience?

  1. Learn about the industry and decide your career path.
  2. Find out everything you need to know about your desired position.
  3. Understand that you may need to start small.
  4. Make connections if possible.
  5. Start looking for hotel jobs.

Do you need qualifications to be a hotel receptionist?

A minimum of a high school diploma will be required, and some college courses or a degree in hospitality will also help you to become a hotel receptionist. Learning a second language, especially one used by tourists in the location that you wish to work in, can be advantageous.




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