How To Get A Federal Government Job In Nigeria

How to get federal government job in Nigeria

How To Get A Federal Government Job In Nigeria-One of the heart desire of an average Nigerian is to get a government job most especially federal government. Most of the reason are not far-fetched; job security, flexibility and others. Unlike a private establishment that hires and fires anyhow, that is not applicable in a government job. Also government jobs are quite flexible and do not put undue pressure on you unlike a number of private establishments. .

So if you are really keen on getting a federal government job , then you should read this article to the end. It is not enough to wish for a federal government job in Nigeria, you must know how to go about it . If not, you will keep on wishing and nothing will happen for you .

So, lets begin on how to get a federal government job in Nigeria

How To Get A Federal Government Job In Nigeria

General Requirements To Get A Federal Government Government Job In Nigeria

The following are the general requirements in order to land a federal government job in Nigeria.

  • A Bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognized institution of learning
  • Minimum of 5 credits in WAEC, NECO & SSCE Certificate
  • A valid national Identification such as NIMC ID card, driver license, or international passport
  • Birth certificate/ sworn affidavit of age
  • Certificate of origin from your local government area
  • Two standard and recent passport photographs

How To Apply For A Federal Government Job In Nigeria

In applying for a federal government job in Nigeria, you must have a specific agency in mind. One which your qualifications fits into. Now, lets quickly look at the list of federal government agencies in Nigeria.

List Of Federal Government Agencies In Nigeria

1. Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

This ministry has the role of ensuring food security in Crops, Livestock and Fisheries. This they do by:

  • Promoting the production and supply of raw materials to Agro-Allied Industries
  • Providing markets for agricultural products
  • Generating foreign exchange
  • Aiding socioeconomic development of rural sector
  • Supervises and makes funding available for research institute

2. Federal Ministry of Aviation

This is the ministry that regulates and controls our travel and aviation services in Nigeria. Some of their roles include:

  • Formulation & management of government policies as regarding aviation in Nigeria
  • Oversee air transportation, its development and maintenance
  • Provide infrastructural facilities for smooth running of the aviation sector.

3. Federal Ministry of Communication & Digital Economy

The ministry was established to facilitate and promote a knowledge-based economy. The ministry has the following roles:

  • Use ICT to drive transparency in government
  • Promote ICT & increase the contribution of ICT to GDP
  • Promote universal & cost –effective access to communication, infrastructures, etc.

4. Federal Ministry of Education

The ministry directs education affairs in Nigeria. Some of its roles include:

  • Formulating education policies
  • Carry out educational planning and financing
  • Regulates the quality of education throughout the country
  • In collaboration with some other bodies, develop curricular and syllabuses

5. Federal Ministry of Environment

The ministry of environment has the mission of ensuring environmental protection, natural resources conservation and sustainable development.

Some of their roles include

  • Promotion of sustainable use of natural resources
  • Securing a conducive environment for sound and good health and well-being of Fauna & Flora.
  • Management of ecosystem , ecological process and preservation of biodiversity

6. Federal Ministry of Health

The federal ministry of health has the main role of providing effective and quality healthcare to the citizens of Nigeria. They ensure there is equity in accessing health service. Health care is in 3 categories: primary, secondary and tertiary.

7. Federal Ministry of Science , Technology & Innovation

The ministry was established to promote/foster development and deployment of Science and Technology which would bring about development in the nation. Some of the roles include:

  • Formulate, monitor and review national policy on science, technology and innovation
  • Use of knowledge from Science, technology and Innovation to increase agricultural & Livestock production
  • Application of Science & Tech in economic development

8. Federal Ministry of Water Resources

The ministry is solely responsible of managing water supply, irrigation, aquaculture and freshwater in Nigeria. Some of its roles include:

Provide access to safe and adequate water to the Nigerian population that would bring about the enhancement of public health and food security.

Pros and Cons of A Federal Government Job In Nigeria


1. Job security

Unlike in private establishments, where hiring and firing is the order of the day, government jobs are more secured. Once you are hired, you can be rest-assured of your position. Also, unlike some private establishment  that may run out of business and lay off its staffs , such is not likely to happen in government establishments.

2. Flexibility

Government jobs are much more flexible than most jobs in private establishments where you are so closely monitored that you could hardly breathe.

3. Enough Leave Times and Holidays

All public holidays are observed in government offices. Also you don’t have to do extra time . You will enjoy your leave times with full pay. Maternity leave for women is for 6 full months and even on resumption, she will still get to close earlier than other colleagues.

4. Plenty of Benefits to enjoy

There are lots of benefits you would enjoy on a government job such as health care packages, retirement plans, savings plans etc.


1. Salaries do not easily get increased

Unlike in private establishment , where you can experience a big shooting up in your salary, most especially when you move from one company , such is not applicable with government jobs

2. Low Earning Potential

A number of times, most government workers receive less pay than their colleagues of similar qualification in private establishment

3. No Motivation

There is a negative mentality among government workers that it is a no-man’s-land they are working. So everyone does what they like. Workers do just little. No one wants to go the extra mile. Even those that try to do some extra are tagged , given names and stigmatized.

4. Laziness is the order of the day

Because there is no motivation or drive, people just do what is required of them and no more. Sometimes, these workers would be waiting to be tipped to do their normal duties.

Before I wrap us this topic, let me quickly show you some of the federal government jobs that are in hot demand.

Top 20 Federal Government Jobs In Hot Demand

  1. Accountants
  2. Financial Examiner
  3. Chemist
  4. Health Services Manager
  5. Customs Officer
  6. Telecommunications Specialist
  7. Budget Analyst
  8. Mechanical Engineer
  9. Chemical Engineer
  10. Civil Engineer
  11. Border Patrol Agent
  12. Environmental Engineer
  13. Attorney
  14. Veteran Nurse
  15. Statistician
  16. Economist
  17. Audit Manager
  18. Cyber security Specialist
  19. Computer Scientist
  20. Physician

Last Note

Now you have enough information on how to get a federal government job in Nigeria. So if you really desire such jobs, then you should start out now. I wish you all the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors can disqualify you from obtaining a federal government job in Nigeria

Falsification of information or records by an applicant can bring about disqualification of that applicant

Are government workers well paid?

Government jobs offer decent pay instead of a luxurious one . However, you have the benefit of job security and other benefits.

Can a federal employee get fired?

Yes, Although it is a rare occurrence . Moreso, the process of hiring is usually a long and difficult one.


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