List Of Best Paying Jobs In Nigeria

List of Best Paying Jobs in Nigeria

List Of Best Paying Jobs In Nigeria- Are you in search in the best paying jobs in Nigeria? Then look no further! In this article, you will discover the list of best paying jobs in Nigeria. We have also included some of the tips to land high-paying jobs in Nigeria.

List Of Best Paying Jobs In Nigeria

  1. Surgeon
  2. Pilot
  3. Software Developer
  4. Telecoms Engineer
  5. Aeronautical Engineer
  6. Accountant
  7. Pharmacists
  8. IT Analyst
  9. Lawyer
  10. Digital Marketer
  11. Bank Manager
  12. CEO
  13. Supreme Court Judge
  14. Architectural Manager
  15. Aviation Manager
  16. Orthodontist
  17. Financial Manager
  18. Director of Engineering
  19. University Professor
  20. Construction Manager
  21. Advertising Sales Director
  22. Head of Public Relations
  23. Psychologist
  24. Marketing Director
  25. Sailor
  26. Medical Doctor
  27. Petroleum Engineer
  28. Military Officer
  29. Software Engineer
  30. Banker

1. Surgeons

Surgeons are physicians that treat infections, diseases, ailments and injuries through operative methods. Surgeons usually work in a team comprising doctors, nurses, anesthesiologist, surgical assistants and others. There are different categories of Surgeons; Plastic surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, Heart transplant surgeon, Pediatric surgeon and Neurosurgeon, etc. All these categories of Surgeons earn well with the plastic surgeon emerging as the best-paid. Averagely, a surgeon earns between 400,000 and 2.5 million naira monthly.

How Do I Become A Surgeon In Nigeria

To become a surgeon, you must be passionate about the medical career. Also you must :

  • Be compassionate
  • Possess ability to think fast
  • Possess problem-solving skills
  • Possess managerial skills
  • Persevere, as the program is for a long duration

To become a surgeon in Nigeria, you must go through the following process;

  • Have a good O’ level result most especially in the science subjects
  • Apply to study Medicine and Surgery in a medical school approved by National Universities Commission
  • Upon graduation from medical school, go through 1-year Housemanship and also 1-year National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) program.
  • Then start out your experience as a medical doctor
  • Apply to the surgical unit of a medical school to go through surgical training. The training program is a specialist program that last for about 5 to 8 years.

2. Pilot

The job of a pilot is one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria. Averagely, a pilot earns between 200,000 and 500,000 monthly while a captain earns between 500,000 and 3,000,000 monthly. A pilot is a personnel in control of the flight of an aircraft and has ability to fly different kinds of aircraft.

How Do I Become A Pilot In Nigeria

To become a pilot in Nigeria, you must first attend an aviation school approved by the Federal Aviation Authority which is usually for a duration of 4 years.

3. Software Developer

Software developer is also among the best paying jobs in Nigeria, with a monthly earning of between 134,00 and 400,000 naira monthly. Software developers are professionals that work with computer system. They design computer programs, application systems, etc. They identify a problem and then develop a software that will solve that problem.

How Do I Become A Software Developer In Nigeria

  • Firstly, you must have at least a Bachelor degree in Computer Science
  • You should take up relevant professional certification
  • You should keep updating yourself as Software development is not a static profession

4. Telecoms Engineer

Telecommunications industry is one of the fastest growing industry in Nigeria. Telecoms Engineer are involved in design and installations of telecoms equipment. They are involved in the management of communication systems. The Job role of a telecoms engineer is one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria . Averagely, a telecoms engineer earns between 200,000 to 1 million monthly.

How Do I Become A Telecoms Engineer?

A degree In Electrical/ Electronics Engineering or Computer Science would make you qualify. You may also need to take up some relevant certification.

5. Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineers deal with the design, development, construction and maintenance of aircraft. They work on different kinds of aircraft. The job of an aeronautical engineer is one of the best-paying jobs in Nigeria with an average salary of #350,000 to #700,000.

How Do I Become An Aeronautical Engineer In Nigeria

You will need to first study Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering in the university.

6. Accountant

An Accountant is in charge of financial records of a company. It is among the best paying jobs in Nigeria. Accountants earn between 140,000 and 1.5million naira monthly.

How Do I Become An Accountant In Nigeria

You would need to attend an NUC accredited university in Nigeria to study Accounting. After graduation, you will have to obtain a relevant professional qualification such as ICAN, ANAN, CIMA & ACCS. It is after you have obtained a certification that you can practice.

7. Pharmacists

Pharmacists work in the healthcare industry where they are involved in the preparation, storage, handling and dispensing of drugs. They ensure patients get the right and correct dose of drugs as prescribed by the doctors. The job of a pharmacist is one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria, with a salary range between 120, 000 and 180, 000 naira monthly. For pharmacists that do private practice aside their salary job, their monthly income is usually much more.

How Do I Become A Pharmacist In Nigeria

  • To work as a Pharmacist in Nigeria, you will need to first obtain a Bachelor degree (B.Pharm) from a recognized university.
  • Go for internship upon graduation
  • Get inducted into Pharmacist Council of Nigeria

8. IT Analyst

IT Analysts provide technical support to IT users. They do so by creating and implementing different system that would bring about greater efficiency. They earn between 176,000 and 492,000 naira monthly.

How Do I become An IT Analyst In Nigeria

You need to have a degree from a recognized university in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. You may also need to get some additional trainings specific to your job.

9. Lawyer

Lawyer provides legal advice and assistance, counselling their clients on their legal rights & obligation. They stand as prosecutors or defense, attorney in court and some other legal service. The law profession is one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria, with a monthly pay between 150,000 and 1.1 million naira monthly.

How To Become A Lawyer In Nigeria

  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university (Bachelor of Law, LLB) which is about 5 years
  • You will then proceed to Law School for 1 year
  • You get certified by the Nigeria Bar Association.

10. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing is one of the best paying jobs in Nigeria. With the advancement in technology and digitalization of a lot of professions, the demand for digital marketers is on the rise daily. Digital marketers promotes brands and carry out marketing campaign using different digital channels.

As a digital marketer, you can get employed in an establishment and you can choose to be working as a free-lancer. Most-times, free-lancing will earn you more than being employed.

How Do I become A Digital Marketer

Most employers don’t really need much certifications. In fact, most employers are looking out for work experience as against certifications. You can easily pick up a digital marketing course online.

How To Land One Of The Best Paying Jobs In Nigeria: Five Best Tips

Tip 1: Get the right and relevant knowledge/skills

To get one of the best –paying jobs in Nigeria, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Aside getting a degree, you should also get professional certification relevant to your field of interest. Getting relevant certification in addition to your degree will make your resume stand out.

Tip 2: Your CV/ Resume is your first impression, let it speak well for you

Your resume is the first thing your prospective employer would come in contact with. It speaks volume of your personality, professionalism, qualification and ability. It is the first impression you give of yourself. Thus you must take your time to build your CV/ resume. You may even need to get a professional to build your CV for you. It is that serious.

Tip 3: Search deliberately and intelligently

Employ all available means to search for job; word of mouth, family & friends, newspaper and the social media space. Many people have gotten juicy jobs via the social media platform. There are also job sites that jobs are being posted on a regular basis. Examples of social media platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Tip 4: Update your worth regularly

Just like some of the apps you use on your phone requires updates at regular intervals, so also you must regularly update yourself. Add value to yourself. Learn something new that is relevant to your career and keep adding such to your CV. Don’t be stagnant, just keep improving on yourself.

Tip 5: Your Environment is also an important factor

Where you stay is also a contributing factor to the kind of job you will get. A teacher living in Victoria Island in Lagos will get higher pay than one living in Idimu (Lagos hinterland). Although living in those developed places can imply high standard and cost of living. But understand that your environment goes beyond your place of abode. Your environment also includes your network of friends. If you cant afford to live in those luxurious places, then surround yourself with friends of worth remotely that could be of help both now and in the future.


Now you have the list of the best paying jobs in Nigeria. Getting a lucrative job may not be as difficult as you think. At times, some right information would make a huge difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs pay well without requiring a bachelor degree?

The following jobs would pay well and you do not require a bachelor degree to get such. Examples include: Patrol Officer, Plumber, Sales Representative, Flight Attendant, Executive Assistance, Turbine technician, etc.

What jobs in Nigeria pays the least?

  • Nursery teacher
  • Security Guard
  • Cleaner
  • Seamstress
  • Assistant Teacher Education


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