10 Work From Home Jobs You Can Do In Nigeria

Work From Home Jobs You Can Do In Nigeria

10 Work From Home Jobs You Can Do In Nigeria- The Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 and the lockdown that followed brought to limelight work from home jobs. Ever since 2020, people have been looking for alternative ways to work without having to sit in an office space all day long.

Work from home jobs are now much available especially if a conventional office life will not suit you e.g nursing mothers, students, etc. In this article, you will discover 10 work from home jobs that can fetch you good income. You will also discover the pros and cons of work from home jobs which can help you decide if work from home is great for you or not.

10 Work From Home Jobs You Can Do In Nigeria

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the cool work from home jobs you can do in Nigeria. In fact, if you work in an office, you can still work as dropshipper. Dropshipping is a kind of retail business in which the retailer (virtual retailer) receives orders from customers and forward it directly to the customer.

In this kind of business, it is the dropshipper that sets the price for the goods. It is a cool way to make money without much stress. In fact, it requires no stress as you wont be touching any goods or keep any stock.  You get to fix the price for the final customers and pay the wholesaler/manufacturer his own amount. And then you smile to the bank with all the profits.

2. Content writing

This is one of the work from home jobs you can do in Nigeria. All you need is a good laptop and strong internet connection. There are a lot of sites and blogs coming up now and looking for writers. This is because a well-written article can drive serious traffic to a site. So you are in hot demand as a content writer.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is a bit different from content writing. Copy writing involves putting some words together to promote the sales of a product/service. A lot of companies require copywriters to help them write copies that drive massive sales for their product/service.

4. Graphic Design

With your laptop and internet connection, you are good as a graphic designer. You will be designing fliers, logos, bulletins, posters, etc both in e-format and hardcopies. It is one of the good work from home jobs you can do in Nigeria. Once you are good at making great designs, you will get lots of clients.

5. Affliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer , you get to promote  a good or service online and when someone buys it, you earn a commission. It is one of the work from home jobs you can do in Nigeria that wont stress you at all. The main work you have to do is to promote/ market the goods/service and once someone buys through your affiliate link, you get your commission.

6. Blogging

Blogging is one of the work from home jobs that doesn’t require a huge capital for you to start with. Infact, you can even obtain a free hosting plan with a domain name. You can set up a free blog and start making money from it.3 ways to make money from blogging: Google  Adsense, Affliate marketing and sponsored posts.

7. Social Media Consultant

As a social media consultant, you will be working with clients to help them grow and optimize their social media presence. To work in this role, you must be vast in the use of social media platforms such as tiktok, Facebook, twitter, etc.

8. Online Tutor

It is one of the cool work from home jobs that can fetch you some cool money. First, you need to think about skills that others need. You can sell such skills in the form of trainings. All you need do is to do some video recordings, edit and package them together and then sell to people. Different areas you could be an online tutor include: academics, vocational skills, digital skills, etc.

9. SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant work with clients and with sites and blogs, advising and helping them to get high rankings, drive traffic to site and make profits from their sites. SEO consultants help to increase the visibility to websites/ blogs .

10. You Tuber

The job involves producing videos and sharing on You Tube channel. When you have about 1000 views or more , you start getting paid in USD. If there are skills you know and teach others, you can package them into short videos and post on your YouTube channel regularly.

Pros And Cons Of Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria

Pros Of Work From Home Jobs

1. Flexibility

Most work from home jobs  are flexible. Infact, this is one of the key features of work from home jobs. You can actually schedule your work to suit yourself . You are not under pressure like people that go to office daily. You can attend to other businesses while working from home. As long as you are delivering results readily , no one will query you on how you use your time.

2. You have enough independence

This is absent in a physical workplace. You can get to work  at your pace and timing . You can even get to complete your task faster as there are little or no distractions. As long as you are self-disciplined and motivated, you can achieve more.

3. More Productivity

Working from home makes you more productive as there are no distractions, no need to commute. You will have a lot time to complete your tasks.

4. No Distractions

There can be distractions sometimes in the workplace such as gisting coworkers, sound of equipment, etc. Such is not applicable in the homefront. You can get the quietness, tranquility  and focus you need.

5. Opportunity for other side hustles

Work from home jobs  gives you the opportunity to have multiple streams of income. You can do a lot of things online and make a lot of money, provided you are able to manage your time well. Such is not easily obtained in a physical workplace.

6. There is work-life balance

Work from home jobs gives you a good work-life balance. You can easily attend to your family and other personal affairs. You don’t have to seek permission to do some personal stuffs since you are in charge of your time.

7. You save time, money and energy spent on commuting

Work from home jobs eliminate the need to commute. This helps save time , energy and money . A lot of Nigerians especially those working in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria spend 2 hours or more commuting everyday to work. They face hike in transport fare, traffic jam, etc. This is not applicable in work from home jobs.

8. You save more

When you work from home , you save a lot. For instance, there is no need for commuting , so you save on transportation expenses. Some other expenses such as clothing, meals, childcare, etc are also reduced.

9. You develop more skills

Work from home jobs help you acquire some more skills than working in a physical workplace. Better communication skills like emails, phone calls, chats via different platforms. You also have better technical skills.

10. Better job satisfaction

Work from home jobs create better job satisfaction than a conventional workplace. You are more independent, can save more, more productive and comfortable. In short, you derive a lot of satisfaction.

Constraints of Work From Home Jobs

1. Tendency of Overworking

This happened to me few months back, I got carried away by the flexibility of the work I do that I almost broke down health-wise. I work most of the time, I don’t get enough sleep and I don’t eat well.  But now I am wiser. The flexibility of the work could get you to overwork and cause damage to your health.

2. There can be distractions at home

This happened with mothers, most especially in times when children are on holidays. Children most times want special attention from mummy and if they can get such, they become restless.

3. High cost of running an home office

In a country like Nigeria where powersupply is epileptic, work from home jobs can be a disadvantage. Most especially if you reside in a part of Nigeria that is badly bitten by the blackout. It implies that you have to spend money getting alternative source of power.

4. Risk of Isolation

If you are a sanguine by temperament, you may not enjoy work from home jobs. Because it is a lonely world out here. One way we get to catch fun and relax some times is on social media. And for the family persons, you can get to relax with your loved ones. The singles are the ones I pity most.

Final Note

I believe you have now decided the work from home jobs you can do now. Aside from the ones mentioned in this article, there are other work from home jobs that you can engage in and such will fetch you good income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work from home for google?

Yes. You can work as a Search Engine Evaluator, YouTube video creator, Adsquality rater, etc.

What jobs can I do from home with little or no experience?

  • Data entry clerk
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Content Writer
  • Search Engine Evaluator
  • Customer Support Representative


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