Challenges Of Teaching Profession In Nigeria

teaching profession in Nigeria

Challenges Of Teaching Profession In Nigeria- The teaching profession in Nigeria and even other part of the world is a peculiar one. This is because it is that field / profession that determines the future of many young ones in the society. All these juicy professions that most desire such as Engineering, Banking, Medicine, IT, etc cannot all come to reality without the teaching profession. The teaching profession is like the fulcrum on which all other professions are resting.

Unfortunately, in this part of the world most especially Nigeria, the teaching profession is facing a lot of challenges. In this post, we would discuss in details some of these challenges in the teaching profession. We would also be sharing with you some tips to overcome those challenges.

Challenges Of Teaching Profession In Nigeria

Challenge 1: Low pay

This is one of the major challenges in the teaching profession in Nigeria. Most of the teachers are underpaid. This itself is a discouraging factor to those having the passion for the teaching profession . The issue of low pay has made our classrooms to be manned by inexperience, unqualified and incompetent teachers. The competent and qualified teachers have gone to get jobs in other juicy fields.

Possible solution to the challenge of low pay

Its high time the teaching profession in Nigeria is being taken serious and rated equally just like other professions. After all , everyone in other juicy positions passed through the walls of schools for them to attain such position. There is nothing bad if a teacher earns similar salary as a medical doctor. Teachers are not doing lesser at all.

Challenge 2: Poor work environment

Poor work environment also fall among the challenges of teaching profession in Nigeria. Only a few schools (whose fees are cut-throat) have conducive environment and learners. Teachers and learners in a large number of schools are in unconducive environment where the toilets are bad, no matter supply and ventilation being poor. This is what many people in the teaching profession in Nigeria face.

Possible solution for poor work environment

The truth is the nature of work environment will affect behavior of learners and work output of teachers. School owners should take up the responsibility of ensuring that the environment is conducive enough for students to learn and teachers to give their best.

Challenge 3: Distorted/ Wrong perception of teaching profession in Nigeria

When you introduce yourself as a teacher in Nigeria, people look down on you and see you as someone to be pitied. You are being classified among the low-class.

Possible solution to the problem of wrong perception

The society needs to have a good/ positive image of teaching profession in Nigeria. Afterall, there wont be doctors , engineers, etc , if there are no teachers to train them. Teachers deserve more.

Challenge 4: Lack of trained professional in the classrooms

Because of low pay, poor image and poor working environment , the classroom now has a good number of untrained personnels. This is because the trained, qualified and professionals have abandoned the profession and gone to get juicy jobs in other fields. The persons left to teach in the classroom are not too competent.

Possible solutions

The few professionals (competent ones) left in the classroom should be motivated. Schools should organize training/ seminars at regular intervals to help the incompetent ones.

Challenge 5: Inadequate Infrastructures

This is also among the challenges in the teaching profession in Nigeria. Only few schools in Nigeria  can afford to furnish the classrooms and equip the laboratories. Teachers can teach effectively without the right infrastructures. Imagine a chemistry lab with only 10 pipettes to serve over 70 science students!

Challenge 6: Inadequacy of staffs

A number of schools most especially the govt-owned in rural areas are short-staffed. Reasons are not far fetched: low pay, lack of motivation. You will find a teacher take 2 or 3 subjects at the same time. This is not supposed to be.

Possible solutions

More teachers should be recruited most especially in the rural areas

Challenge 7:  Lack of financial support

Some school owners are not able to adequately equip the schools because of lack of funds. The little funds they get is what is being used to fund the school. Government does not offer any financial support to private schools . Even the funding available to government schools are not enough.

Challenge 8: Lack of effective teaching policy

Teaching policies is not uniformly applied in schools. While some schools are not sound in their educational approach, some are not really doing well.

Wrong Reasons People Get Into The Teaching Profession In Nigeria

Even though teaching profession in Nigeria is not highly esteemed, the fact still remains that it is an honorable profession. Because of the low esteem , low pay and poor motivation associated with the teaching profession in Nigeria, people are getting into the profession for the wrong reasons.

Here are some of the wrong reasons people get in to the teaching profession in Nigeria:

  • I have been jobless for the past 5 years after graduation, let me settle for teaching and earn an income
  • I want a job that would allow me close early and be able to attend to my kids or other businesses
  • I just need to work while waiting to get admission into college
  • I need source of income urgently
  • I want a job that wont stress me

People getting into the teaching profession in Nigeria for the reasons above most likely will face challenges while in the profession.

General Tips To Address Challenges In Teaching Profession In Nigeria

To The Teachers

As someone who is interested in the teaching profession, don’t just dive in, get adequate training . And peradventure, you are already in the profession , but not with enough qualification, you can register for evening , weekend or online classes. Its never too late to get the right training . When you have the right training and skills, you will be able to do your work well and even earn better.

To the Government and NGOs

Government and NGOs should rise and give financial support also to private schools needing them. The truth is the more our youths get off the streets and into school, the better and safer the society becomes for us.

To the parents

Parents should also be of support and encouragement to these teachers . Teachers are doing a lot of great work in the life of these students. Some words of encouragement, little cash gift, etc, can go a long way to ease these teachers.

To the learners

Students should always support and encourage their teachers. Paying attention in class, staying obedient , saying nice complements can go a long way to alleviate some of the issues in teaching profession in Nigeria.

Multiple Streams Of Income: The Major Way To Tackle Challenges In Teaching Profession

One of the major challenges of teaching profession in Nigeria is that of poor funding  and low pay/ remuneration.  Currently, the budget allocation for education is quite small. So waiting for government funding may be a long wait . But as teachers, we can help ourselves out of this horrible situation. This is by having multiple streams of income. There are so many things you can do alongside practicing teaching profession in Nigeria.

List Of Side Hustles For Personnels In The Teaching Profession In Nigeria

Extra coaching: This is the commonest side hustle done by many in the teaching profession in Nigeria. However, there are other side hustles you can engage in after school hours , during weekends or holiday period. If you take these side hustles serious, some of them may even pay you will more than what you will get in your teaching job.

Some of these side hustles include:

  • Catering
  • Events decoration
  • Hair dressing
  • Fashion Design
  • Hat making
  • Bead making
  • Soap making
  • Photography
  • Make up Artistry
  • Barbing
  • Automobile servicing
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Fish farming
  • Snail farming
  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Programming

All these side hustles can be done while you are still practicing your teaching profession . All you need is first some few months dedicated to acquiring the skills. Once the skill has been acquired , you can start getting jobs.

Final Word

The truth is this: every profession has its challenges. This is why you must allow the right reasons to guide you into the choice of a profession. When you are guided by the right reasons in choosing a profession, you would be able to soar above challenges that may come up in the profession. But if you have chosen the career for wrong reasons, you will fizzle out in the face of challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the teaching profession challenging?

To be a teacher requires a lot of patience, dedication, passion and ability

What are some factors affecting teaching/learning

  • Learning environment
  • Support materials
  • Instructional materials

What is the purpose of teacher education in Nigeria?

To provide teachers with the intellectual and professional equipping needed to function in their role.

What are the challenges facing teacher education in Nigeria

  • Lack of funds
  • Inadequate learning facilities
  • Insufficient lectures
  • Strike action
  • Poor supervision

What is involved in teacher education?

Teacher education involves training personnels who are going to be responsible for impacting the young ones with knowledge, skills and expertise


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