Why You Should Consider A Career In Food And Nutrition

career in food and nutrition

Why You Should Consider A Career In Food And Nutrition- A career in food and nutrition does not necessarily mean you are going to end in some restaurant selling food or in a classroom teaching nutrition. There is a lot you can do. In this article, we would be looking at some benefits of going for a career in food and nutrition and also different career opportunities you can explore in food and nutrition.

Why You Should Consider A Career In Food And Nutrition

1. It is an in-demand career

Persons with career in food and nutrition are in high demand globally. People have learnt in recent years that having good eating habits is one of the major ways to stay healthy. So there is increase in demand for knowledge for right nutrition.

2. Diverse environment to work

With a career in food and nutrition, you have the opportunity `to work in a diverse environment  Your work is not limited to laboratory alone. You can work in quality department, sales, Research & development, manufacturing, marketing, teaching or government . You don’t have to stick to one job routine . For instance, if you are tired of working in the laboratory, you can switch to sales, teaching, etc. The opportunities for work are numerous.

3. Job security

The food industry is one that can never go into extinction . People need to eat for survival and other purposes. So if you go for a career in food and nutrition , you can be rest assured of a secured job both now and in the future. Yes, there would be development and improvement in processes and technology , but the career will never go out of date.

4. Opportunity to take your passion to the next level

If you are very much passionate about good nutrition, then its time to take that passion to the next level. Advance your passion further by taking a career in food and nutrition. Get more knowledge and get certified. Research has shown that people who choose a career along their area of passion are more likely to succeed. Moreso, your area of passion will fetch you more income . So educate your passion now!

5. Opens you up to travel opportunities

A career in food and nutrition opens you up to travel opportunities around the world. The career is a global one , so there is no country  you will travel that you wont find relevance.

6. You get to live better lives

People are daily in research for knowledge on good nutrition. Having knowledge of good nutrition and applying such will help you have better and healthy lives. With a career in food and nutrition , you will acquire knowledge on how to live better lives with good nutrition.

7. Opportunity to help others

With a career in nutrition, you will be helping others live better lives. For instance, as a nutritionist or dietician, you would be meeting and advising people on taking the right diet for a healthy life.

Careers In Food And Nutrition

1. Food Science

This is one career in food and nutrition. Food sciences include 5 core values:  food chemistry, food microbiology, food engineering, food processing and food analysis.

Skills Required To Be A Food Scientist

  • Analytical
  • Numerical
  • Attention to details
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Health and safety skills

Roles Of A Food Scientist

  • They improve food quality and packaging and formulate new products
  • They research new, improved and less expensive technique for food manufacturing process that meets regulatory requirements.
  • They work on new products from conceptualization to launching
  • Coordinate independent lab testing
  • Utilize formulation software to create and update formula
  • Record, analyze and summarize data

How To Become  A Food Scientist

  • Get a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science or related field.
  • Having some understanding of data science
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a laboratory

2. Dietetics

This is the scientific study of the effect of food and nutrition on the health. In this course, you will learn about metabolism, dietary requirements, disease, etc. As a dietician, you can get jobs in the government , industry, community (public health) and in the clinic.  You can also choose to do some private practice, consulting for people, etc.

How To Become A Dietician

  • Get a degree in a related field
  • Get a master’s degree
  • Go through internship to get some experience
  • Get relevant certifications
  • Get a job

3. Food technology

It is another great career in food and nutrition. Food technologists have the responsibility of safe and efficient development, manufacture and modification of food products and techniques. They help food manufacturer improve on food production.

Roles of Food Technologist

  • They are involved in food research and development
  • They ensure food is safe and labelled accurately
  • Research better ways to preserve and package food
  • Find innovative ways to create good and nutritious food products

How To Become A Food Technologist

  • Get a Bachelor’s degree in Food, Science and Technology
  • Obtain relevant certifications
  • Get internship to get some experience
  • Update your resume
  • Get a job

4. Caterer

It is another great career in food and nutrition. In this career, you will be involved in planning, organizing, operations, implementation and management.

Skills You Will Need As A Caterer

  • Organizing
  • Communication
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Great attention to details
  • Love for food and people
  • Problem-solving

Roles Of A Caterer

  • Creation of menus according to the preferences of clients and their dietary needs
  • Prepare and store food safely before and during events
  • Set-up tables and food service areas with chairs, linens and dishes
  • Serve guests with food at events
  • Clean up dining area

How To Become A Caterer

  • Take up a course in kitchen operations and food preparation
  • Go through internship
  • Get a job

5. Medical Nutrition Therapy

Another great career in nutrition is Medical nutrition therapy where medical treatment is made based on nutrition. It involves giving of right foods/ nutrition to treat some disease conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

How To Become A Medical Nutrition Therapist

  • Get a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical nutrition, counselling, health psychology & related field
  • Get relevant certifications
  • Have a good background in Science

How To Become A Medical Nutrition Therapist

  • They work closely with doctors to ensure that medical treatment is properly combined with good nutrition
  • Assess nutritional needs of individuals and work out a compatible a nutritional and wellness plan
  • Help people alleviate health issues through proper diet

6. Teaching/ Nutrition Educator

Another great career in food and nutrition . They provide training and information on the benefits of healthy foods and balanced diet.  As a nutrition educator, you can get to work in schools , hospitals and some other organization.

Roles of A Medical Nutrition Therapist

  • They develop educational programs , courses, presentations and policies related to nutrition
  • Facilitate teaching and seminars
  • Liase with nutritionist , doctors and other healthcare professionals to evaluate data.
  • Generate nutritional and assessment report

How To Become  A Medical Nutrition Therapist

  • Bachelor’s degree in nutrition sciences/ dietetics
  • Proficiency in computer packages such as excel, power point
  • Skills like communication, organization skills, etc.

7. Clinical Nutrition

Another career in food and nutrition that involves diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the take-in , absorption of food products. It also promotion of sound health through prevention of diet-related diseases.

Roles of Clinical Nutritionist

  • Assess and evaluate nutrition status of patients
  • They plan and initiates medical nutrition therapy
  • Educate and counsel patients and families on nutritional matters
  • Carry out administrative role related to public health nutrition

How To Become A Clinical Nutritionist

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition , Dietetics or related field from an accredited institution
  • Obtain relevant certifications
  • Get some experience through internship
  • Update your resume
  • Get a job

Skills Required To  Be A Clinical Nutritionist

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of clinical nutrition
  • Ability to make presentations
  • Problem-solving skills

Last Word

Now you have seen that having a career in food and nutrition beyond teaching and practicing how to cook. If this interests you, then you should start your career in food and nutrition today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to pick a career in food and nutrition?

  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Instructional
  • Mathematical
  • Organizational
  • Interpersonal
  • Management

What are some of the topics I will learn when taking a career in food and nutrition?

  • Food chemistry
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Nutrition methodology
  • Nutrition& Microbes
  • Nutrition and food science technology
  • Nutrition and metabolism
  • Nutrigenomics


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