Front Desk Officer Job Description and Salary in Nigeria

Front desk officer job description and salary in Nigeria

Front desk officer job description and salary in Nigeria – One of the crucial people that provide a meaningful first impression to clients and customers in a business or organization is the front desk officer. He/she can be regarded as the first point of contact for clients, visitors, and guests at organizations, companies, hotels, and offices, among others.

A front desk officer plays a vital role in establishing a professional image for the organization.  In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the front desk officer Job description and salary in Nigeria. Read on.

Who Is a Front Desk Officer?

A front desk officer is a company representative who stands at the reception or lobby; he/she is the first person people come in contact with whenever they come to a company or organization. Their jobs include greeting clients, answering calls, directing clients, and many more. To successfully land this job, you must have a friendly and easygoing personality. Your main responsibility is to ensure that the people coming to the company are as comfortable as possible. You are also required to know how to deal with complaints and provide accurate information regarding the company.

Front Desk Officer Job Description and Salary In Nigeria

Below are the job description or responsibilities associated with the role of a front desk officer in Nigeria;

1. Greeting /welcoming clients, guests, and visitors

The front desk officer will welcome clients and customers into the company, business, or organization. They are required to give a unique first impression to the visitors, thereby ensuring they come back again. Front desk officers are required to handle the cases of the visitors before transferring or guiding them to the managers or the actual person that will be in charge of them.

2. Picking phone calls

Aside from offering an in-person greeting, the front desk officer will also be in charge of answering incoming calls. Based on the size of the company you are working with, you should be familiar with the company’s telephone system so you can execute the task efficiently. You will also be responsible for screening the calls, calling recipients, sending and receiving messages, and other related work.

3. Sending mails

Depending on your company type, you might also be responsible for sending and receiving calls. After receiving the mail, you will sort it out, delete the unimportant ones and identify the essential ones. You will also distribute messages based on your workplace policy. Also, you will also be responsible for handling the message directly to the recipients or delivering the parcel in an interoffice manner. You might be required to work overnight whenever there is overnight delivery that will arrive.

4. Prepare outgoing mails

You will also prepare outgoing emails sent to postal services or overnight couriers. If a customer needs to receive an urgent message, you will also call a delivery service and send the critical information to be delivered.

5. Administrative and Clerical Tasks

As a front desk officer, you will also handle different clerical tasks, such as drafting correspondence and preparing financial spreadsheets and presentations. You will also be the one to manage senior team members’ calendars, and you will arrange business travels whether you are working in a big or medium size enterprise. You will also order office supplies, make photocopies, send and receive files, etc. At a particular time, you will also execute some light bookkeeping work.

6. Make sure the reception is clean

Even though you might not be responsible for cleaning the reception, you will still be required to ensure the maximum level of cleanliness in the area. The company will not want their guest to see even if it’s the tiniest dirt after arriving, therefore, It is your duty to ensure the tidiness of the reception.

7. Answering questions

Some people aren’t familiar with the company, so since you are the first person they will meet after coming to the organization, you are required to answer their questions and queries. You should thus have critical knowledge of the company and a deeper understanding of its policy and procedures so you can answer their questions brilliantly. Also, while answering the question, ensure to be polite and put a welcoming smile on your face.

That’s it! Above are the major roles associated with a front desk officer job. Note, depending on the organization, you might be required to handle additional responsibilities.

Salary Information For Front Desk Officer in Nigeria

The average salary of a front desk officer in Nigeria ranges from N50,000 to N100,000. This is however influenced by the location, experience, and organization. For example, in Lagos state, a front desk officer can earn 136,000 Naira monthly, and the average salary is usually around 50,000 naira.

You could also receive additional pay monthly or after two or three months which can reach up to 60,000 from cash bonus, commission, profit sharing, and tips from customers that are satisfied or happy with the services you offered them.

The Necessary Qualifications To Apply For a Front Desk Job In Nigeria

Below are the qualifications needed to apply for a front desk officer job In Nigeria

  • A university degree from a reputable university. Some companies might also accept an OND or HND certificate.
  • Having at least one to two years of experience working as a front desk officer is an added advantage. However, some companies don’t care about that, especially those that want to hire newbies and nurture them. Such companies offer in-job training to entry-level front desk officers.
  • You must be proficient in using ms office tools like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.
  • You must have basic mannerisms and be courteous in your dealings
  • It would help if you were well-groomed and self-confident to speak to notable guests. You should also not be biased toward the guest coming; you are supposed to treat everyone equally.
  • You must also learn the ability to pay attention to details; it’s inevitable to make errors but don’t make them frequent.
  • You must also possess excellent organizational skills
  • You must be familiar with technology because you will be responsible for receiving or sending information.
  • You must have a bright and friendly personality. It would help if you always were welcoming towards the guest.
  • You have to be mature and flexible and understand ways you can approach everything in your workplace.

Factors Affecting Front Desk Officer Salary In Nigeria

Many factors can affect the front desk salary in Nigeria. Generally, the salary depends on several factors. We will take a look at the three major factors that are affecting the front desk officer salary in Nigeria.

1. Years of experience

One aspect that people always debate is between the years of experience and education that the company prefers most. If you are a recent graduate, of course, your certificate will show that you can go for the role, but you might fail to land the job because you don’t have work experience. Most employers prefer people that are familiar with the job; they want someone that they don’t need to train so they can save both money and time.

For example, you might have a degree in technology, but many companies will not hire you if you don’t have any experience. This also applies to the front desk work. Even if you land the job, not having prior knowledge or experience can affect your salary. The company might give you low pay because they will spend money to train you.

2. Industry and company size

Another factor that can affect the front desk job salary is the industry and company size. Generally, what you will earn from a front desk job depends on the size of the company you are working for. Although, there are some instances where if you work efficiently, you might earn a high amount in a small company. But the standard rule is that the bigger the company, the higher the salary you will earn, and the smaller the company, the lower the money you will make.

3. Location and cost of living

Location and cost of living are other factors that can affect the salary of a front desk officer job. Generally, the cost of living is the money necessary to keep a particular lifestyle and afford necessities like clothes, taxes, utilities, health care, etc. The location of the company you work for influences the amount the company will earn, affecting your salary. For example, if your company is located where clients are always coming in and out and constantly making sales, you will likely receive a high salary.

But if the company is located where they don’t make many sales, you may receive a low wage. As for the cost of living, there are times when you will need to relocate to a new place while doing the same job, so this can significantly affect your salary, especially if the cost of living in the new area is higher than your previous location.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! A comprehensive overview of the front desk officer Job description and salary in Nigeria. A front desk officer usually works at the reception, waiting area, or lobby of a company or organization. Some of the roles of this job include answering calls, Administrative and clerical Tasks, sending mail, preparing outgoing mail, in-person greetings, and many more. The Front Desk Officer job is an in-demand work with numerous job openings across the country.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is a front desk officer job full-time or part-time?

The role of a  front desk officer job can be full-time or part-time depending on the organization.

Are there any advancement opportunities for front desk officers?

Yes, there are advancement opportunities for front desk officers. With a proven track record of success, a front desk officer can advance to a higher position in a customer service role within the organization.

What are the benefits of working as a front desk officer?

Working as a front desk officer has numerous benefits including the opportunity to acquire strong communication and customer service skills.

How much is hotel front desk officer salary in Nigeria?

The salary of a hotel front desk officer salary varies depending on the hotel, experience, and location. However, the acreage salary of a hotel front desk officer per month in Nigeria is N50,000.

How much are Nigeria receptionists paid?

The average salary of a Nigeria receptionist is N70,000


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