How To Start A Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

How To Commence A Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

How To Commence A Dropshipping Business In Nigeria – Dropshipping in Nigeria is a lucrative and profitable business as of 2023. Many people fear starting an online business because of the startup costs and difficulties that come with running a small business in a country like Nigeria.

Starting a dropshipping business is an important first step toward entrepreneurship. You can sell products to customers, price your products, and market your brand. You don’t even have to pay for inventory unless it’s sold to an actual customer.

In this article, we will be discussing how to commence a dropshipping business in Nigeria. This will cover what a drop shipping business is all about, the pros and cons of starting a dropshipping business, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

1. Find a niche

Choosing a niche will help you fully understand it and give you an edge over your competitors. Without any information about your chosen niche, there can be no question about the quality, process, value, or anything about your products.

The niche you choose will be focused on lasers and it will be something you are passionate about. It is difficult to market a range of products unnoticed. If you are not passionate about your chosen niche, you are more likely to get discouraged as successfully scaling a trucking business takes a lot of work.

2. Find a supplier

Doing business with the wrong vendor can ruin your business, so it’s important not to rush this step. take reasonable care. Most of the suppliers that are useful for Nigerian companies are located abroad (mainly in China).

Alibaba has become one of the largest online resources for identifying and communicating with potential manufacturers and suppliers. If your business is growing exponentially, be sure to ask lots of questions and find out what your production capabilities are. You want to make sure they go with you.

3. Choose your platform

In this case, think of your platform as your online store. When starting a dropshipping business, you can choose to set up your online store or sell on popular eCommerce platforms in Nigeria that allow other sellers like Jumia and Konga to sell on their platforms.

It is recommended to start with the second option, as it solves many eCommerce management problems that you may not have the resources to solve. Next, you might consider starting your eCommerce website as a way to scale your business.

4. Promote your business

A popular quote in business is: “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” The main goal of running a dropshipping business is to sell something, and this can only be achieved by constantly looking for low-cost and innovative ways to promote your business.

Having a great product and website is great, but without customers wanting to buy, you have no business. Don’t neglect the essence of using digital marketing to grow your customer base. This can be done by running targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, using SEO to optimize certain keywords on search engines like Google, and many other growth hacking strategies.

5. Get your finances in order

A common mistake entrepreneurs make when starting a business is not taking financial management seriously. Any business that makes money needs to find financial loopholes that can destroy and hinder the business.

Small businesses need to get serious about financial activities like bookkeeping, paying taxes, managing payroll, and invoicing from day one. You should also learn to separate your work and personal finances as much as possible.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping in Nigeria is a retail channel where sellers do not keep the items they are selling in stock. Bulk products are expensive in Nigeria and bulk storage is dangerous. Dropshipping in Nigeria means that the seller buys the product from a third party and ships it directly to the customer.

This is a type of business model that allows the company to store or ship products to customers in bulk without holding stock.

Why Start Dropshipping In Nigeria

Financial independence and dropshipping go hand in hand. If you are a Nigerian citizen, you have what it takes to start this business and achieve great results.

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa with one of the fastest growing GDPs in the world with a GDP of over $440 billion. Nigeria has over 200 million population. And the store market is constantly growing. This makes Nigeria an ideal market for online entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, easy access to the Internet and a large number of mobile users make Nigeria particularly promising for e-commerce. Also, it is not a problem to start your own dropshipping business in this country. You can register your online store with 2Checkout or PayPal and start your journey to financial freedom now! Nigeria’s social and cultural landscape makes it easy to meet the locals and find your customers.

So if you want to build a risk-free, highly profitable business with great growth potential, dropshipping is exactly what you’re looking for.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up And Run A Dropshipping Website/Store?

Technically, you can start shipping with NGN0.00 (Zero Naira). With the right mix of free trials and starter plans from platforms like Shopify, you can start taking advantage of your free trials, and you’re in luck if you’re in the right niche and selling the right product at the right time.

Remember that you need to nurture your dropshipping business before it grows; In addition to money, you need to have the right business flexibility and the ability to always achieve the best in terms of product quality – with the right mix, 45 minutes of free time every day stands between you and success. Dropshipping stores.

But as they always say, just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Dropshipping has certainly made e-commerce easier; You can communicate with vendors around the world and sell your products from the comfort of your room, without having to take inventory or deliver to anyone. This is an incredible development.

Starting a successful business anywhere has never been free or easy, and today it’s still global—it takes time, effort, and money. Even with dropshipping, you may not need to rob the bank or take out another mortgage, but you do need to put money into your business before you can put money in your business pocket – the core of your business.

Pros of Starting a Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

  • Starting a dropshipping business requires a low startup fee compared to other ways to make money online in Nigeria.
  • You can test as many products as possible online and find out about the winning products without incurring high costs.
  • You can work with multiple vendors and sell different types of products in your store. All you have to do is create a new category for the product and you’re done.
  • No need to buy items or inventory with Dropshipping
  • Your supplier is in charge of transporting the product and you only have to take the order and send it to the supplier

Demerits of Starting a Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

  • You take responsibility for your clients
  • Customers may be upset if products may be delayed
  • Your supplier does not control the quality of their products
  • The easiest way to generate traffic is to post ads.
  • Each product can have a lower profit than the wholesale purchase.
  • It may not be possible to sell directly to Nigerians
  • The long delivery time from China to Nigeria

The key to success here is finding the best products and interests of the right buyers, and then scaling your marketing to take full advantage of them. But remember, there may be some setbacks, but if you are persistent and persistent, you will get profitable results from your business. You can also target international buyers instead of selling directly in Nigeria which takes more time.


Dropshipping is a profitable business for those who want to invest in it. All loose ends must be tightened in one operation. Make sure you regularly get enough information about your suppliers to keep up with market trends.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How profitable is dropshipping in Nigeria?

Dropshipping in Nigeria is a lucrative and profitable business to start in 2023. Many people are scared of starting an online business because of the startup costs and the hassles of running a small business in a country like Nigeria. Starting a dropshipping business is a significant first step into entrepreneurship.

Is dropshipping worth it in Nigeria?

Yes, dropshipping is still worth the investment if you’re looking for a low-cost business idea. The number of people searching the term “dropshipping” has increased exponentially in just a few years. Success lies in choosing the right products, maintaining profit margins, and choosing the right suppliers.

What licenses are needed to start a dropshipping business?

Obtain a Sales Tax ID, Business Licenses, and Permits

Most dropshipping businesses need a sales tax ID or reseller certificate from their state’s tax department. In some jurisdictions, there may be local sales tax, as well.

What is the minimum budget to start dropshipping?

It is possible to start a dropshipping company for as little as $100, making it a good option for those keen on bootstrapping a new venture. Best of all, dropshippers can sell a full range of products without ever having to purchase or hold any inventory.

What are the disadvantages of dropshipping?

  • Dropshipping isn’t simple.
  • No command over the supply chain.
  • Maintaining quality is difficult.
  • Building a brand can be challenging.
  • Customer service issues could occur.
  • It’s a competitive market.
  • Low profit margins.


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