Job Opportunities For History And International Studies In Nigeria

Job Opportunities For History And International Studies In Nigeria

Job Opportunities For History And International Studies In Nigeria — History is a field of study that deals with studying past events and their impact on modern society. It provided answers to questions that usually bug your mind, such as the major episodes of your past and the reasons behind those events, and questions like whether the social, economic, and political landscape has changed compared to the centuries before.

On the other hand, international studies, which is also a significant course in Nigeria, deals with studying the global community and answering questions like how society and counties communicate. People studying international studies will also learn and understand the social, political, and economic problems surrounding national and international agendas.

With much being said, let’s look at the job opportunities for history and international studies students in Nigeria and other information related to the two excellent courses.

Job Opportunities For History In Nigeria

In Nigeria, many job opportunities are available for history students. In fact, history is unlike other courses where you must pursue a field related to your studies; with history, you can apply for a wide range of jobs across Nigeria. Some of the opportunities you will have with your history certificate include;

1. Working in Museum

A museum is a place established to care for cultural and historical collections. Working in the museum is one of the best ways to put your history certificate to use and earn highly from it. Additionally, if you are passionate about historical activities and artifacts. Your history degree has already provided you with the necessary tools to thrive in this environment, so all you need is to submit that CV to your favorite museum and obtain the job.

2. Journalist

Historians can also apply for a journalist job. In this work, you will be responsible for researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and filing news stories and articles. Your piece will be used in magazines, broadcast on television, printed in newspapers, or published online. Other jobs include researching articles, reading press releases, interviewing sources, etc.

3. Historian

You can also become a historian with your history degree, this means you are directly following your study path. As a historian, your duties include gathering historical data from different sources, analyzing and interpreting historical information to know its authenticity and importance, tracing historical advancements in certain areas of study, engaging the public with programs and presentations associated with the history, achieving or preserving historical materials in museums, historical places, and viewing centers, guiding students on historical knowledge writing, articles, reports and books related to history and many more.

4. Researcher

A researcher is a person that analyzes data, gathers and compares resources from different sources, ensures facts, shares findings with other research teams, adheres to necessary methodologies, performs fieldwork when required, and keeps essential information confidential. You can apply for research work with your history certificate in any research institute in Nigeria.

5. Teaching

If initially, you have an interest in teaching, being a historian shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream. After all, you can apply for a teaching job with your certificate. Your duties include teaching students the importance of events that occurred in different periods and their significance in the modern world. You will be responsible for preparing lessons, grading papers, assisting the students with school activities, and scheduling and escorting them on field trips.

6. Librarian

You can also work in any library of your choice, but specifically, you will want to be in a library that deals with history and related fields. Your work will be professional, providing access to information for students and other people that come to the library; you may also offer social or technical programming and instructions to people about information literacy.

Job Opportunities For International Studies In Nigeria

In Nigeria, a degree in international studies provides students with adequate opportunities and tools to change the world. In the first place, international studies’ specific roles are to maintain positive diplomatic relations between countries, prevent conflict, and make sure everything is going perfectly and smoothly between global countries. As an international studies student, you will have access to a wide range of job opportunities you can apply for. Some of them include the following;

1. NGO worker

NGO means non-governmental organization. Most NGO activities include advocating human rights and other environmental and social activities that benefit the public. They can work nationally and internally to promote social and political change in a community. As an NGO officer, you are critical to the community, and you play an essential role in promoting citizen participation and also developing the entire society. For people that want to give back to their community and simultaneously earn some money, NGO work is the best thing to do with your international studies certificate.

2. Journalist

Like historians, international studies students can also apply for a journalist job. In this work, you will be responsible for researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and filing news stories and articles. Your piece will be used in magazines, broadcast on television, printed in newspapers, or published online. Other jobs include researching articles, reading press releases, interviewing sources, etc.

3. Business Consultant

The basic requirements for business consultant work are a bachelor’s degree with your international studies degree and other skills like planning and communication skills, analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and other essential skills related to the business world. You can apply for a job as a business consultant.

4. Intelligent Analyst

One of the duties of an international studies personnel is to maintain peace and diplomatic relations between countries. An intelligent analyst is responsible for analyzing intelligence collected worldwide to know threats and make important decisions. They are also responsible for developing relationships, managing networks, and facilitating information with other intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

5. International development worker

This work involves helping people suffering from natural disasters like earthquakes and war. You work with other developing countries to provide solutions to the affected people.

6. Diplomat/Foreign Service officer

The diplomat or foreign service officer helps a country manage its affairs with another specific country. They usually deal with issues like economic and financial sectors, politics, the military, etc.

Skills Required For Job Opportunities In The History And International Studies Field In Nigeria

Some of the skills required for job opportunities in history and international studies fields include;

1. Language skills

You must learn to read and understand sophisticated writings and recognize difficult words and structures. It would help if you also learned the cultural difference in languages, know how to interpret tongues, and many more. This is essential for both international studies and history students.

2. Research and analytical skills

Another essential skill required for this field is research and analytical skills. You must know how to generate complex ideas, compile and organize information, evaluate society’s culture and theories and also understand problems about them, and make decisions concerning policies.

3. Interpersonal skills

You must understand other cultures; you must also have the ability to develop sensitivity to different perspectives and know how to appreciate everyone’s ideas.

4. Communication

You must also know how to write and read clearly, and learn how to communicate and persuade people by giving them ideas and facts. And also have an active listening personality.

Challenges In The Job Market For History And International Studies In Nigeria

Generally, Nigeria is one of the counties facing a high unemployment rate regardless of the course a person has studied. Some of the challenges a person with a history or international studies certificate may face in Nigeria include the following;

1. Employability gap

Due to the slow growth in Nigeria, the number of people looking for jobs is more than the number of jobs available. This has led to a massive gap in the employment rate.

2. Lack of middle management

Mostly, middle management is regarded as the power engine of a company. A reduction or failure in middle management, it has led to a negative impact on the job market for history and international studies.

3. Work-from-home challenge

Another challenge that historians and international studies students are facing in Nigeria is the work-from-home challenge. Before, regardless of how badly a person wanted to work with international agencies, if he couldn’t afford it, he will look for talents in Nigeria. But today, with the emergence of remote working, which allows people to work with individuals from all over the world, people are moving towards hiring international individuals rather than their citizens. Additionally, even if you as a Nigerian have gotten a job to work remotely, you may still face issues like electricity, lack of fast network connection, lack of time management, distractions, etc.


That’s it! Above are job opportunities for history and international studies in Nigeria. Both history and international studies are courses that will take you as far as you can’t imagine. One beautiful aspect of both courses is the diversity it offers. You will have various job options to choose from. As a historian, you can choose to work in places like museums, journalism, research institutes, teaching, and many more. Also, as an international studies personnel, you can perform as an NGO person, be a business consultant or intelligence analyst, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of salary can I expect with a degree in history or international studies?

The salary range for a career in history or international studies differs depending on your chosen path. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for historians was $63,100 as of May 2020.

How can I prepare for a career in history or international studies?

To prepare for a career in history or international studies, you should seek relevant experience through volunteer work, internship, and research opportunities.

Who are the employers for graduates of history or international studies?

Some common employers of history or international studies graduates include museums, government agencies, research institutes, schools, universities, etc.

What are some of the benefits of pursing a career in history or international studies?

Pursuing a career in history or international studies can be personally and intellectually rewarding. It can also be a means to earn a good income.

Is a career in history or international studies rewarding?

Yes, it is. A career in history or international studies can be quite rewarding. The pay ranges are attractive and offer numerous opportunities for career growth.


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