Best Online Websites To Design Business Cards

online website to design business card

Best Online Websites To Design Business Cards- A business card is like a summary or brief information about your business. It is one of the first and lasting impression you can give about your business. It is a simple way of promoting your business without being too pushy. It is a critical part of branding for your business. Business card as small as it may appear, if designed right can create long lasting impression and turn total strangers into life-long customers. In this article, you will discover the best online websites to design business cards.

Best Online Websites To Design Business Cards

  • Vista Print
  • Moo
  • Got Print
  • Juke Box Print
  • 48 hour print
  • Elite Flyers

1. Vista Print

If you want to design a nice business card, Vista Print is one of the best online websites to design business cards. This online printing company offers a large selection of classic business card templates that you can choose from for your business/ organization. It takes about 7 days for the cards to be produced or shipped to you. Prices start from $15 per 100 business cards.

Some features of Vista Print

  • Cards comes with glossy, matte or metallic finishing
  • Card has double sided printing
  • Finished cards come in a cardboard box with a lid
  • You can add business logo and some other images to the card
  • Site offers you a large selection of business cards

2. Moo

Moo is among good online websites to design business cards. The company offers quality and outstanding business cards and some other stationery products. Printing is usually two-sided with full colour. There are free options of designs with no watermark. Prices starts from $19.99 for 50 business cards.

Some Features of Moo

  • Website is user-friendly with excellent customer service
  • There is a large stock of beautiful card templates where you can choose from
  • It takes about 3-5 days to produce and ship cards down to clients
  • Cards usually come in a nice package with a business card holder
  • Companies with more than 10 employees enjoy discount
  • Cards come in different shapes ; rounded corners, square cards and  minicards

3. Got Print

Got Print is another nice online website to design business cards. The business cards here are quite affordable and good too. There is a range of business card templates which you can choose from. Website has good customer service and it takes about 5 working days for business cards to be produced and shipped. Price starts from $7.63 for 100 business cards.

Features of Got Print

  • Cards are simple and highly affordable
  • Card come in different sizes and shapes; circles, oval and square
  • Card comes in full colour with UV coating and double sided printing

4. Juke Box Print

Juke Box Print is one of the best online websites to design business cards. The site has a lot of nice templates for you to select from. Card usually come with matte or gloss finish. Card comes in varying shapes such as circle, hearts, cupcakes and rounded corners. Production and shipping takes about 8 working days.

Features of Juke Box Print

  • Card has two-sided printing and bleeding edges
  • Card is full colour with quality print
  • You can choose to customize your cards

5. 48 hour Print

48 hour Print is one of the outstanding online websites to design business cards. The company offer excellent and quality service in terms of business cards. Cards are unique and classic. Minicards, rounded corner cards and tent-fold cards are all available. Card features glossy, matte or UV finish which not only make the card professional but also gives it some good durability.

As the name implies: 48-hour, production and delivery is 2 business days. Price is from $19.97 for 100 cards.

Features of 48 hour Print

  • Unlike most other sites, there are no templates to choose from. You will have to upload your own artwork.
  • Site is thus great for professional designers
  • Online company offers quality and express service

6. Elite Flyers

Whether you need your business cards in bulk or small quantity , you can always trust Elite flyers. It is one of the good online websites to design business cards. The website has a lot of business card templates from which you can make a choice. And if you aren’t satisfied with any of the template, you can request for a new and different design to be done for you. That comes at an extra cost though.

Importance Of Business Cards

  • It serves as a soft reminder of your business to your customers/prospective clients.
  • Makes your business appear more professional
  • It gives a brief/ summary of your business activities
  • It carries the contact details of your business

What To Include On A Business Card

Information placed on a business card usually varies from one company or business to another. But these are the basic information that should be on a business card:

1. Name and Contact

An ideal business card should include your name and the name of your company. Contact include your phone number , physical address, mailing address and email address.

2. Company tagline and position of the holder within the company

Tagline gives an idea of what your company/business is all about. You should also mention your specific role within the company. Even if you are the owner, you will still need to include the specific role you play in the company e.g Dana Pharmaceuticals, Sales Representative.

3. Websites/ social media handles

You can also add the URL of your website and that of your social media profile. You  can also add the URL of the digital portfolio where your work is displayed.

4. Logo / Picture

Logo makes your card appear professional and make it stand out. A very nice picture of some of your work / activities will also give your business card a classy look. But make sure you use very sharp pictures.

5. White Space

This is simply any space on your business card that does not include any text. The more the white space on your business card, the more professional your card will look. The white spaces makes the words on the card more visible and readable.

How To Design A Business Card

There are two kinds of business cards:

  • Personal business card
  • Professional business card

Personal business card: these card helps to identify you and contact details. It can be used for some personal networking, etc.

Professional business card: this kind of business card identifies you and your profession.

Here is how to design a business card:

Step 1

Ascertain the kind of business card you want to design; personal or professional business card

Step 2

The standard shape of a business card is rectangle ( 3.5 inches by 2 inches). But you can select any other shape of your choice that can make your card stand out. Examples of such shape include circle, pentagon, etc.

Step 3

Use a business card template

You can download a nice business card template. You can follow the layout, format and structure to design your business card.

Step 4

Add a logo/ picture

Adding logo or picture will add some beauty to the business card . You can follow the pattern of the business card template you download to place your image.

Step 5

Add some text

This should include company name, contact, your name, position, etc. After that, adjust the font, colour and size of the text till it becomes suitable and fits well.

Step 6

Outsource the design

If you really want an outstanding card or you really do not have the time to go through DIY, then you could get a professional designer to make one for you. Try as much as possible to communicate what your business is about and what you would expect on the business card.

Online Websites To Design Business Cards For Free

  • Adobe creative cloud express
  • Business card maker
  • Visme
  • Canva
  • VistaCreate
  • Shopify
  • Jukebox
  • Canva

Last Note

Now you know where to go whenever you need business cards for your organization or business. Whether you want it simple, classy or just affordable, you can always make a choice from one of the online websites to design business cards discussed in this article. You can also take advantage of some free apps that you can used to design the cards yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software can I use to design business cards

Adobe illustrator and also Corel draw can be used to design business cards. It has different tools and elements that enable this.

Can I design my own business card for free?

Yes. You can with free software like Canva. Just go to playstore to download and install Canva. You can also design other things with Canva such as flyers, banners, etc.


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