How to Start a POS Business With Zenith Bank

How to Start a POS Business With Zenith Bank – Did you set plans of starting a POS business this year ? Then, for the good point of sale machine, you can get one from Zenith Bank. In this content, you will be provided guidelines to starting a successful POS business with Zenith Bank, you will learn how to get a POS machine from Zenith Bank and you can start making money right away.
Zenith Bank rose to the status of becoming a public limited company in the year 2004 and since then it is a giant financial powerhouse which is ranked as the 6th biggest bank in all of Africa. Worth nothing, the bank has over 500 branches and business offices sited in all states of the federation and you can get many of its branches at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. Currently, POS machine operators are enjoying a good time in business, and at the expense of the current banking transactions, so you may be considering venturing into the business,read on for tips!

3 Important Pillars of Zenith Bank that you should know


The staff at Zenith bank are the company’s most valuable asset. The bank draws, motivates, and employs a highly talented pool of people who are from different backgrounds.


Technology is actually the core stand of the Zenith bank’s business strategy. The bank uses the global best technology infrastructural development tools in its business day to day activities .


Zenith Bank believes in outstanding service delivery as their customers are always put at the centre of its services.

Are They Any Advantages of Owning a POS Business

As a POS agent, their are many benefits to gain from the business. Two outstanding benefits of owning a POS business are:

  • You can start with relatively Low capital, no need borrowing: Not like most other businesses, starting POS business does not require that you invest large sums of money in order to start the business . A minimum balance of up to N50,000 is ideal to begin the business. The cost of starting a POS business is also reduced by the fact that you are not going to stress in building a fancy shop to host the business. Majority of the POS businesses in Nigeria are just but a table and chair placed in a strategic location or placed In a shed.
  • With POS you can attend to unlimited number of customers: That is to say; Profit-making is very easy with POS business as the target market is a larger subset of the country’s population. The POS agent is able to make unlimited transactions on a daily basis and he can run into large profits.

Some of the Services Available On Zenith Bank POS Business Platform

  1. Account opening.
  2. Cash withdrawal.
  3. Cash deposit.
  4. Funds transfers.
  5. Bills payment.
  6. Airtime Purchase.

How To Start a POS Business With Zenith Bank ?

The process flow to abide by when you want to begin a POS business with Zenith Bank is not too stressful and can be completed in no distance time, provided you are not failing the requirements by Zenith Bank.

The Registration Documents that are Required For corporate accounts include: Duly completed registration or signup form which should contain the following attached documents .

  1. Proof of your address (utility bill).
  2. Valid means of applicant’s identification.
  3. Two Passport photographs.
  4. TIN.
  5. Certificate of Incorporation.
  6. Memorandum & Article of Association

While for individual accounts: applications that are duly completed registration/signup with the following attached documents are needed.

  1. Proof of address (ie. utility bill).
  2. Valid means of identification.
  3. 2 Passport photographs.

Have you prepared the above documents and you still wish to start a POS business with Zenith Bank?, Here is what you should do:

1. Gather your startup capital

As earlier stated, the capital needed to start any POS business (including that of Zenith bank) is low. You also do not need to disturb yourself because you want to purchase some of the extravagant furniture fittings for your shop. The capital required to start a POS business with Zenith bank is also less by the fact that you are not expected to build a fancy shop to host the business.

2. Get a suitable location for your stand

A site with dense population works perfect for this business such . Look out for crowded areas that happens to have pedestrian traffic (like markets, motor parks, residential areas to mention but a few)

3. Meet the official requirements:

To Start a POS business with Zenith bank, you will need an existing retail/business outlet with a trading name , you need an existing retail/business outlet in a physical location for a minimum of 12 months. An outlet here may be an institution, market, shopping mall, fuel station or all kind of business point with good level of human traffic. Note that the outlet is expected to accommodate a dedicated desk/counter and there should not be less than one (1) staff who will be responsible for handling the agent banking services. In addition, you must have maintained a Zenith bank corporate account for up to 6 months.

4. Approach any Zenith branch and apply for the POS machine:

To start a POS business with Zenith Bank and to be fit for Zenith Bank Agent Banking Services, you must meet the above mentioned requirements;
Also prepare the following : Proof of your address (utility bill), Valid means of applicant’s identification, Two Passport photographs, TIN, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Article of Association ( For cooperate accounts).
While for individual accounts: Proof of address (ie. utility bill), Valid means of identification and 2 Passport photographs should be prepared.

You can apply to get a POS terminal through your relationship officer. After sending the request and after the completion of the registration process, you will be given a POS terminal free of charge , you can use it to start your business transactions.
You are also expected to download and install the Zenith bank agent banking app on the device you are working with.

How Long Do I Have to Wait To Get Zenith Bank POS after Applying?

It is mostly within 8 working days for banks in Lagos locations, while it may be up to three (3) weeks for Zenith bank locations that are outside of Lagos.
Just note that following all post-application checks and approval of your account as a verified Zenith Bank POS agent, you will get your Zenith POS about 14 days after applying. Normally, the process flow to utilize when you want to start a POS business with Zenith Bank is easy and can be completed in the space of 2 weeks or within 2 weeks to a month interval, so long as you are not failing the requirements by the Zenith Bank. Always try as much as possible to keep in contact with Zenith Bank to learn about the up-to-date services concerning the application through Zenith dedicated emails and social media accounts.


Making up your mind to become a Zenith Bank POS agent is a very nice decision. Zenith Bank offers one of the quality Mobile money services. If you are wishing to become a Zenith bank POS agent, I hope this article was an eye-opener on how to proceed with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I withdraw from Zenith Bank POS daily?

You can withdraw a maximum of ₦40, 000 per transaction and perform up to five transactions per day.

Is Zenith Bank POS free?


Upon request and completion of the registration process, you will be issued a POS terminal free of charge

How do I activate Zenith Agent app?

By registering on the Zenith Agent Banking platform, simply dial *966*66#!

What is Zenith agent code?

By dialing *966*66# from your mobile device.

Does Zenith Bank give payday loan?

Yes! Zenith Bank offers its customers the Zenith bank loan; this is a scheme structured to meet short-term expenses that may come up before the next payday

What is easy money in Zenith Bank?

It is a wallet that allows you make transactions with your mobile number without visiting physical banks.


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