Where Can A Biochemist Work In Nigeria

biochemistry work in Nigeria

Where Can A Biochemist Work In Nigeria- Are you studying Biochemistry currently in the university or a graduate of Biochemistry. Are you confused on what career path to follow after studying Biochemistry. Probably, you have heard a lot of terrible things about the course and possibly you are already having regrets. Now hold it! This post has been written to bring you out of that confusion. In the next few paragraphs, you will discover interesting places Biochemist work in Nigeria.

Biochemistry is one of the special courses to study in Nigeria. If you must get a good job after study, you must have known some things even while still in school. It is not after graduation that you start thinking; “What can I do with this course”. Then you see all your colleagues getting hired while you are jobless. So if you are an under graduate reading this, I will say, “Congratulations”. This is because you have enough time before graduation to prepare yourself for the Biochemistry workplace.

Where Can A Biochemist Work In Nigeria

Tips That Would Help A Biochemist Work In Nigeria

If you want to get to work as a Biochemist after study in Nigeria, then you should follow these tips to the end.

Tip 1

Biochemists are inquisitive persons and you must be one

Tip 2

You must be willing to work in a team. There would be times you need to work with scientists from other departments. You can’t want to work alone , all by yourself. You must learn to work with others to achieve result.

Tip 3

You must have excellent communication skills. This is because you will be carrying out experiments and presenting reports of your findings. The quality of your report is partly determined by how sound your communication skills.

Tip 4

Strong competencies in Mathematics and use of computer. You will be doing a lot of analysis that would require some calculations.

Tip 5

Stay current by reading scientific journals. Don’t just read your lecture notes, go the extra mile. Be current with the trends in the science world. This could be helpful when you need to go for higher degrees.

Tip 6

Join relevant professional organizations to build your professional network.

Tip 7

Be very active in your laboratory works, seminars and research projects. Volunteer to help your senior colleagues and lecturers/faculty in their research work.

Tip 8

During holidays, you can visit government laboratories , research institutes to check opportunities that abound there for Biochemists.

Tip 9

Find out about certification programs that will make you qualified for research technician roles and enrol for such.

Tip 10

Study hard in school to maintain a high GPA and also good recommendations from your faculty.

Tip 11

Go for Higher degrees. That includes your Masters program, but be very sure about the particular field you want to focus. As a Master’s degree holder in Biochemistry, you have higher chances of getting good jobs.

Tip 12

If you intend to work in the academia or get into high levels of administration, you should proceed for a Ph.D program.

Tip 13

You can also get another degree alongside your Biochemistry such as Computer programming, Information Technology, etc to further widen your career opportunities.

Career Paths For Biochemistry Graduates In Nigeria

As a Biochemist, you can work in the following fields:

  1. Food Science
  2. Environment
  3. Agriculture
  4. Regulatory Affairs
  5. Sales and marketing
  6. Secondary School
  7. Post-secondary instituition
  8. Forensic
  9. Bioinformatics
  10. Research

1. Food Science

Food science is a field that Biochemist work in Nigeria. As a biochemist, you can develop nutraceuticals, functional foods, cosmeceuticals, etc. You will need to acquire a Master’s degree with  a research project focused on food. At the end , you will become a food Biochemist or Nutritional Biochemist. You can get a job in a food and beverage company, breweries, government research centres. And if you are interested in academics, you can apply to a university to lecture. However, you will need to advance further for your Ph.D if you want to be an Academician.

2. Environment

The role of an Environment officer is another biochemist work in Nigeria. You will be involved in managing water and air resources. Your role is to ensure the environment is safe for people to dwell in. You will be involved in management of water quality, air resources, maintaining industrial hygiene and prevention of environmental degradation.

Bioremediation is another role you will playing in the environment. Here, the metabolic traits of some organisms is used to clean up the environment. You can get job in the ministry of environment, waste management companies and even oil companies (helping to clean up oil spills).

3. Agriculture

Biochemist work in Nigeria in Agriculture . As a Biochemist, you will be involved in studying of the interactions between plants and the chemicals used in agriculture such as fertilizers, etc. They develop genetically-engineered crops that are resistant to pest attack, disease, drought, etc. They also work to improve quality of crop and also ensure safety of agricultural products. You can get to work in the ministry of agriculture, food research institutes, etc.

4. Regulatory Affairs

The job of regulatory affairs is also a biochemist work in Nigeria. This field is involved in monitoring and regulation of the development, manufacture, testing , sales and marketing of food, drugs, cosmetics, veterinary products and medical devices. The regulatory affairs officer ensure the safety and potency of manufactured food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices.

You can get employment in the pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, research institute, etc.

5. Sales & Marketing

Another area biochemist work in Nigeria is in sales and marketing. If as a Biochemist, you have some flare for marketing, you will do well in sales and marketing . Pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic industries and food industries are always on the look out for science graduates most especially Biochemists. As a Biochemist, you can work as a Sales / Medical representative involved in the sales and marketing of drugs, food, cosmetics, etc.

It is believed that biochemists can function better in the marketing of these products since they have the scientific knowledge of how they work. This is the only job (that I know!) where a Biochemist can be a given a luxurious official car even at the start of the job. But of course, results must follow ( in terms of sales), if not that car would be taken away from you and you will be back on your foot again.

6. Teaching in a secondary school

If you have passion for teaching, you can apply as a Biochemist graduate to a secondary school. There, you can be asked to teach Biology, Chemistry, Basic Science or even Mathematics. However, some schools prefer to hire a graduate with some qualification in education. So if your interest is in teaching, you may need to get some additional qualification in education. This will give you better chances of securing a  secondary school that will pay you well.

7. Work as an Academics in a post-secondary school such as polytechnics, university

Biochemist work in Nigeria in post-secondary instituitions. With a Master’s degree , you can apply to lecture in a post-secondary instituition. But while on the job, you will need to apply and start your Ph.D education. This is because post-secondary education involves both teaching and research and you must be sound in both.

8. Forensic

As a Biochemist , you can also be involved in Forensic science. DNA analysis used in determining paternity of a child is a part of Forensic science. Also DNA finger printing used in crime detectionis also a component of Forensic science.

9. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is one of the new areas biochemist work in Nigeria and even some other developing countries. As a biochemist majoring in Bioinformatics, you can work in hospitals , teach in universities or work in research institutes. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that involves development of method and softwares for comprehension of biological data. It is a science that applies tools of computation and analysis to capture and comprehend biological data.

10. Research

As a Biochemist, you can also be involved in research to develop products and processes that can help improve human lives. You will be carrying out research on biological processes going on in living organisms, diagnosing diseases and proferring possible solutions.

List Of Companies Where You Find Biochemist Work In Nigeria

  1. Food and Drug Agencies
  2. University laboratories
  3. National Science laboratories
  4. Pharmaceuticals
  5. Food processing companies
  6. Chemical industries
  7. Cosmetics industries
  8. Primary and secondary school
  9. Polytechnics, colleges and universities
  10. Nature centers and parks
  11. Hospitals
  12. Medical centers and clinic
  13. Nursing homes
  14. State and local public health departments
  15. Regulatory agencies
  16. Biotechnology industries
  17. Armed services
  18. Health Networks
  19. Research Institutes
  20. Private testing laboratory
  21. Commercial medical labs
  22. Department of Energy
  23. National Institutes of Health
  24. State and local government lab/agencies

Last Word

Now you know your Biochemistry degree is not a waste of time. Moreso, there are some organizations that wont even require a particular course of study when employing people. All they would require is a Bachelor degree in any field with a good grade from an intelligent person. Afterall, who says you must practice what you studied in school?

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do most Biochemist do?

Most Biochemists get to work in the laboratory conducting experiments and analyzing results. At times, they work with dangerous stuffs that require great precaution on their part.

Can I work in a hospital as a Biochemist?

Clinical Biochemists can work in the laboratory section in the hospital. They carry out investigations, testing patient samples. They interpret results at the end of the investigation.


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