Why You Should Consider A Career In Music

Why You Should Consider A Career In Music

Why You Should Consider A Career In Music — Not only is choosing a career in music beneficial but attending music lessons, even if it’s for a short time, assists people in developing their willpower and discipline. This is why many parents send their children to music classes right from infancy, where they can learn music literacy fundamentals, build their tact and rhymes and sometimes even compose their little songs. This is also the reason many young children pursue a career in music after they grow older.

People love listening to music because some songs are therapeutic, so they find peace while listening to them. In contrast, others want a source of entertainment. So whatever reason, if you choose music as a career, you will get fame and make huge money while following your dreams. Therefore, let’s look at other reasons why you should consider a career In Music.

Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career In Music

One good thing about music is that, despite the difficulties, it’s filled with countless benefits, which are more appealing than the challenges. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider a career in music;

1. You will turn your hobby into a job

One of the biggest benefits of choosing music as a career is that, if it’s your hobby, it means you will be earning money while simultaneously enjoying what you are doing. And once you have what you enjoy doing as a job, then you will never have to look for another job as long as you are earning from it. The music will be your companion, and you will benefit yourself and society. And since your primary responsibility is to be playing music, you don’t have to worry about dealing with piles of papers. Today, most universities offer music as a course on its own, so even if you are having trouble in any other fields during your academic years, you can seek help from artificial intelligence apps.

2. A reliable earning method

As long as you make good music and with hard work, you will earn a huge income from singing music. Amazingly, you don’t even need to work that much compared to other jobs like loading or selling things in a hypermarket; you don’t need to work much physically. In fact, professional musicians combine their music with other works, sometimes white-collar jobs. Some of them give private lessons about music. This means even if you don’t become famous instantly, creativity is always in demand, so you will never go unemployed. You can perform in clubs, parties, and get-togethers, and you will always have a way to earn an income, even if it’s small. Also, you don’t always need to sing a song to be called a musician, you can be recognized as a conductor, composer, or producer, and you can combine all depending on your talent.

3. You will be in the midst of a creative environment

Once you pursue music, you will be surrounded by creative people. You will be involved in different educational and ideological endeavors. Working together with like-minded people will help improve your mood and performance and also allows you to acquire new and extraordinary experiences. Additionally, you will likely get a job faster than those in other departments because of your creativity and nonstandard thinking. Furthermore, being surrounded by like-minded people will motivate and inspire you to work hard through sharing experiences, developing skills, and understanding each other.

4. You will maintain stable communication with your customers

One benefit that musicians get compared to other careers is that they can always receive feedback from their audience, and they can interact with their fans through various social media. Even though as your fame increase, your fans will also increase, which means you might not be able to reply to or handle each of them, you can still try and manage the majority by replying to their messages and seeking their feedback regarding your music. Communicating with the audience is another source of motivation. Even if they criticize you, you can use their criticism to improve.

5. You will have total control over time

Music is associated with boundless freedom. You can decide to play or sing music all day or limit your work to part-time, and once you reach a certain level, you can be a musician whose work is compensated regardless of your time at work. Also, you are free to select the places you want to perform in and the persons you will work for. You have the freedom to choose the event you want to attend. Selecting an employment venue plays a vital role in the music genre you want to play and the kind of energy you will exchange with your audience.

6. You will increase your mental and physical fitness

Creating music not only allows you to achieve your dreams but also assists you in many ways. Scientific research has shown that creating music helps relieve stress, increase concentration, enhance brain function, increase cardiovascular efficiency, reduce blood pressure, and many more. Singers work on their vocals and throats, you constantly be exciting your throats, and instrumentalists work with their hands, meaning they are also exercising their hands. Creating music will also heal you from all sorts of mental distresses like anxiety, depression, etc.

7. Increase connections

Everybody wants to be noticed and get fame for their hard work, even those in other industries. This is easily achievable in the music industry; as long as you produce a masterpiece, it won’t take long until people notice you. Once people start appreciating your work, you will receive gigs and collaborations. Your talent will never go in vain once your audience likes your products.

8. You will live an adventurous life

A music career allows you to visit new places and meet new people. You will be traveling for concerts sometimes within your nationality and to foreign countries too. You might find yourself in deserts, hills, stations, and many other places.  People pursuing music can also see themselves doing many adventurous activities like sports to freshen their minds and get the motivation to create new art. So by traveling globally, you will have many experiences and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Benefits of Music

Singing music is an old tradition that will never get outshined by anything, regardless of tradition, generation, and whatever. People all over the world, like the Chinese and Arabs, since the first generation have been listening to music, this means whether you start early or late, your music career will flourish. Therefore, having looked at some of the reasons why you should consider a career in music, here are some of the main benefits of music.

1. It increases cardiovascular health

Research has shown that music has a calming and soothing effect and that listening to it increases adequate blood flow to the heart. Aside from this, it also helps reduce heart-related diseases like blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones. It also increases the secretions of essential elements like serotonin and endorphins in the blood.

2. It improves your mood

Whether you are having a stressful day, things aren’t going how you want, or you have mood swings. Music can cure all sorts of illnesses for you. Music can increase the production of dopamine which is a happy hormone in your brain that can enhance your mood. It is processed directly in the part of the brain called the amygdala, which deals with moods and emotions.

3. It stimulates memories

Even though there is still no concrete cure for forgetful illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, music is used during therapy and treatment of these illnesses, and it’s shown to improve the situation of such patients because it triggers memories. Listening to music can relax an agitated person, enhance mood, and open communication with patients.

4. Music connects people

One of the main functions of music in society, according to researchers, is to increase togetherness among people. In fact, evolutionary scientists believe that the reason humans depend on music is that we originate from arboreal species, which are tree dwellers that call each other across a canopy. We can even see many examples of how music unites people in areas like when singing the national anthem, which connects a crowd; singing a protest song and how it creates a sense of purpose among the people; love songs and how it is used to bond partners and many other examples.

5. It reduces anxiety

Much evidence has shown that music can calm you in different anxious situations. People in rehab often listen to music for one hour during their session because it helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable. People with severe illnesses also feel relaxed while listening to music. Also, music soothes the nervous system to recover faster after a stressful event.


Listening to music has many benefits for every generation, regardless of gender or age. Aside from this, there are countless reasons you should pursue music as a career, including you will be turning your dream into reality, you will earn money from it, will be living an adventurous life, and many more. People will always listen to music, which means the industry will never cease to exist.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a living off Music?

Yes, you can. With good music, hard work, and consistency you can build yourself a successful career in the music industry

Is it hard to make a career in the music industry?

Well, the music industry is quite competitive. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to build a successful and rewarding music career.




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