How To Write An Application Letter For Receptionist Job

application for receptionist job

How To Write An Application Letter For Receptionist Job-  If you are planning to apply for a receptionist job, you should get a good resume and  a captivating application letter because these two would go a long way in helping you get that job fast. Your resume and application letter are the 1st contact your prospective employer would have of you and you really would want to make a first good impression . In this article, we would  guide you on how to write an application letter for a receptionist job.

How To Write An Application Letter For Receptionist Job

1. Follow all instruction

When writing an application letter for a receptionist job or any other job, you must take time out to follow all the instructions. Ensure you go through the job description carefully and pay attention to the details. At times, the job description could state physically the format you must write the application   e.g who to address letter to, what to use as title, etc.  Failure to comply to instruction can lead to outright disqualification of your application.

2. Be specific in writing

Ensure you tailor your application letter to the particular receptionist job you are applying for. You can use keywords from the job description in your letter. Any skill/ qualification listed in the job description that are critical to the job and you possess such skill. In so doing, you will be convincing the hiring manager that you are the best fit for the job.

3. Include relevant experience

Any relevant skill or experience you have that matches with the job requirement , be sure to include it in your application letter for receptionist job. Even if all you have is some internship / volunteering experience that is relevant to the receptionist job, include it.

4. Proof-read your letter

One of the skills you need to do well as a receptionist is; attention to details and good communication skills. Having a well-written and error-free application letter is a proof of such skills.

Checklist For Application Letter For A Receptionist Job

In writing an application letter for a receptionist job, the following details must be present on your letter:

  • Your contact details (it includes your name, phone, email, address, etc.)
  • Organization’s details
  • Salutation/ Greeting: You can use Dear Hiring Manager (but it will be better if you can find out the name of the hiring manager and use it instead).
  • An opening sentence : This is like a self-introduction. Here you introduce yourself and the job role you are applying for.
  • A short paragraph on what makes you the best fit for the job position (this should include your skills, achievements and experience
  • A closing sentence which include appreciation and the fact that you are open to interview.

Template Of An Application Letter For Receptionist With No Experience

Below is a template to follow when writing an application letter for receptionist job

[First Name, Surname] [Phone number] [Email address] [Date of writing] [Address of recipient] [Formal greeting] [Introductory sentence, introducing yourself and the position you are applying for] [First paragraph where you describe your skills and experience] [Second paragraph ; explains how your skills/ previous qualification has helped you in performing your job  roles] [Appreciation] [Professional closing]

Example Of An Application Letter For Receptionist Job With No Experience

Ben Canwey


bencanwey@gmail. Com

Oct 1, 2024

The Hiring Manager,

Stonewater Limited,


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to show my interest in the job opening for a receptionist at Stone water Limited.

I recently graduated from high school and am ready to begin my career as a receptionist. Even though I have no previous experience in this role, I have been able to acquire some relevant skills while actively involved in different clubs in high school.  

I was an editor for the publication club in my school where my teacher commended me as one of the most functional member of the club. I review 30 articles monthly and made decision on the type and volume of article we publish every month. I have been able to acquire the ability to multitask, work under pressure and also work in a team.

I have managed other roles like drama, rotary club and I was still able to keep high grades in my course work . I understand how to schedule appointment , organize activities and meet deadlines. While completing any task, I maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. All these skills I will effectively when I resume work at Stone water limited to achieve company’s goals.

Thank you so much for your consideration. I look forward to having a meeting with you where we can further discuss how I can use my skills and qualifications to promote company’s vision and goals.


Ben Canwey

Example Of An Application Letter For Receptionist Job With Experience

Ben Tit

151 Broadway,



bentit@yahoo. com

Feb 16, 2023

Ben Harley

Hiring Manager,

Good Homes Limited.

Motorway Lane,


Dear Mr Harley

I am writing to show my interest in the receptionist job at Good homes limited as advertised in the Suntimes newspaper. I strongly believe my years of work experience as a receptionist and also my communication and IT skills would make me the best fit for the job.

I have 4 years of experience working as a receptionist in a fast-paced environment with several phone lines and with a lot of daily walk-in clients. I have thus been able to build the capacity to handle busy office environment like yours.

I have excellent written and oral communication skills which has made me perform well on my current role. I answer several calls daily and also welcome at least 50 clients per day. Part of my job role also include calling some clients daily, sending mails and scheduling appointments.

I am skilled in the use of different tools such as Microsoft office, quick books, timely, etc. While working on the role, I have been able to train 3 other staffs on how to use these tools.

I look forward to having a discussion with you where I can further explain how I can use my skills and experience to achieve corporate goals as a receptionist. Thanks for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Tit

Last Note

In writing a great application letter for a receptionist job, 3 key points you must note . You must talk about your skill, educational qualification and experience( work, volunteer or internship). You should be able to convince your employer how you used these 3 to succeed in previous role and how you would transfer such to succeed in the role you are applying for .

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write an application letter for the position of a receptionist?

In your application letter for receptionist job, you should stress the relevant skills needed on the job such as communication , organization , interpersonal skills , etc. You should also talk about your past experience and how you will use such to excel in the new role. Your application letter should also make mention of your educational background.

What should an application letter for a receptionist with no experience contain?

For you to apply for a receptionist job with no experience, your application letter should follow this structure:

  • A heading: Which include your name , contact, email and also the date
  • Start with salutation/ greeting e.g Dear Hiring Manager
  • Then show your interest in the job position
  • Talk about your skills, education or any relevant experience (e.g internship, volunteering)
  • Last paragraph: Express your appreciation e.g Thank you for considering my application
  • Close the application letter e.g Sincerely . Then write your first and last name in full

What skills must a good receptionist possess?

What skills must a good receptionist possess?

  • Good communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Good and decent appearance
  • Calmness
  • Relationship skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Data entry
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work independently

What are the major duties of a receptionist?

What are the major duties of a receptionist?

  • Welcome visitors and direct them appropriately
  • Notify the organisation’s personnel of a visitor’s arrival
  • Answer to enquiries from visitors

What is a receptionist also called?

  • Front desk officer
  • Customer service representative
  • Customer service specialist
  • Cashier
  • Office Manager


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